Delegate Crunch Time For Murphy And Bysiewicz–SuBy: I Didn’t Run For Governor; Dankosky: Yes You Did

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz will schmooze some Bridgeport delegates to the state party convention tonight (Thursday) at the home of party Vice Chair Dottie Guman. The party convention is Saturday at Central Connecticut State University’s Kaiser Hall. Meanwhile Mayor Bill Finch is working the phones to shore up Bridgeport delegates in support of Congressman Chris Murphy who appears in good shape for the party endorsement.

Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy

SuBy’s goal is securing support of 15 percent of the delegates to force a primary and avoid the petition route to get there. Bridgeport has 78 delegates to the state convention and it appears Murphy has about 70 percent of them. Guman, the Mother Goose of the party, served as Finch’s political godmother in his early years. But for this contest they’re on opposite sides. Black Rock District Leader Danny Roach is another high-profile city pol supporting SuBy.

Susan Bysiewicz
Susan Bysiewicz

SuBy has a history of running primaries against endorsed candidates. August 14 is primary day. John Dankosky, host of WNPR’s Where We Live, pointed out in an interview with SuBy the other day that she has a history of running for lots of things. SuBy claimed she never ran for governor before running for state attorney general two years ago. Dankosky corrected her. Check out the interview

Next Monday, 6:30 p.m. at Cesar Batalla School, 606 Howard Avenue, Congressman Jim Himes is expected to be endorsed by acclamation at the convention for his reelection. The post convention party will take place at Danny Roach’s bar, Matty’s Corner, 2816 Fairfield Avenue.

Republicans Steve Obsitnik and Chris Meek are the leading Republican challengers.

Republicans will sort out the endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate May 18 between Linda McMahon and former Congressman Chris Shays. Both have vowed a primary.



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