Craig Nadrizny Appointed Deputy Director Of Public Facilities

Days after Public Facilities Director John Ricci announced his retirement, the city on Friday appointed Craig Nadrizny, a career professional, deputy director of the superagency that oversees sanitation, parks, the airport, aging and engineering.

News release from the city:

The City of Bridgeport today announced the appointment of Craig Nadrizny to the position of Deputy Director of Public Facilities. Mr. Nadrizny has been employed with the City of Bridgeport for more than twenty-one years in various departments and most recently in the role of supervisor overseeing operations that include paving, plowing as well as staffing to ensure that city services are efficient and productive. Craig now assumes these responsibilities with any and all tasks assigned under the authority of the Director.

The Deputy Director position was publicly posted in March 2019 with eight total candidates that applied, tested, and went before a selection committee that consisted of a City Attorney Lisa Trachenburg, Eric Amado of Labor Relations and John Marsilio, Public Works Director for Trumbull. Craig Nadrizny is the candidate that scored highest in all categories with the committee.

John Ricci stated that, “This is a positive move, as it brings someone up from within the ranks that knows the city and has a positive working relationship with the employees and other departments.”

Craig Nadrizny was born and raised in Bridgeport, is graduate from Bullard Havens Technical School, and received his Associates Degree in Computer Science & Business Management from Housatonic College. Craig is also a veteran of the Marine Corps, where he served as a heavy equipment operator.



  1. Well, his connection to George Garcia thru marriage and his mom working in City Hall helped him attain his previous position. Has a big ego, no communication skills and lacks in ability to work with people. A good bull shit artist.
    Thanks John Ricci! Birds of a feather flock together. The men won’t miss him now that he’ll be Downtown and not at the City Yard.
    I give him 6 months and he we be gone.
    You can’t make this shit up! LOL, ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT.

    1. When I read your post, I said “out loud”, “That’s exactly what I was thinking “!!! I agree 100%… cocky, miserable person…… guess I’ll never get a new garbage can now…….
      Thanks Bpt


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