Debate Polls: Crunching The Numbers; Shays And Himes On Rescue Vote

My take on the debate: no harm, no foul.

Sarah Palin held her own on tone, and sometimes these debates are more about style than substance. She had trouble answering questions directly, but didn’t say anything incredibly stupid. Yes, she botched the name of the American commander in Afghanistan and suggested the VP should have more powers (as if Cheney doesn’t have enough), but considering the past couple of weeks she surpassed expectations.

A CNN poll of voters suggests that Joe Biden won the debate by a 15-point margin, but the poll shows that Palin clearly improved her standing after a couple of tough weeks. In doing so she accomplished, for now at least, two things: she stopped McCain’s bleeding and elevated her stature. As a result, conservatives are breathing a sigh of relief and now McCain can seemingly move forward without the constant scrutiny of Palin’s baggage.

The bigger question is how Palin is playing with independents in battleground states. A CBS poll of uncommitted voters gave the debate to Biden 46-21.

McCain must switch Barack’s polling momentum. McCain’s next shot at changing the game comes Tuesday when he and Barack square off for a second time. The electoral map is shrinking on McCain. He’s reassigned money and campaign workers in Michigan, where he thought he had a shot, to battleground states still in play.

If McCain cannot stop Barack’s momentum, don’t be surprised if the Republicans dust off Willie Horton ads. It could get ugly. Check out today’s numbers from

News release from Chris Shays

Shays Statement on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-4), a senior member of the Financial Services Committee, spoke in favor of passage and voted for H.R. 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, when passed the House today by a vote of 263 to 171.

This bill includes an increase in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insurance to $250,000. On Sunday night, Shays proposed an amendment to the original package to increase this insurance to $300,000, but unfortunately, the Rules Committee refused to accept his amendment.

The following is Shays’ statement:

There aren’t many times we get a second chance to do the right thing. This is the kind of vote our constituents sent us to make on their behalf. It is a legacy vote – one of the most important votes we will ever cast – a vote we will carry with us the rest of our lives.

The majority of my constituents have voiced opposition to this bill. But the fact is, the financial markets lost $1.2 trillion in one day when we failed to act Monday afternoon. Some of that has been restored, but we are witnessing the possibility of our economy coming to a grinding halt.

I don’t intend to play Russian roulette with our economy -or my constituents – which is why I voted for this bill when it came before us on Monday, and why I will vote for it again today.

Many of us, on both sides of the aisle, agree this is not a perfect bill. In fact, some of my financially savvy constituents have educated me about other ways we could intervene.

The bottom line is this legislation is a short-term solution to address a longer-term problem. Those of us back next Congress, and I make no assumptions about my own election, truly have our work cut out for us.

This bill is for Main Street. It’s for college and retirement savings and the value of homes. It’s for access to car loans, student loans and mortgages. It’s the ability of small businesses to borrow, expand, stock shelves, meet short-term cash needs such as payroll, and invest in new plant and equipment.

The credit market is tightening, strangling our economy. Liquidity has dried up, and money is simply not getting to the individuals and businesses who need it. Consumers, savers and investors are losing confidence.

I am grateful the bill before us today will increase deposit insurance to $250,000 – a recommendation I had made – so American depositors know their money in their banks is safe.

Yesterday, the President of a community bank wrote me, “Congress needs to understand the consequence of money moving out of banks.” Deposits enable banks to loan and expand the economy. Withdrawals force banks to call in loans and contract the economy ten fold.

This crisis requires all of us to put our country first, and our ideology and partisanship aside. We need to pass the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, and then go back home and face the voters. Those of us who are fortunate enough to return, will come back, roll up our sleeves and do everything we can to help our country grow and prosper again.

 Jim Himes Statement


BRIDGEPORT, CT – Today, Jim Himes released the following statement on the passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 by Congress:

“The rescue plan passed by Congress today is a necessary evil that we all hope will keep our economy safe and strong. It is also the latest and clearest example of why our families need new leadership on the economy in Washington. For years, Chris Shays has supported Republican policies that took the referee off the field and which have brought us to this point. In Congress, I will fight for smart regulation that will make sure that American families are never put in this position again.”



