Councilwoman Taylor-Moye: ‘Maria Pereira Is A Terrible Person Who Seeks Revenge’

Denese Taylor-Moye

City Councilwoman Maria Pereira is the first to complain about body shaming (then she does it to others). She’s the first to complain about receiving insults (then she does it to others). She’s the first to complain about gender bashing (then she does it to others).

That was the tone that understated South End City Councilwoman Denese Taylor-Moye shared Monday night at the end of the virtual City Council meeting–that approved a budget for the spending year that begins July 1–a blistering takedown of the self-styled piranha of politics when some don’t have the stomach to take on the one-woman insulting machine.

“She is a terrible person and I know she will seek revenge,” Taylor-Moye said the day after. “This is me just letting her know I’m not gonna allow you to threaten me, or council I serve with.”

Taylor-Moye cited “threatening” texts she received from Pereira for not toeing the Pereira line.

Taylor-Moye knows the challenges of urban life as well as anyone residing in the troubled Marina Village public housing complex. She’s not prone to speaking out. She picks her battles selectively.

That’s the thing about city politics, learn to pick your fights, otherwise sustainable coalition-building is unachievable. Pereira just says I blowtorch and damn the consequences, no mater what, unless you bow down to me. It’s like she’s received a blood transfusion from Donald Trump: that’s a rare blood type.

Pereira, belly dancer
Maria Pereira dances to her own tune.

Councilman Jorge Cruz, who represents the same district as Taylor-Moye, says “It is, in fact, the consensus of the majority of the council, as far as I’m concerned Pereira is a narcissistic person. Her attitude is … it’s my way or the highway. Well, it looks like she’s very lonely on her highway.”

Pereira’s recent election losses tell the story: 2016 run for State House, 2018 loss for Democratic Town Committee, 2019 minor party run for school board, albeit winning a council seat in the Upper East Side 138th District where she has a following.

Many candidates, knowing what’s to come, eschew her support. Case in point State Senator Marilyn Moore’s run for mayor last year. Other potential candidates won’t return her calls when Pereira offers support. Yes, Pereira has support in one neighborhood but diminishing returns elsewhere. She prefers a dot on the government radar screen to the larger picture of getting things done.

Now on the City Council, not the school board,  Pereira’s verbal evisceration is harder to achieve with a larger body, especially under parliamentarian procedures.

Pereira, Monday night, listed a litany of things under a motion she wanted to cut from the budget, curiously at the back end of the meeting when the council had already voted on the spending plan.

Mayor Joe Ganim, chairing the meeting, declared, “Any seconds?”


“I thought I was in a funeral,” says East End Councilman Ernie Newton.

No one seconded Pereira’s motion for a vote.

The City Council now exists in the virtual Zoom zone for meetings. Pereira dropped out of the meeting when she had no support, according to several council members.

“Once she realized she had no support, she left,” says Newton.

Taylor-Moye, not knowing Pereira had vacated the meeting, launched into an organic, point of privilege castigation of Pereira for threatening an assortment of council members who won’t adopt to her loyalty/royalty demands.

Taylor-Moye cited several current and past council members from Pereira’s district who’ve become victims of her invective, perhaps a warning to would-be office holders no matter what Pereira will turn on you.

It’s sorta like the scorpion and frog fable.

Says Cruz: “Pereira likes to give it but she can’t receive condemnation towards her. She’s a punk.”



  1. Councilwoman Denese Taylor-Moye, as veteran of the City Council why did you feel the need to go after someone who has no power wit your comments, your words reflect more on you. As my councilwoman I expect better that and far as my other councilman, Jorge Cruz, he has no room to talk about intimidating someone.

    Councilwoman Maria Pereira is a very complex person, she’s a hard worker who knows how to do research better than any council member and she can make some very good points but then there’s the other side of Maria Pereira who can not form a coalition with other council members in order to make change. Councilwoman Taylor-Moye, you know what I said about Maria but you feel the need to mirror Maria’s bad side instead of taking the high road and talk about the issue, I don’t agree with your position on your position on the budget and that’s ok but I don’t care for your complain in which you are entitled to.

    1. Ron, Denese Taylor-Moye asked me to share this comment with you:

      “Ron Mackey, when I choose a battle I’m prepared for it. I will not allow Maria Pereira to castigate me. I defended myself and the council members I work with. If you want to tell me what I should or should not say you can call me. I will not take trash into my future. I will not stand for her insults against people who misspell names when Maria Pereira misspells names herself. I will not stand for her insulting texts. She has turned against everyone she supported including Samia Suliman (council member). I put my work in every day as a council member. I worked with Bob Walsh and I worked with Tom White. This is my battle. I will handle my business because I never step on anybody.”

