Dem Primaries In At Least Seven City Council Districts

File image: City Council President Aidee Nieves, left, faces a primary from candidates recruited by City Clerk Lydia Martinez.

Democratic primaries will take place in at least seven City Council districts with elections officials still reviewing petition sheets of other candidates trying to qualify for the September 14 showdown. Challengers must secure verified signatures from five percent of Democratic voters in their respective districts.

High profile battles include Districts 131 (South End, Downtown, West End) where incumbents Denese Taylor-Moye and Jorge Cruz are endorsed; 137 (East Side) endorsed Rosa Franco and Elsie Mercado against incumbents City Council President Aidee Nieves and Maria Valle; and 138 (Upper East Side) incumbent Samia Suliman and Kevin Monks against incumbent Maria Pereira and Michele Small.

Primary qualifiers so far:

131st Tyler Mack and Shavonne Davis


133rd Aikeem Boyd

135th Joseph D. Thompson

137th Aidee Nieves and Maria Valle

138th Maria Pereira and Michelle Small

139th Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski



  1. If Bridgeport had a weekly magazine, Maria Pereira would be on its cover every month!
    She’s more glamorous than any movie star
    She’s so popular she qualified for a primary and she’s the incumbent.
    WTF. I didn’t say I was smart, did I ?

  2. Local,
    Has pandemic allowed DTC to do housecleaning? To sanction incumbents including Council President because they do not care for their democratic values? Does one ever know why they do anything, other than in their own interest? And therefore CLOSED, UNAVAILABLE DETAIL, OPAQUE, and CORRUPT?
    Independence, speaking truth to power and doing the research to report the truth are destructive to corruption. What side are you on? Have you used the time available in the pandemic to reflect and lay out the world you desire and what you are willing to act so as to deserve when it arrives? Time will tell.

  3. You’re challenging me, aren’t you?
    Which side am I on?
    I’m on the side of those who want an urban alternative.
    That sometimes means Bridgeport, including Black Rock.
    Showing their intent, several homes were bought with cash.
    New Yorkers are used to high crime and high taxes.
    06607 is the only zip code not benefitting from this untold trend.
    Area grand lists are rising. Fee income is improving. “Better” is the right term.


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