  1. Lennie you just can’t stop denigrating Sarah Palin; in this article you have referred to her as Snarky Sarah, Snow Queen, Sarah recalls reading a book other than the Bible. Now this is what I call objective reporting???
    You refer to Gwen Ifill as a PBS pro. What you fail to mention is that she has a book about Obama coming out on the date the new President will be sworn in. Now if Obama wins she stands to make a serious amount of money if he loses she will make squat. Objective reporting would have pointed this out.
    Joe Biden showing up with a bag of coal is a joke; prior to his nomination for VP he had not been back to his home town of Scranton in years. Some objective reporting would be nice.

  2. Tonight’s debate ought to be very interesting television tonight. I’ll be home in time to see it, after walking the district meeting people and listening to concerns. I’d be willing to attend a debate party, though. Are there any suggestions?

  3. Simple questions to both: How much time do you presently have in elected public office? And, as V/P, you may have the power & opportunity to do something special for the taxpayers in the State you represent now, what would that be? This debate will be something to remember in history & S.N.L.! Also the media states that no hockey jerseys can be wore by the audience @ the debate!

  4. Political reporters and comedy writers all over America are down on their hands and knees thanking the Almighty for the gift of Sarah Palin. The GOP ticket is way better than the Carter family was back in 1976.

  5. Mojo just so you know there will be very few average people or students in the audience. The majority of watcher will be reporters and associates of each candidate. I belive that the number of seats available to students was around 125. This is nothing more than a media event.

  6. To Mojo,

    What kind of questions is that? How long have you been in political life? Is that a prereq for the VP? I’d take a Romney with a small time as a gov and plenty of business experience over a lifelong legislator like Biden. Making the laws isn’t like trying to enforce them.

    And doing something for your home state??? Did you forget we have a congress that appropriates? What did Cheney do for Wyoming other than screw it … or Johnson for Texas, or Gore for TN? All it does is allow people in the state to post tourist signs around homes. Please come up with better questions …

  7. A good question for both Palin and Biden would be, “Are you committed to serving the public trust or are you a slave to political ideology?”

  8. More good news is forthcoming. The house is looking like they may not pass the bailout bill as passed by the senate. There are a group of republicans that want to lower the total amount of the buy-out from $750 Billion to $250 Billion. There are a group of democrats that want to add more than $61 Billion to the bill in pork-barrel spending. The stock market has reacted by closing down 355 points. The one bright light here is that home heating oil is down to $3.60 a gallon.
    These morons from both parties cannot pass a simple bailout plan without saying what’s in it for me.

  9. #6- We all can’t come up with the “perfect” question like you “Indep. So”! So as I stated, #2 “simple” questions to clarify their personal time in elected offices & something they personally would like to see done in the state they represent? No one is trying to get specific on what “you” would prefer or political protocol. Get a life! Also, for those media & students attending(#125), no hockey jerseys or lipstick allowed, period. Is that better now? Gee!

  10. An interesting comment by one congressman the other night. The $750 billion bailout is based on an estimated 25% bad paper in the mortgage industry. If that estimate is wrong and it is nearer to 50%, then do we need to provide another $750 billion?
    How much would each adult over 18 receive if we gave it out in a “trickle up” maneuver?

  11. Vote Obama!!

    The city of Bridgeport needs to be investigated for misuse of funds. While the laid-off employees are exercising bumping rights Mike Feeny is exercising in his newly renovated gym in the city hall annex. How could the city be in deficit and at the same time huge non-work-related items are being purchased? Why isn’t the council looking at all of this wasteful spending? Furniture and office renovations are currently underway. So I guess the employees who lost their jobs are paying for all of this.

  12. Outreach Worker:

    That’s just wonderful. That just shows the lack of concern this administration has for its workers. Let me tell you something about these “so-called” layoffs. Seems that most of the people he laid off are not bumping others, they are going into the positions the Mayor froze a while ago. So in the long run he is still paying their full salaries. Where is the savings in that? Most of these people made anywhere from $14 thou to $47 thou. Why won’t he lay off all the people he just hired? I heard he is spending lots of money on supplies. Departments are getting new computers, new phones, flat screen tvs. What’s up with that? Looks like “Wild Bill” is spending money like water on the things he wants. He is also telling everyone that more layoffs are in the works. I bet that won’t include the worthless greeter. In the meantime it’s the little guy taking the hit. You’re right – the council needs to look into these things. Hopefully they all read OIB!