  2. Maria Pereira adds value to the City Council and adds zest to this blog.
    Despite what others say, coalition building is a rare trait among politicians and is not needed to advance one’s agenda. Nobody stomps their feet better than the flying piranha!
    Maria gives this blog critical mass–the kind that makes the cash register ring.
    Marching band and flyover jets, I think OIB should hold a parade in her honor.

  3. I guess most of us has stepped out of character and apoplectic with rage after being excoriated by Maria! She is mean, nasty, disrespectful and hubris. Her knowledge doesn’t begin to outweigh her vitriolic nature or her intransigence.
    Your Favorite Meal Served On A Garbage Can Top!

  4. Ron Mackey, my friend. You nailed it, I can’t think of anything to say that you haven’t covered. I’m curious about an intro from my other friend Lennie. Why couldn’t the councilwoman from the 131st district pen her own thoughts and opinions. I realize that some people are challenged when it comes to putting thoughts to writing, but come on, we’re talking about an elected official. That’s not a good precedent, you may find youself making a lot of people look smart if you continue to do this. LOL The day Maria won her council seat, her colleages should have begun to sharpened their skills and tongues. I say “grow some skin”, or resign now, because Maria is who shen is, and I see no reason for her to change. She manages her own campaigns, wins, and that translate into her expressing her personality—-good or bad.

    1. Lisa, there are two women who I have the highest respect for and who I love, Judge Carmen Lopez and you Lisa and I know that the both of you women have spoken with Maria about different things but unfortunately none of the personal traits that you Carmen have rub off on Maria. As for Councilwoman Denese Taylor-Moye, I understand your point but look at Nancy Patricia Pelosi the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and the most powerful woman in America, when President 45 talks nasty and disrespectfully publicly about her and she’s asked what does she have to say about what the President said, she says that she doesn’t have time to address what he said because she focus on doing the work for Americans and that he needs to do the same thing. Denese Taylor-Moye, don’t punch down

      1. Ron, really? Pelosi had Trump impeached. Did you forget that? She has responded to Trump appropriately in the same manner Denese Taylor-Moye responded to Maria Pereira. I suggest you return to the archives of Pelosi ripping up Trump’s State of Union speech and a whole bunch of other things she said harsher compared to your council representative.

        1. Lennie, that’s my point, Pelosi has real power and she knows how to punch up, with Pelosi ripping up Trump’s State of Union speech that was her payback because she held her hand out to shake the President’s hand and he didn’t shake her hand but without saying one word she made a bigger statement. Maria has absolutely NO power or influence on the City Council.

          1. Lennie, I’m in total agreement with what Donnie said. There’s another side to Maria that those on OIB don’t know about and if they did know they would NEVER want to ever hear anything from her EVER. I was doing my version of Rodney King, “can’t we all get along.”

    2. Lisa and Ron
      I’ve always tried to understand some people. Maria has been aloud to cross the line. Ron do you remember Maria saying if Mario Testosterone had a plantation in his parking lot Rev Lee would be there picking Cotton. It isn’t alright for Maria to try and bully people what she text to Councilwomen Denise Taylor-Moye was wrong. Lise you and both know how Maria will turn on you if you don’t agree with her. It’s sad that she only uses her gifts to try and hurt other. Lise it takes eleven votes to pass anything on the city council she started out attacking the same people she needs to pass anything on the city council. She couldn’t even get one council person to second her motion. Lise we have been in many wars together but we have never taken it to the level Maria has taken it to. She will never convince her colleagues to support anything she bring forward on the City Council. She will never turn the city council into the board of Education Number 2. If she doesn’t change her approach it’s going to be a missable 2 year just ask Rick Torres.

  5. *** She did not know Maria left the meeting; Just saying? Regardless, as for Maria being on the city council, she will not accomplish much by isolating herself from other council members just because they do not agree with her @ times; You catch more bee’s with honey, than with vinegar. However, its seems part of her political DNA is lacking in dealing with people who may not be willing to share in nor agree with her personal feelings or political idea’s for the city council’s & BOE’s do’s & don’ts. She may do her political homework @ times & fact-checks, however sometimes her ways of sharing her information & personal feelings about subjects & or people come across rather rude & NPD like? She brings up many points of questioning which in local politics can be over looked or just rubber stamped for lack of interest & or party loyalty. Example- you can be a well knowledged teacher on subjects however, if your (bed-side manner) or say (class-room) manner approach sucks, in the end it fall on deaf ears, no? ***

    1. Mojo, I suggested on OIB some time ago that Maria needed to read, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie but Maria doesn’t have any friends and she will anybody that she doesn’t want any friends, that’s why she will ALWAYS BE A LOSER.

  6. Alright my friends, you can’t all be wrong, and I’m not always right , so, I think I should have just passed on this one. I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  7. “Once she realized she had no support she left,” says Newton.

