Concert Amphitheater Progressing For 2020 Opening

amphitheater rendering
Rendering of amphitheater.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

There is an L-shaped trench in the outfield, in front of the darkened scoreboard, signaling the start of construction of a 78-foot-high, 100-foot-wide concert stage and swanky backstage quarters for the music stars who will perform there.

The former Harbor Yard baseball stadium under renovation into the new Harbor Yard Amphitheater, a concert venue. CT Post photo by Ned Gerard.

Several months from now, the field will be covered with a specially designed fabric roof to keep away the elements and to help buffer the racket from nearby Interstate 95 and the Metro-North train tracks.

So it took a little imagination to walk the former stadium last week and picture the outdoor concert amphitheater replacing it.

But developer Howard Saffan has been living with that vision for a few years.

“We’re gonna be the talk of the country,” Saffan said Thursday as he lead a Hearst Connecticut Media reporter and photographer on a tour of the site.

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  1. The future is now, right?
    Many artists will be reluctant to sign contracts that put their music in direct conflict with the noise from I-95. The best artists want to make their own noise and highways hinder that.
    Webster Bank Arena artists won’t have that problem. They offer artists four walls of privacy and a honk-free environment twelve months a year. They’re part of the arena alliance sponsored by, Webster Bank Arena’s new management company.

    1. I-95 won’t be heard during a concert at the new amphitheater. That’s bullshit. Have you ever been to a concert? You should be banned from commenting for that ignorance.

      1. When will the honking sound the loudest?
        Answer: during a soft passage of your artist’s favorite song.
        That’s elevated highway where sounds travel the most.
        BEEP, BEEP.

  2. This sounds like a great addition to our city,however,this exchange concerns me a bit……”Under the contract the City Council approved in 2017, Bridgeport and Saffan were to split the estimated $15 million renovation cost. Asked if he has had to sink more than his $7.5 million share into the project, the developer laughed.

    “Let’s say the city cut a really good deal,” Saffan said.”
    Right there Mr Saffan is letting the city know that the project is costing significantly more than the original estimate.And by reading this article,Saffan sounds like the cost my skyrocket,some examples.. Italian marble for the bathrooms,swanky backstage area,a fabric roof that is being made in France that only a “handful of people can fabricate” etc,etc etc.All of these things sound very very expensive,then not to mention everything else needed.$15 million sounds like a drop in the bucket at this point.I have a feeling Saffan is going to come to a point and ask the city to pony up more money,alot more money,using the excuse of unforseen problems with the building when they agreed initially.And anytime a project is delayed a year or so,it’s a warning sign for sure.

  3. And the timeline says 2020 with the Opening Show featuriing Who doing What?
    Maybe the Opening Act will be the City Attorney Office doing humor commenting on Saffan’s send-up of the City deal?
    Who does Project Management from the Mayor’s team of political appointees on this “special deal”? John Gomes is Acting Staff head, Danny Roach is building plane models in Stratford, John Ricci is overseer of Public Facilities AND Senior Department of Aging doings……..Could Steve Auerbach move from parking meters to take on parking lots, too? Can someone share the sunk cost already on the ballpark conversion to outdoor entertainment venue by City (who committed to 50% of $15 Million)? Did the City also commit to $15 Million more for the hockey arena? How about a progress report provided quarterly for all the development stories floated in recent years? Time will tell.

    1. “How about a progress report provided quarterly for all the development stories floated in recent years? Time will tell.”

      John,I think I can answer this one,most of the development announcements were made when Joe thought he could fool the people of Ct into voting for him for governor.None of them will actually happen,for instance,not a peep out of the Mayor’s office about Exact Capital “shockingly”not being able to raise the funds for the Majestic project.Second Ice skating rink??,ya right..But I do anticipate making more announcements over the next few months leading up to November,but they won’t happen either.

  4. I have never said that something will not happen since most politicians have only one way of telling a story……and that is withholding major parts of the story, where risks are present, where all has not been yet designed, much less set in cement, and where others have yet to weigh in with comments that have the power to stop the story dead in its tracks and in such a way that the public cannot “in good conscience” blame the politician for the “late arriving info”.

    Meanwhile the Mayor operates the fiscal shop under the “unintelligible fiscal guidance” of Pizza Man where taxes were raised too high in his first year, where housing values have reduced and forced many to leave with losses at time of sale, and where the Mayor cannot even take a bow in 2016, 2017 and 2018 when FY results went surplus, normally a positive, but in this case, a negative for those paying attention to their property tax burden. Because it showed that there was too much room planned into the initial tax increase. But he was wooing the State voter, and they had less interest in a Ganim “second chance” when they saw him using his old playbook in Bridgeport. All the cards to play. All the money you need.

    Why do you not appear as bright and sparkling as the roadside daffodils along the highways this spring, planned as part of Welcome to Bridgeport in 2019. The floral display was planned, dollars were appropriated, and beds were dug for the predictable spring show. At what expense? Or perhaps this was a gift from a beneficent citizen? Whom do we thank? Or assuming it might be a six figure project paid by taxpayers, why didn’t Ganim2 move such expense funds to EDUCATION?? Kids are growing too!! Some are hanging along city streets as they are not being considered by City Hall for glorious development and City pride the way daffodil bulbs have been. Time will tell.


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