  13. Sandra Bernhard is still alive (?) and just got herself banned from a benefit for a woman’s shelter after recently making a rape joke about Sarah Palin. Sandra said the Alaska governor would get “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she ever came to New York, according to Us Magazine:

    Perhaps a women’s shelter isn’t the best venue for Sandra Bernhard’s “humor.” That said, as an advocate of free speech, I don’t like seeing someone censored for exercising their first amendment rights. So, don’t ban Sandra Bernhard for her words; ban her because she has the aesthetic qualities of a murder scene. Then again, that’s just me and my love of the Constitution.

  14. Dear Loyal Readers of OIB of Voting Age,

    When I’m not talking about Big Breasts,the Tax Assessor and the overabundant use of Hair Grease by Mike Feeney, I’m an avid political junkie who understands this is an important election year. That being said, if people out there vote for the next president solely because Jessica Alba told them to and wore one of those freaky Hannibal Lecter masks (www, I’m moving to Canada.
    Folks, if you have absolutely no clue about current events, no matter what Leo or Diddy or “the boys” from Entourage say; for the love of God, stay the fuck home November 4. You’ll be doing yourself and your country a great service.

    My deepest, sincere thanks in advance,

    Lie You Nah Member since 2003.

  15. Hey, everybody, Clay Aiken is gay! The singer, who recently became a dad, has come out of the closet in an exclusive interview with People. In related news, the sky is blue.

  16. The City Employees Civil Service Representative Election voting count / results has BEEN postponed. The big question is why? The ballots were supposed to be unsealed and counted TODAY with the candidates present. I spoke with Detective Frank A. Podpolucha who is on the ballot and he stated that he doesn’t like the look of the whole thing.


  17. MORON!!!
    Sorry Joel,
    Sarah Palin is a complete moron and failed to answer a single question asked, by putting on a dog & pony type puppet show, where she imitates fictitious people for the first 49.7 second of her 90 second response. The moderator just frustrated with asking for a reasonable response, plus with today’s outrage over her being the moderator in the firs place (book deal), she is subconsciously pulling back on demanding an answer.
    Joel, I know that you, being a recent party convert, don’t yet have the ability to chastise your own when wrong, but hopefully you recorded this, you will watch this in ten years and see what I saw tonight.

  18. Listen to the interview of normal Americans on their impression and opinion of Sarah Palin. Only a person who had already made up their mind to vote Democrat will have a negative opinion on Palin. You all must be thinking-too bad it wasn’t Hillary Clinton up there.
    I’ve always wanted to see more intelligent, capable women in Politics. Republicans made history tonight. Sarah Palin is the first woman to stand in as a Vice Presidential candidate in a debate as an intelligent and capable candidate.

  19. I wonder if Lennie missed the debate and for what Broadway show he passed on it? Lennie have I become such, “a pain in the ass” that psychiatrists (in training) are now insulting me? I’m going to do my best attempt at a psychiatric evaluation of folks here in my next posting if I can. Palin is Objective GOP.

  20. Joel, point out what section of my post that can be construed as an insult, and if it passes a reasonableness test, I will apologize. I only recognized a personality trait, (not unique to Joel Gonzalez), that is obvious in your posts on this blog. If you consider that insulting, then you might want to consider correcting the behavior and not complaining about the person who brought it to your attention.
    As I stated before, I don’t vote by any line formula. I am completely objective. But if you expect me to consider this person, after tonight’s performance, as my next commander-on-deck, then you must think that I’m as stupid as Jim Himes thinks I am. Not very likely.

  21. My original concern on Gwen Ifill handling this debate in a neutral manner was wrong, she did a good job. Lennie the polls show that your assessment of the debate is wrong. Polls show that she did make inroads with the independents and undecided. Maybe now that she has gotten away from the editing rooms of the elite media people will understand that she can handle the Vpres slot.

  22. I heard that that the birdman got offered a real job in Hartford and that he is weeks away from flying the coop. Reliable source. Anyone else heard this rumor?

    Could the city be that fortunate?

