Danny P’s Tequila Sunrise Could Be Sobering For Guests, Fines Possible As State Probes

Pizarro party town.

Let’s go to the videotape.

City employee Danny Pizarro’s weekend birthday bash has lit more than 48 candles. The bright lights of videos, taken by the host and police cameras, could be evidential pieces determining whether to issue $250 fines for guest rule-breakers of Governor Ned Lamont’s executive order covering mass gatherings during a health emergency.

Pizarro, as host of the party at his Trumbull home, has been docked $500. He has apologized for hosting the soiree, a jubilant affair of drinking, eating, chanting, dancing and even twerking. If you want fun at a party call Danny “P for Party” Pizarro.

Some city and state officials attended for what they say were either quick stops or dropping off a gift such as former Bridgeport Health Director Maritza Bond, who has the same role in New Haven and State Rep. Chris Rosario.

The 24-year-old daughter of City Councilwoman Maria Pereira also apparently attended, according to Pizarro’s lawyer State Senator Dennis Bradley, citing video from the party curated on Pizarro’s Instagram page, perhaps disquieting news for the self-styled piranha of city politics who prides herself as a stick-in-the-eye to the political establishment. The daughter’s an adult, right? She makes her own decisions. (Editor’s note: If daughter denies she attended, please send statement.)

Danny Pizarro selfie.

State’s Attorney Joseph Corradino tells CT post reporter Brian Lockhart “We are reviewing all of the available evidence to determine whether any additional enforcement actions can be taken and proven to the exacting standards of the criminal law. Our rules of ethics prevent us from commenting directly on a pending investigation.”

Trumbull police broke up the party just before midnight based on “traffic hazard.”

“Officers observed many more than the limited 25 persons inside of Pizarro’s residence as they remained on scene in order to facilitate an orderly exit of the guests without any additional issues.”

In the police report Pizarro’s first name is cited as “Daniel.”

“Pizarro was cooperative throughout police interaction.”

See Trumbull police account here.

Small house, big party.

According to Zillow, Pizarro’s single-family, two-floor house at 1491 Huntington Turnpike, Trumbull, is 1737 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. That’s certainly a small area for a packed crowd on the first floor. Did 300 people attend, as has been reported? No. Not even close. Perhaps that came from the boastfulness of Pizarro who inflated the number, or just isn’t familiar with headcounts. Still, even at 150 guests (with connected tent), an arbitrary number at this point, plenty attended to violate Lamont’s executive order.

From Lockhart:

The state is now reviewing evidence from a weekend birthday bash in Trumbull whose politically connected host bragged that he had hundreds of guests–including some present and former city officials.

State’s Attorney Joseph Corradino said the party, which broke coronavirus rules and is costing host Danny Pizarro a $500 fine, was being thoroughly investigated.

“We are in a crisis the likes of which we have not seen in over a century,” Corradino said in a statement to The Connecticut Post Wednesday, referring to the global pandemic. “My duty as a state constitutional officer obligates me to protect the public safety of the people in my district. The spread of COVID-19 threatens that safety.”

See more here.



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  1. Settle down you F-Vultures. It was a birthday party in the era for covid. Granted it was unwise, but we all know it’s just being used to attack him. Being Political, it’s nothing like seeing the vultures swoop in for their political feist.

    Personally, Danny, that’s something you should think about with your downtown property. You always had a knack for parties. Open a club up. I hear you have the money. That was bad, optically. I’ll take it a fake new. 🙂

    P.S take security seriously. people want to have a good time, not read about tragedies like Tiago. JS

    Best of luck,

    to the rest of you politically vultures. WOW! watching you put Danny on the Tree of Woe.


  2. Listen,Chris Rosario has spoken about this,he said Danny made a mistake,he apologized for it and it wasn’t Danny’s fault the crowd got so big,even mentioned Danny has been having partys throughout the pandemic..So if King Chris said it’s over,then it’s over.
    ““I was there ever so briefly (and) I wore a mask,” Rosario recalled. “I extended my greetings and birthday wishes to the host and went on my way.”

    He said he doubted Pizarro hosted 300 people even with a tent — “that’s a small house” — but admitted it got “busy” and he grew uncomfortable. Rosario said that Pizarro since the pandemic struck last March has hosted “gatherings that have been reasonable in size but following all the social distance guidelines.”

    “It ballooned into something that was out of Danny’s control,” Rosario said. “It’s unfortunate what happened. We all make mistakes. I understand Mr. Pizarro apologized and lesson learned to everyone involved.”

