Did You Participate In Mayoral Poll?

A poll measuring the pulse of city voters on the state of the city, Mayor Bill Finch’s standing with voters and potential mayoral candidates is in the field. Have you received a call?

The 2015 mayoral field could offer up many possibilities as Finch seeks a third four-year term. If he wins reelection and completes the term, Finch would be the second-longest-serving mayor after Socialist Jasper McLevy, 1933-57. Joe Ganim, whose name is being floated by some city pols, currently has that distinction.

Former mayor John Fabrizi has formed an exploratory committee in consideration of his old job. Retired city police officer David Daniels is considering a run. Supporters of Mary-Jane Foster are wondering if she’ll give it another try after challenging Finch in 2011. Former state legislator and three-time mayoral candidate Bob Keeley says he’s seriously considering a run. What about two-time mayoral candidate Chris Caruso who works for Governor Malloy’s administration? The Big Wave seems to like his government job in the Department of Labor. But what if Malloy does not win reelection this November? State Representative Charlie Stallworth’s name is also being floated as a potential candidate.

Supporters of retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez had urged her to run. Carmen is not running.

On the Republican side, will City Councilman Enrique Torres give it another shot?

Finch has raised more than $200,000 for his reelection. Who can raise money among the potential field of candidates? What candidate can bring dear old MOM–money, organization and message–along for the ride?



  1. This is the first I am hearing of this poll. I doubt there will be much of a voter “pulse” for Mayor Finch in Thomas Hooker. When I have knocked on doors in my neighborhood for the Board of Education candidates or for governor, it was frequently difficult to keep voters focused on the election at hand. There were many voters who wanted to talk about how much they disliked Mayor Finch. I would have to rein the conversation back in to try to refocus them on the election at hand. During the BBOE election, I had at least 10 voters ask me who Finch was supporting. When I said he was supporting Row A, they would say I am voting for Row B. I am not kidding.

  2. When they did the poll they asked about Ganim too. Interesting to see his name is being put out there. There were other calls being put out about Musto asking if you are planning to vote for him. I know a few people who answered yes even though they will not vote for him because this gives them incorrect information.

    1. Yeah, we all did the same thing. We say we are not voting for Moore because we like to give BULLSHIT information also. So apparently the poll will have real information. I am also voting for Joe Ganim.

    1. Well Bobbie boy, you know that ain’t gonna happen. Funny how people would be willing to support and give second chances to Joe Ganim, John Fabrizi and Ernie Newton but so quick to assassinate a freshman Senator. My gut tells me second time around he will do amazing things.

    1. Joel, I have been checking the Hartford Courant, CT Post, CT News Junkie, CT Mirror, The New London Day etc. every day. It is amazing how much has been revealed about this complete fraud. There have been well over 25 articles written about this fiasco since mid-July. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a long lost relative of Paul Vallas. Hopefully he will be packing and heading back to Chicago just like Vallas did.

  3. I’ve been getting non-stop toll-free calls from 877-577-4095, and they don’t leave messages. Yesterday I was up in the attic cleaning out the mess and the phone rang. I fell off a board and scraped my leg against a rafter diving to answer it, but was too late–and again no message left. After bandaging the bloody mess, I Googled the number, and it has received many complaints. I emailed the Federal Don’t Call agency and filed one myself.

    www .callercomplaints.com/SearchResult.aspx?Phone=877-577-4095

    Not dropping a beat, they called again in an hour. I finally answered it, and she said she was calling for Musto’s campaign. I let her have a piece of my mind, along with a large chunk of extra gusto.

      1. I have not received one call from the Musto campaign. I did receive a call from the Senator but was camping. I have not received one call from Moore’s camp either. Knowing the people working her campaign, I am not surprised.


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