  23. Joel Gonzalez, for such an accomplished 9-fingered former politico, you seem convinced that the Republican candidates are the way to go … My friend, so wrong, so wrong …

    To think that this election, Shays will win … HA HA HA … It’s time for him to pack it in … Jim Himes is going to win there is no doubt about that …

    And, with that I will end with a musical note …

    On November 3rd Shays will be singing,
    No quiero que nadie llore cuando yo pierda mañana, Señores no traigan flores para mí que no quiero nada …

    If you don’t know Spanish, then learn!!!

  24. BTW, what happened to mi amigo Eddie Palmieri??? Seems since Mojo threw his weight around with threats, Eddie se escondio …

    Hey Mojo, you realize you have no chance of being State Rep on Nov 4th??? Right? Or are you convinced otherwise? I mean, I hope you have expanded your base, since you spent your summer in the park … Is your slogan, Free park access if you vote for Mojica, lol …

  25. I hope they did offer Finch a job, he needs to get the hell out of here … Then again, who do we replace him with??? Good Ol’ Paulie ain’t the choice, McCarthy likes smooth paved roads so he can’t handle this yet, and Caruso SURE AS HELL is NOT THE ANSWER …

    Whoever in Hartford that wants to hire Finch, TAKE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!! AND TAKE Feeney, McClain, Woody, SherWoody, Nunn and make sure the contract specifies they can never come back to Bpt as long as they live … Take Testo and the Ganims too … Who needs them …

  26. Watching Palin last night, I was thinking to myself she was probably really good at her job as Governor, but unfortunately she’s no VP candidate. I’m glad I got to hear about her and she seems like a perfect fit for Alaska. I understand the VP nomination is really tempting for someone who would never get national recognition as governor of Alaska. I think if McCain loses, she should think about running for senator in Alaska; but again, not a VP candidate.

  27. The reason I saw something other than what most people saw last night is simply this: I have learned to look past the surface of what was said, and paid attention to the thought process behind what was said, and the cadence of how it was said, and the facial expressions which were displayed as she said them.
    That being said, allow me make this disclaimer; Sarah Palin did not hurt the McCain campaign last night. On the other side of the coin, she did not show us why she was McCain’s choice for VP over everyone else, either. She simply held her own, after most, her party insiders included, predicted she would blow it. End result … Palin succeeded.
    I’ll change the scenario, but not the context, to illustrate my point for more people to understand.
    Visualize this with me please. We are all aboard Palin Airline flight 0000 out of Juneau. Once we reach cruising altitude, Captain Sarah Palin advises us that the aircraft has lost 3 out 4 engines. We are continuing to our destination, because at this altitude, very little engine power is needed to keep the craft aloft. During the decent, however, we are alerted by Captain Palin that the hydraulic system that controls the landing gear is inoperable. I hope you’re still with me on this flight, because all indications say that we’re screwed. We’re on final approach, we’re been prepped for the worst, airport is clear, fire apparatus is in position, we’ve all said our prayers and crossed our fingers …
    The plane hits the ground and slides on its belly to a stop and everyone on board, including us, walks off the plane, relatively unscathed. End result … Captain Palin is one hell of a pilot. She succeeded. Even though we crash landed, we didn’t get killed when we fully expected to.
    I also credit Palin’s handlers and debate arrangement committee with successfully manipulating Ifill’s behavior during the debate. GOP strategists knew about her book deal long before agreeing to her moderating last night’s event. A carefully crafted and critically timed complaint, about the book and how its success is predicated upon an Obama victory, meant that Ifill had to modify her behavior toward Palin; even if it meant allowing her to not answer the questions, and also allowing her to go off-topic.
    I urge those of you whom disagree to watch this one again, and pay attention to the things that I pointed out. You might even discover some things that I may have missed.

  28. OutreachWorker and anyone else concerned about the mismanagement of funds: John Gomes also had his office renovated to the tune of $100 grand. WTF is going on? Are these employees really a tradeoff for upgraded offices? Wasn’t he hired to save money? Something ain’t right!

  29. Sarah Six Shooter was off target, and her bullet points for the most part drew a blank.

    I’m off to the liquor store to pick up the new beer in town. “Joe Six Pack”, it’s a maverick malt that doesn’t pack too much of a punch.