  3. *** They were all adults which knew the possible consequences to their choices for not wearing masks & getting sick & or becoming covid spreaders among their families, friends & or co-workers! $ Fines if legally applicable are a good way to send a message to others, however those on the out-side looking in that are without sins should “not” be demanding that anyone that was an employee of Bpt. or a political representative local or state, should be fired for being @ the party. “Stupid is as Stupid does” but making Stupid demands don’t help past problems, it just cause’s more harm in the end! ***

  4. I agree with Mojo,no one deserves to be fired,the biggest problem I have with this party is Danny’s first response (which were his real feelings btw),his “I don’t give a shit,fine me,I got the money” attitude,anything he said after that were under the advice from his attorney.Add to that the people who admitted being there trying to justify their decision by saying they weren’t there long.How about this statement from Rosario??…..”Rosario in an interview Tuesday night said he took a ride-share to Pizarro’s around 11 p.m. and stayed about 45 minutes, catching another ride elsewhere with friends.”…….Ok,so Rosario took a “ride share” to the party about 11:00pm(when by other accts,the party was at full throttle btw),Rosario stayed at the party for 45 mins,”then went elsewhere”…How irresponsible of him to go “elsewhere” with friends,after partying with a few hundred unmasked people beforehand??..Feel bad for the people he met up with “elsewhere”…

  5. I am only on because I have writer’s block. 🙂

    Maria, I always supported you in my own way as the yin to the yang of Port’s political vulturism. However, what you posted about Joel is low for even dirty Port politics, which has been ingrained in its political system, considering yourself is demanding political officials and employees resign or be fired who attended Danny’s Birthday party.

    It was not only a disturbing attack on Joel and that belittling his employment but on his daughters (human beings) as well as his wife. You really should be ashamed of what you said.

    P.S Comrade Don for you to claim White Privilege as a means to invoke your racist views. Shows how blindly racist you are, considering Danny and everyone is Latino, just like your racist white supremacy claim about Columbus for his removal. people

    This is the actual first time I really hope you, Maria, lose your seat on the council and out of Port politics, and not because Comrade Don claims you are like a nice meal served on a garbage can or any of the many things that I have heard about you. P.S Comrade it’s probably not even a nice meal.

    I saw a lot shit in my life, one can even say mentally disabled, but it pails to the shit that sometimes comes out of your mouth and your being. That was pure crap to the girls. You may be smart, but we might have to defined Mentally disabled. JS Matthew 15:11

    Bam I am out of here, That book isn’t going to write itself. 🙂


  6. How many times is Rosario going to get a pass?

    In 2018, he got a pass for skipping on his legislative committee meetings (for which he is paid to attend) while he was on the clock at his political plumb part-time position as a clerk with the Shelton Police Department.

    In 2019, the Milford State’s Attorney gave him a pass for falsifying his time card in his part-time position with the Shelton PD, that while he was attending in 2018 the ribbon-cutting for the new Harding High School.

    In early 2020, the State Ethics Commission might have late given him a pass for not timely reimbursing MGM for food and beverages given at a reception at the MGM casino in SpringfIeld, CT (although if that might have happened, I couldn’t disclose it as by state law, that would be confidential).

    Late in 2020, the SEEC gave him a pass on election interference committed by him and his supporters against me and my campaign at Geraldine Johnson School on Election Day.

    Then he has the nerve to file a formal criminal complaint against me for peaceable communication s regarding election matters arising in my campaign for State Rep to challenge him in the 128th. He said in his written complaint that “Mr. Book’s actions are causing irreparable harm to my reputation and professional life . . . He has also been harassing me online tagging me so I blocked him”. Curious, I never could have tagged him as I we were never FB friends. And after he reported that, I was still able to access his FB page. Looks to me like Rosario committed perjury that sworn statement. Oh, and the Capitol Police officer who drove from Hartford to Shelton to take that bogus complaint at Rosario’s office in the Shelton PD did so for a legislative matter for which other documents I obtained later showed that Rosario was again on the clock for his SPD clerk job.

    And this the man from whom I receive daily emails of canned COVID updates (Does anyone believe he writes them?).

    He is also the one who in early 2016 promised me he would take action as my State Rep for judicial reform yet hasn’t done didly!

    Looks like it’s going to be an interesting year!

      1. If complaining is raising legitimate pending public issues, then I’m complaining. I’m raising here public issues which were not addressed or resolved in the recent election. Also, I point out that there is much yet unaddressed about the recent election, both for the 128th and statewide, also unaddressed questions about the preliminary data for the 128th (including an issue of constitutionality of the recently implemented state practice regarding the no-excuse, no-request, early mail-in ballots, among others). These and other related issues are discussed at my Facebook page on Jan. 19th. Thus, it is improper for one to say that I lost in 2020. In addition, I haven’t lost in 2022!

