City Launches Vaccination Clinic At Central High School

News release from Mayor’s Office:

The City of Bridgeport Health Department clinical staff and volunteers assembled for a Mass Vax Clinic at Central High School today to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible individuals in Phase 1a and 1b who were registered with an appointment for the vaccine that will protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Ganim stated, “Today marks the inauguration of a new administration, and for us, the inaugural day for mass vaccinations now being administered in the City of Bridgeport. Hard work and determination are paving the way for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel so that we can return to some normalcy in our lives.”

Acting Deputy Director of Health Operations Tammy Papa stated, “The Bridgeport Health Department plans to operate this clinic at least every Wednesday with the goal of soon offering appointment times through VAMS seven days a week–based on the amount of vaccines that are made available to us by the State. We are very pleased that the clinic was a success and seamless flow for people that registered.”

Currently, the vaccination sites at Central High School and the Communicable Disease Clinic at 752 East Main Street are prioritizing Phase 1a–including first responders, and 1b–which includes individuals 75 or older. Bridgeport officials encourage residents to support family members and neighbors that are 75+ who may not have access to the Internet by assisting with the VAMS registration process. In coordination with Bridgeport Senior Center Directors, City of Bridgeport Department of Health is currently planning mass outreach to the Bridgeport senior population to ensure access to COVID-19 vaccination information for our most vulnerable population.

For COVID-19 vaccine information and to register through the Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) visit If you have any questions, contact the Bridgeport Health Department at 203-576-7468.



  1. Breaking News:
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  2. *** So don’t forget to call or go on line to make a covid-19 vaccine appointment if you fall in the phase, 1a or 1b category.*** Off topic, today in Bpt. in what maybe a mental health issue that triggered the domestic assault between 2-brothers, leaving one dead & the other in jail! Years ago in Ct. there were more mental-health hosps. & (in & out)- patient clinics where help was available & where the police could drop off a mental health detainee instead of just putting them into the D.O.C zoo, where they would continue to mentally deteriorate & cause problems, etc. Everyday across america you hear in the news, local or national of negative issues that happen because of possible mental illness & the police & or first responders are held responsible if things go bad during the response! Its time for the local, state & or federal governments to start paying attention to this mental health issue that is getting worst across america! *** On a political lighter side concerning “mental health”, just stop & remember some of the “odd issues” that went on @ the W/H during the past 4-yrs. ??? ***


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