  30. OK, even OIBers must get tired of politics sometimes. What say we lighten it up a little on a Friday afternoon? Anyone going out to dinner in Bridgeport this weekend? Where?

    Bridgeport, in good times or bad, has always had great places to eat. When I was a kid, Paul’s Pizza on East Main, Up to Date Fish & Chips on Orchard and Pearl, Maraczi’s drive-in and Gemma’s market were the grand slam of East Side cuisine.

    (One of Gemma’s owners, Tony Cerino, passed away last week, by the way. I dated his lovely daughter Anne the summer between high school and college, and spent a lot of time hanging around her mother’s kitchen. I never ate better. Rest in peace Mr. Cerino.)

    Later, it was Solmar and Sagres for Portuguese, the late, legendary Venetian Garden, with Nick Lancia carving the veal, and La Scogliera for Italian. Today we have Joseph’s great steaks, La Poblanita’s authentic Mexican, Ralph and Rich’s, Tuscany and what else? Any suggestions?

  31. Viale in Black Rock has great escarole and beans or rabe and sausage. Carmelina’s at the old Stratfield Hotel, Portuguese, try the Mariscada or pork cubes with clams.
    Little known Turkish hideaway up in the North End. In fact it’s so little known, I don’t know its name. It’s behind the gas station, just before Luigi’s on Main street. It may even be BYOB.

    I remember downtown when they had Cappy’s, Ocean Sea Grill, and Pjura’s (best open hot roast beef luncheon sandwich piled high and deep).

  32. Sarah Palin has a problem with extemporaneous thought. She used the mild curse “gosh darn it” so many times that she sounded like my aunt Eva Mae that lives in Bussey, Iowa. The effort to project a down-home, small-town image was more than a little stilted. Wondering, AHEM: Lennie’s comments are directed at Palin’s obvious lack of qualifications for the job of Vice President of the United States. Her appearance was stage-managed by the political consultants employed by the McCain campaign. The little old ladies living in Pacoima will hear her saying “gosh Darnit!” and think that she is soooooooooo down to earth. More than a few voters will overlook Palin’s inability to answer questions directly, giving her the benefit of the doubt with “Well, maybe she was just nervous, gosh darnit!”

  33. Bob Fredericks …

    Helados Vazquez on Fairfield Ave near Black Rock, offers exquisite gelato.

    La Abuelita next door to Matty’s, great burritos.

    Of course my peepol el Liceo Cubano, no food but Guayabera parties and Cuba Libres …

  34. Thanks Celia, Helados Vazquez is awesome, haven’t tried La Abuelita yet though I used to take my kids for tacos at the place there before that. Lupitas over the line’s great too, same owners as Poblanita.

  35. As for the debate Gov. Palin did a good job for the Republican base. The Republicans did a good job in demeaning the moderator Gwen Ifill, because of her upcoming book in Jan. ’09 about Obama and other black politicians. Ms. Ifill did absolutely no followup questions thereby allowing Gov. Palin to stay on script and to keep using her talking points.

    Lennie stated that “If McCain cannot stop Barack’s momentum, don’t be surprised if the Republicans dust off Willie Horton ads. It could get ugly.” Lennie I totally agree with your assessment, McCain needs a big game changer because time is running out. McCain will use race to try to scare whites about Obama. McCain will also turn to the Pat Buchanan 1992 Republican National Convention “Culture War Speech,” and run on “Guns, Gays and God.” The fact that McCain is pulling his campaign workers out of Michigan shows that the writing is on the wall that it is just about over for McCain.

    $700 Billion Bailout Bill, U.S. House vote 263 for 171 against, Democratic 172 Republican 91.

  36. Ron Mackey you are full of it. Are you getting ready to play the race card in case Obama loses? Btw when the hell did Lennie become the resident expert? To say that McCain will play the Willie Horton card is racist in and of itself.
    McCain is an honorable man and will not play the race card as you suggest that is a totally inappropriate comment.
    If Obama wins and as of now the polls are leaning that way do not start crying on this blog that he did not keep his pie-in-the-sky promises and do not start saying it’s all Bush’s fault.
    You left-leaning Dems refuse to honestly look at the latest crisis and place the blame where it squarly belongs. The blame for the housing and mortgage crisis can be laid at the feet of the democrats like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charles Schumer and the list goes on. Their words have been posted on videos that have been available on this blog. Not one word from the left on this. What the left is worried about on this blog is where they can get their Obama signs.