  7. *** Its a shame that many of the adults that were there & are coming up with “every excuse in the book” why they should be excused for their poor judgement of not wearing a mask & keeping a safe distance. Time to be & act like big boys & girls and just take your poor judgement medicine! ***

  8. Channel 12 News did an interview with Danny and Dennis,\..Dennis actually said it wasn’t Danny’s fault,he didn’t invite all those people to his party…I guess he expects us to believe people were just riding by and decided to stop in?? lol..So if Danny had no idea that many people we coming,why would he rent a tent??..Scary how Dennis just sits there and lies without even a flinch..

  9. Don, thanks, that’s unbelievable, Mayor Ganim just wants to blow by the subject. Melissa did a great job trying to get Mayor Ganim to answer her questions about Danny Pizarro but he kept blowing her off but her points about Pizarro were right on point. Terrible interview for the mayor of the largest city in state, the health and safety was not a concern of the mayor because Pizarro’s home is in Trumbull so the hell with the other 300 of which one is a city State Rep. Mayor Ganim inability in not managing the city because he has no health director, no labor relations director to address the issues about Pizarro’s super spreader birthday party. The city needs a police chief, a personnel director along with labor relations director and a health director this is straight up a sign that Joe must go sooner than later.

  10. Thanks for the link Don,what a piece of shit Joe is,instead of commenting about one of his friends possibly having a superspreader party,he wanted to talk about Marilyn “forging ssignatures” two years ago..Danny knows ALOT,about the illegal things Joe did,and is continuing to do,no way Joe would dare chance angering Danny and chance that Danny would start talking..The Feds should cut a deal with Pizarro,”tell us what you know,and we’ll go easy on you about the coming massive fines for the party”..Danny would sing like a bird..Joe is a convicted felon,and is still stealing from us,he is hopefully weeks? away from getting indicted AGAIN..That day can’t come soon enough. Again,what a piece of shit he is..

    1. Could it be that Danny has something on Joe or Danny is bringing something to the table like money or votes, who knows or Danny has godfather who has his back.

  11. Joel has become a apologist for Danny Pizarro’s bad behavior and that defies credulity. A maskless party with hundreds of people during a time when Covid-19 is not only spreading out of control, but the UK variant which is in Connecticut is 50% more contagious and they say 30% more deadly. I’m sorry, but my bad just doesn’t meet contrition standards nor does a paltry $500 fine.

  12. Health Director Maritza Bond spoke with the Independent on Friday about a recent report in the Connecticut Post that she briefly attended a birthday party in Trumbull for a former colleague of hers from when she worked for the City of Bridgeport.

    That party ultimately turned into a 300-person birthday bash that is currently being investigated by the state’s attorney’s office.

    Bond told the Independent that she drove to her friend’s house to drop off a gift at around 8 p.m. Saturday night. She said fewer than 10 people were there at the time. She never went inside the building, anyway, she said. She said she left within 15 minutes to respond to two Covid-related emergency calls in New Haven.

    She said she was in bed by 10 p.m. — well before a midnight video was taken that showed hundreds of people partying indoors.

    “I am deeply disappointed that people attended a largescale gathering that potentially put their health at risk,” she said. “Everyone knows I feel very strongly about advocating against these types of gatherings.”

    When asked about a flurry of chatter and speculation on social media about Bond’s brief presence at that party, the city health director told the Indpendent that her mother had Covid, her grandmother had Covid, she herself gets tested every day, and she sees firsthand all the time the devastation wrought by the pandemic and the importance of following public health guidelines.

    “I thought it was going to be an intimate small gathering,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with dropping off a gift. I was in an outdoor area. It was not ill intended.”

    She repeated that she left the party well before a large crowd arrived: “I would have never, ever associated myself with that.”

  13. Here is the danger of Danny Pizarro’s birthday partythat’s not being talked about, nobody knows at this time if anyone of those 300 party goers was positive with COVID-19 and havd no symptom but if they did it makes it impossible to the state law on contact tracing. Here is the law on contact tracing.

    Contact tracing is the process of contacting all people who have tested positive for COVID-19 or have had contact with someone who tested positive. It is possible to be infected with COVID-19 and have no symptoms, so contact tracing is currently one of the best ways to identify and notify people who may be infected in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Participating in contact tracing is a way to protect you, your family, and your community.

    Contact tracers from the local and state health department will be in touch with you if you test positive for COVID-19, and will also call people you were in close contact with – but will keep your information protected. You will see “CT COVID TRACE” or the number for your local health department on your caller ID.

    Connecticut’s contact tracing program is run by the Department of Public Health (DPH), and uses recommendations that are based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


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