Demagogue Moales Claims He Must Ignore Critics And Solve Real Problems (And They Are?)

Ken Moales: It’s the paper’s fault. CT Post photo.

Yes, when all else fails, blame the media for your outstanding warrant. The Rev. Ken Moales, president of the board of education who’s brought politics in the pulpit to an all-new sanctifying level, asserts his problems are really about the Connecticut Post that needs readers. So? What’s wrong with that? Moales showed up at State Police barracks in Bridgeport Monday evening because gee, Post scribe Brian Lockhart called his house to report there’s a warrant for your arrest. From Keila Torres Ocasio, CT Post:

Just after noon on Tuesday, Moales posted a message to his 7,242 followers on Twitter, a public social media site, about the Connecticut Post’s coverage of the arrest warrant: “CT POST NEEDS readers! I must stay focused, Ignore the Critics & Solve The Real Problems! We are doing a good work & WE WILL NOT COME DOWN!!!”

When a reporter replied with a request for comment via Twitter, Moales responded with a tweet: “I will not call nor will I ever speak with you again until you apologize to my wife! NEVER defile the sanctity of our home!”

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  1. It seems to me he has done a good enough job defiling the sanctity of his family, the Board of Education, his church and his own credibility himself. No need for help from the Post.

    It’s not that hard to pay speeding tickets, respect colleagues and attend to financials matters without making the papers. People do it every day.

    Why can’t Moales?

  2. I am so delighted with the “stepped-up” watchdog journalism we have been seeing lately! They (the machine) are so used to getting their way with no penalty. This so so refreshing!
    Now, Mr. Rev. Dr. Moales was also Finch’s campaign treasurer. If I had the time (or was a watchdog journalist), I would look over those campaign financial reports …

  3. Thou doth protest too much!!! If he is doing such “good work,” why are the creditors and police banging on his door? Those who have much to hide, will not stay hidden for long.

  4. This guy is a bully hiding behind the title of reverend. He has no right to be making decisions on our children’s future. He has no right to decide how millions of dollars are being spent on education when he can’t manage his own finances.
    Moales is there because of a vote by the Democratic (Finch puppets) majority on the BOE, shame on them and shame on Finch for not asking him to step down.

  5. Hey Andy, did you hear about the Big Boss in Public Facilities who forgot to renew the license for the Transfer Station with DEEP? Also forgot to renew PFD radio frequencies with FCC. Now have to get new digital frequency with all new radios in every piece of equipment in PFD. What a brain fart, LOL. The taxpayers lose again. These are the same people who had a party for themselves at Vazzy’s after the infamous snowstorm congratulating each other for a job well done!

  6. As a black man these black pastors are nothing but a disgrace. I get a lot of heat in my community by just saying I am an atheist but crooks and poverty pimps like Moales are looked highly upon in our community, smh. This guy is nothing but a crook.

    1. donj, I am also a black man. Rev. Jim Baker had a fall from grace and he ran The PTL Club, a popular evangelical Christian television program but I don’t think these white pastors are nothing but a disgrace.

  7. *** (Rumor or fact?) I believe the illness Mr. Moales is said to be suffering from causes delusions of grandeur at times from what’s been apparently reported about from past BOE meetings. Then again with some of the cast of characters on the BOE and their lack of understanding of Roberts Rules of Order and being just plain civil and patient, it’s a wonder sometimes how anyone can sit through a BOE meeting without losing it, no? ***


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