  37. Ron Just so you know the bailout bill is closer to $900 Billion because of the pork-barrel spending that has been added. These bastards cannot even pass a bailout bill without adding pork.

  38. I guess nobody cares about the current corruption going on in our city. As an overtaxed resident I DO CARE! Expensive renovations are going on in city hall and city hall annex and I am wondering why it is not being discussed. Instead of rebuilding offices shouldn’t we be using these funds to help with the shortage of the budget? Peoples lives and our tax dollars are being played around with big time!

  39. #45 “Wondering,” perhaps you can tell us what McCain’s winning formula is.

    “Wondering” you also said “These bastards cannot even pass a bailout bill without adding pork.” Remember John McCain’s campaign pledge to fight against all earmark spending and pork barrel spending; well, surprise, surprise, John McCain DID VOTE YES for this $900 Billion pork barrel bailout bill. And you call that leadership?

  40. Geeze, take pity on the guy who lives in New Hampshire where we can’t get any of that stuff!

    And to Celia Cruz, who wrote:
    “BTW, what happened to mi amigo Eddie Palmieri??? Seems since Mojo threw his weight around with threats, Eddie se escondió …”

    Muy estimada Celia,
    No te preocupes, tu amigo Eddie escribe todavía en este blog. Es que él escribe bajo un cambio de identidad. Seguro que él tiene miedo, ¿o quizás él tiene vergüenza?

  41. #30- Celia Cruz was Eddie Palmieri or vice-versa & we now know who you are! So “migo”, aka: “miga”, be nice, be very nice for you might get a big surprise on election day! Also, lie you nah(#14), we have enough ignorance seekers on this OIB forum. You may “Di-Di Mao” to Canada in your mind, any day now. Have a safe journey north & don’t forget the longjohns! Also, if there’s any room on the bus, there’s a few lonely patriotic (know-it-all’s) that blog on this forum, that just may be interested in going as well. Well, may the wind be at your back & the stars guiding your direction north. Don’t forget the (carpet-muncher) S/B, jokes to keep them laughing on the yellow bus!

  42. Ron that was a vote similiar to the question did you stop beating your wife. You are damned with either answer. If he voted against this bill in this time of crisis it was all over. At least he went to DC early and tried to forge a coalition to get something done. He did not pull an Obama and say call me if you need me.
    Ron now that we are going to pay about $900 Billion for this problem how are we going to pay for Obama’s pie-in-the-sky programs that are estimated to cost $800 Billion? If he is elected I will bet you a dinner at a place of your choosing that he will be raising taxes on the middle class just like Clinton did.

  43. Lennie:

    Willie Horton ads? Why would the McCain camp resort to Willie Horton ads when they have Antoin (Tony) Rezko.

    I would run ads of a re-enactment of Tony Rezko being interogated by the feds or of Barack Obama donating to charity the campaign contribution ($200,000) from Tony Rezko and others convicted in the ongoing (Operation Board Games) Federal Probe.

  44. “Wondering”, I understand your point but if taxes must be raised what are the reasons? The Bush administration has been in office for the past seven and a half years and the Republicans were in charge of the U.S. House and Senate for six of those years. They spent money like they were drunken sailors, tax cuts to the rich, fighting two wars and not funding them, high unemployment rates and no regulations for Wall Street. We are in debt to foreign countries because we have to borrow money from them to run our country.

    What is the solution to those issues from John McCain and the Republicans? Tax cuts for big business, eliminating the capital gains tax and let’s invade Iran. Republicans have nothing new to bring to the American citizens so their answer is Gov. Palin for 2012. As for your bet, let me think about that.

  45. I Invite all my OIB members to the birth place of my parents-Puerto Rico, La Isla del encanto! I spent 5 years (1972-1977) from the age of 7 to age 12 living in Mayaguez the 3rd largest City in the Island. My father was registered PPD or Partido Popular Democratico and their symbol is a white flag with a side view of a head (in red) of a farmer wearing a large hat (La Pava) which represents, “El Campesino” with a motto of: Pan, Tierra, Libertad.
    If you have a problem understanding Spanish, that’s too bad! You are in Puerto Rico, so learn Spanish.
    In 1976 My father, “switched” parties to “El PNP” or Partido Nuevo Progresista and their symbol is a white flag with the image of a Blue Coconut Palm Tree, “La Palma”.
    As a kid, I was impressed with the energy and exitement of Political elections in Puerto Rico and in 1976, I volunteered in my first political campaign for PNP, “La Palma”.
    Come with me to the Senate in Puerto Rico and click below.