    Taylor-Moye, not knowing Pereira had vacated the meeting, launched into an organic, point of privilege castigation of Pereira for threatening an assortment of council members who won’t adopt to her loyalty/royalty demands.

    Ernie, she never had any support. For Maria to make threaten another council she has to have some form of threat because her politics game is about exposure. Like the Amphitheater deal, she just wanted to go after Stafan with what she had on him. Instead of making a motion to have an increase in revenue, putting all the other council members on the record of it, increasing her hand making other members agree or go against her and not looking out for the city and its taxpayer. Maria’s not stupid though if she has anything on anyone to threaten or taking her threats seriously, it not the way they vote, Jackson comes to mind, misuse of stipend money. I can see that being something that can seem like a threat because her typical behavior is just annoying, not a threat. JS

  8. P.S She has to remember though Joe was reelected, with her support. As well as Ernie for violating the public trust. Just a reminder that 7 million dollars the BBOE gave Finch could have been used to supply the entire school system with computers, two-fold like all the other suburban school districts do. Like those tax deals, and the ones like the amphitheater, the city loses and its best interest is not being look after. It’s policies. Can’t speak of Maria, cuts, but she used the same excuse of the city not supplying enough information to vote no one thing than at the same meeting voted yes on another thing she wanted without having the informant from the city. Let’s see where Maria takes these in her opinion in the CtPost because Lennie’s not going to let her post anything. There is no way Maria won’t say something on this if she could, AT BANNED, 🙂

  9. I want to know what does Denise mean ‘I even worked with Bob Walsh’?
    I mean is it like a red badge of courage to admit it now that I am off the council?
    Have I been gone long enough that it is safe to admit it?
    Thanks Denise. I’ll be happy to take it as a compliment as it was intended; I hope.

  10. We all know that Maria is the only voice on the council who is challenging the Ganim administration on its policies and agenda and she is doing it with intelligence, a lot of research and hard work. She has to speak loudly and forcefully to make herself heard. Her recommendations to the Budget committee on ways to make many spending cuts and raise revenue were outstanding… and of course rejected by Ganim’s cronies.

    Madeline Dennis – Bridgeport In The Know

    1. Donald Day says:
      May 6, 2020 at 3:34 pm
      Her knowledge doesn’t begin to outweigh her vitriolic nature or her intransigence.
      Your Favorite Meal Served On A Garbage Can Top!

    2. Spending cuts are usually political and one-sided, but what were some of the increased revenue she proposed? She passed up on the amphitheater deal, which was a given, to excoriate Stafan? Curious?

    3. Maria has dissed me so many times I’ve lost count.
      That’s why her caustic wit is the perfect match for the high-caliber content seen here, even when her harmless darts pierce a skin too thin.

  11. Madeline, you are correct when you say, “Maria is the only voice on the council who is challenging the Ganim administration on its policies and agenda. Having said that her vitriol, anger, nasty attitude and her intransigence pales in comparison to the good that she brings to the Council. She’s a nasty bitch who will never accomplish anything for the community she represents and that’s a damn shame because she could be a vector of change if she didn’t have that piss poor attitude!

    1. Why did you call Steve out for calling Moore a nasty bitch, but it’s ok for you to call Maria a nasty bitch? All those condemnations that were made to Steve needs to be applied to you as well. Don’t you think? You are now no better than Steve.

      P.S the only B-word a woman should be called is Beautiful. Bitches love being called beautiful. 🙂

  12. Madeline, Maria act is causing her district, the 138th, to have no respect from the other 19 council members, plus Madeline, it was Maria’s support of Joe Ganim in the primary last year which kept Mario Testa, thanks Maria. Madeline, do you know why Maria can not make comments on Only In Bridgeport?

  13. Bitch is a pejorative slang word for a person—usually a woman—who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, a control freak, rudely intrusive or aggressive. Maria?

    1. It also says, “In a feminist context, it can indicate a strong or assertive woman”, Maria?

      You choose its meaning, but let’s focus on “perforative” expressing “contempt.” the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn.

      It’s an insult to woman, the same as Steve’s

      P.S you are right the word not only applied to a woman. 🙂

  14. Just my opinion but, Lennie, I understand you starting this topic to report what Taylor-Moye stated about Maria, but for you to add 7 more paragraphs giving your personal opinions about Maria without giving her a chance to defend herself because you banned from here , just doesn’t seem right….

    1. Harvey, Maria is free to send a statement, news release anytime she pleases. She’s not banned. In fact she recently emailed me information for an issue close to her. If she has something to share that I feel is valuable to readers I’ll run it.

      1. “If she has something to share that I feel is valuable to readers I’ll run it.”

