Dems To Endorse A Candidate To Fill Santiago’s State House Seat

Members of the Democratic Town Committee from parts of four districts will vote Thursday evening to endorse a candidate to replace Ezequiel Santiago who died two weeks ago representing Connecticut’s 130th Assembly District.

The endorsement vote will take place 6 pm at Testo’s Restaurant on Madison Avenue owned by Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa.

Governor Ned Lamont set Tuesday, May 7 as the date to conduct a special election to fill the vacancy.

The Connecticut Secretary of the State’s Office has crafted an election calendar that includes timelines for respective party endorsements, window for petition challengers to qualify for the ballot and issuance of absentee ballots, etc. Party endorsements, according to the calendar, must be made no later than April 1.

See election calendar 130 Assembly.

For background of district and map see here.

The district covers Downtown, South End and portions of the East Side and West End. Members of the Democratic Town Committee that fall within the state assembly district boundaries from local districts 130, 131, 132 and 137 will cast votes.

The names of a number of political operatives have been mentioned as possible candidates including Milta Feliciano, Hector Diaz, Christina Ayala, Antonio Felipe, Rosa Franco, Carmen Nieves, Kate Rivera and Eric Amado.

Opponents to the endorsed candidate can wage a challenge by petitioning onto the ballot via signatures.

District Republicans have endorsed Joshua Parrow, assistant director of development at the University of Bridgeport.



      1. Lennie, thanks, just 36 signatures to get on the ballot to run for the 130th Assembly District State House Seat, well there should be a lot of names running and wait for Monty Hall to come out and say “let’s make a deal.”

      2. Lennie
        I thought that you need 5% of registered Voters in the District .Is 36 signature because its a special election. I was under the believe if you ran as a independent you only need less signatures.

        1. Ernie, according to Connecticut Secretary of the State staff attorney Ted Bromley, qualified petition signatures must represent 1 percent of the votes cast for the same office at the last-preceding election, so in this case that represents 36 electors from the district. So, yes, the rules in this special election are different than if you were trying make the ballot to force a primary. The qualifying rules for public campaign grants, however, are different and more complex.

  1. Just heard the fix is in for Ruben Felipe’s 23 year old son, Antonio Felipe.

    Ruben Felipe is a paid employee and lobbyist for Charter $chools. He is also on the Board of the My Choice which was founded by Dr. Perry from Capitol Prep Harbor Charter $chool where Dr. Perry takes 10% of every tax payer dollar he receives and pockets it for “management fees ”

    Ruben Felipe was the Treasurer of the Build CT Independent Expenditure PAC which received over $100,000 from Alice Walton, Walmart heir and the wealthiest woman in the WORLD. She and her three siblings have more combined wealth than over 60,000,000 low income adults combined.

    Antonio Felipe is part of my SEEC complaint including four PACs. He is a 23 year old with absolutely no record of accomplishment who will clearly support Charter $chools and the privatization of public education.

    I am going to take a wild guess. He just moved into the house district.

    I will find out

  2. Seems there are some interesting candidates running. I am a fan of many of them . Eric Amado and Antonio Felipe would be my top choices. Glad it is not my district. I also like Milta, Hector and Carmen Nieves. Not familar with the 2 other candidates. Just knowing 5 good candidates is a reaL plus for Bridgeport. Good luck to all!! If it were my district , it would be a tough vote. I know if Eric and Antonio were the top choice the city would be in very good hands.

  3. This will so interesting for tonight . For me if they Nominate and Endorsement Milta Feliciano be the State Representative for 130th Assembly District will be awesome !!. For this reason :
    1. Latina Woman
    2. Have the experiences .
    3. Was City Council Woman
    4. Know how the laws and Policy work .
    5. Passion for the city of Bridgeport
    6. Powerful Voice .


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