  46. Outreach Worker, I am a taxpayer and a city employee and I truly care also about the excessive, wasteful spending while employees are being laid off. The annex gym was renovated. Gomes’ office was renovated. Charlie Carroll renovated his office when he was made Parks Director and now he is again renovating his office at the annex now that he is Public Facilities Director. I guess he needs two offices because he is so DAMNED IMPORTANT. And don’t forget Feeney. He totally renovated his office before moving into the Finance suite in city hall. And that office was really nice and didn’t need anything done. TAXPAYERS SHOULD BE SCREAMING HOLY HELL. Someone should FOI what all this cost.

  47. In 1976 Carlos Romero Varcelo (PNP) won the governorship in a hard-fought political race against Rafael Hernandez Colon (incumbent with PPD) and my father delivered the district we worked in. The man in the link below is the current Governor of Puerto Rico, Anibal Acevedo Vila (AAV) who was indicted himself 3 months ago.

  48. #62- Don’t know the extent of renovations for Gomes or Feeney but I have been in Carroll’s Park & Rec. Office. It’s in the large conference room where they have the park & rec. board meetings. He’s got a desk, chair, computer & wall unit @ the far end of the room by a window. No privacy, #2 enter & exit doors by the water cooler and bathroom, wow! Not only do they hold meetings in his office, but it’s used from time to time as a storage room! It’s almost as nice as having an office in the hallway! Oh yeah, I do believe they might have painted the room @ one time. I guess after his probation period, he’ll have to pack up his personal belongings from parks & rec. and finally bring them to Estrada’s old office. Same furniture, equipment, no window, new city paint (white), clean carpet & of course Carroll’s personal stuff from his park & rec. office. Made in the shade from what I read here on OIB! Holly Hell!

  49. The indictments of the governor of Puerto Rico and the President of the Senate, demonstrates the far-reaching authority of the U.S. Department of Justice. It is expected that the President of the Puerto Rican Senate will cooperate with federal authorities and members of both parties are scared. You may be saying to yourself, “What the hell do I care about Puerto Rico?”
    Well, the point I’m making is that the Justice Department doesn’t discriminate or favor any party or individual. Barack Obama is no exception and I see the same elements in the Obama investigation seen in other cases that have already led to indictments. The indictment of the president of the Puerto Rican Senate comes just weeks before the elections in Puerto Rico.
    “Thank you for travelling on “Jet Blues”. I hope you had a great stay and fly back to Puerto Rico on Jet Blues.”

  50. Joel – Here’s a bit of unsolicited advice. Obama is going to win here in Connecticut – period, end of story. If you really want to help McCain why not stop your constant anti-Obama rants here and go to, or even just make calls into, a swing state and actually do some work for McCain in a place where it might do your guy some good. The way things have been going McCain could use all the help he can get.

    There are going to be no indictments and holding out hope for them only makes you look desperate and like you have already conceded the election to Obama. Again, if you want to help McCain, find a swing state and focus your considerable energy there or keep blasting Obama here and do McCain no good at all.


    For that, you, sir, are the Philistine for the next TWO weeks.


    Somebody mentioned earlier this week that our shithead mayor has lost the confidence of the goombas that put him in office. There seems to be some credence to the rumor that he has been offered a state job and may be making an announcement soon.

  52. #71- Hey, hey where have you been, relatives, political helpers or close friends are not included in the city hiring freeze. Nor are they to be laid off either, union or not, period. After all, the Mayor has to have some type of political base left after his #4yrs. are over! Everyone else though, can be thrown to the lions, per se. By the way, when’s the next “state of the city” address? Should be a bit interesting & sad all @ the same time. Also I’ve heard that those invited by invitation only must pay for their meals, etc. Otherwise, just refreshments & coffee or tea will be served free. Times certainly are a-changing, no doubt.


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