        Again Lennie,it’s your place and all,but what may not be “valueable” to you,may be to some of us.One of the best things about this blog is it isn’t censored,we are free to give our thoughts and opinions.

          1. Ron, I get why Maria is banned( don’t necessarily agree with it, but whatever).. my point is, it doesn’t seem fair that Lennie added about 7 paragraphs to this topic basically trashing Maria. IMO if he is going to take away her ability to defend herself,then it’s not right For him to use his blog to trash her..

          2. Harvey, Maria asserts she has chosen not to comment here on OIB. She “banned” herself over a disagreement we had a few months ago. She has recently, however, posted comments on the OIB Facebook page regarding a story about State Senator Dennis Bradley. Maria savages me on her Facebook page. She has blocked me from her Facebook page. What I have written here is tame compared to the salacious disgust she has posted about me on her Facebook page. Irrespective of that she is free to send me statements, comments, news releases, investigative information for posting here on behalf of readers. The single greatest platform Maria had was here on OIB. Maria’s myopia cost her that platform.

        1. Harvey, if you and a few others feel that Maria has something “valueable” as you said then those who support Maria’s viewpoints then you guys should help her get her own podcast with advertisers or if the information is that important I’m sure that the CT Post would glad to share that information. Harvey, maybe you could do a interview with Maria so that we can hear her reason why she has been banned from OIB.

      2. If Maria isn’t free-to-post at will, she’s been BANNED.
        If LG is using subjectivity to determine inclusion, she’s been BANNED.
        If she sent you a request and you haven’t run it, that’s called CENSORSHIP.

    1. Mojo, If you mean me, bizarre, please. I have an opinion like everybody else, Day calls Maria a nasty bitch and I am the bad guy. I had a stern condemnation for Steve but Lennis deemed in ” too comical” to be posted. This is Port politics. Even so, you acknowledge me as “very un-comical @ times & just plain bizarre the rest!” is an honor. That being said it takes one to know one, Mojo the clown. BAM 🙂

      P.S Lennie, you will post a statement for Maria that you find valuable?

      And I am called the bizarre. OK 🙂

  15. Is this entry the closest we will get to factual commentary on City budget FY 2020-21? Time will tell.

    Fiscal Justice in Bridgeport? John Marshall Lee 5-8-2020

    Ever wonder why our City seems so poor?
    Are Flatto and Nkwo best for dollar info?
    Where else can you direct me to go?

    City acts slow when you want to know,
    comparing trends or work indicators proves unthorough.
    Try getting facts from Freedom of Info
    on consultants, city legal and OT for ‘Popo’?
    Oversight of tax dough by Council, not even so-so.

    Who is really in the know?
    Talks developing truth to yo’ and yo’?
    Barnumesque blog on politicos? NO!
    Though big on personality cults and glow.
    Midst taunts and jeers, a real sideshow.

    Masked Mayor goes viral on virus Video.
    No word to folks re lower debt or great cash flow.
    Do school youth show great capacity to grow
    In the ‘second chance’ reign of Mario and Joe?
    Or does it add up to less than ZERO?

  16. To Lennie:
    The single greatest platform in Maria’s past is the Connecticut Post which printed her two recent Op-Eds.
    Her second greatest platform is Bridgeport’s City Council, where her star is still in ascent. Zoom in.
    From time to time OIB might give her some coverage. After all, she’s no longer an observer in politics; she’s a player.

  17. OK let’s please stop with the nonsense and discussion about the “banning” of Maria. The comments regarding that topic are a waste of time. Lennie has explained it, and Maria has told me that she basically banned herself from OIB due to a huge falling out with Lennie. However, Local Eyes hits the nail on the head in stating that Maria‘s greatest platform IS the Connecticut Post and her position on the CC. Like her or not, coalition builder (and mostly not), she calls it like she sees it and does not stay silent as most others on the council. And everyone here knows that she is not beholding to the powers that be. Let’s face the facts that we ALL agree that we don’t like her vitriolic style but she is the ONLY one that has what it takes to expose the goings-on in City Hall. Here’s the other scenario, if she were exposing things and then being nice to everyone, her detractors, especially here on OIB, would probably then complain that she is trying to set herself up for a higher office in the future. It’s a real shame that just because you may not like someone that you wouldn’t stand with them in these type of situations. She’s basically putting herself out there like a martyr and people should stand with her instead of mock her.
    Now go ahead with your Criticisms about my comments. They’re expected.

    1. Rich, what has Maria bought to light for the voters of Bridgeport that’s so important? By the way, who did Maria support for Democrat primary for mayor? Maria was a coward for the that primary, she didn’t show any type of leadership, she picked out and Rich you call that leadership.

  18. *** Lennie consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to list nor read those over-reaction rants from the know-it all political queen of N.P.D.! ***


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