City Needs Resident Assistance Clearing Storm Drains

From public safety spokesman Bill Kaempffer:

Workers with the Water Pollution Control Authority and Public Facilities are out again today clearing snow-covered catch basins.

With above freezing temperatures today and overnight rain, there has been pooling of water on some streets. Temperatures will fall overnight creating the potential for icing.

“Crews currently are out working to clear snow-covered catch basins, and we’re also asking residents, if at all possible and if they can do it safely, to clear storm drains in front of their homes,” said Jorge Garcia, Director of Public Facilities. “It would be an enormous help. We are experiencing some minor roadway flooding with the rain overnight and melting snow.”

The second round of the winter storm is expected to arrive tonight and drop between 4 to 6 inches.

People who observe ponding of water on roadways can call the WPCA at 203-576-7171.



  1. When the city plows the roads properly and does not leave four feet of snow from the curb to the road I will consider it. When they come up into this one-family neighborhood on snow emergency days and take the cars off the street so until then let the WPCA do it.

  2. Uh oh, I can see it now. Finch will create a new job for one of his supporters. “We have hired Joe Tiago’s nephew to head up the drain-clearing division within the city, he comes with a lot of experiance, he has used Drano numerous times. We are lucky he agreed to come aboard! The $92,000 starting salary will come from some difficult cuts elswhere, but we think it will be well worth it, and Tom McCarthy agrees with me.”

  3. Unless it will directly impact my house or property, I’ll pass. With the yearly $200-400$ increase in taxes and WPCA charges, they can surely afford to clear the drains themselves.

    1. I was waiting to see if anyone would note the 35% increase in charges to most homeowners. The WPCA balance sheet and operating performance looks improved. Perhaps they are ready to hire a public-relations spokesperson with their increased funding. Maybe that person will tell us one or more stories of what happens, how fast and the expenses to be endured if you do not meet the increased WPCA charges. Do they give credit to the good people who clear the snow from catch basins? Time will tell.

  4. The city plows just put more snow on top of the seven storms drains in the area of my house. The piles are over five feet tall. Send someone from the city with a front loader to clear these drains because that’s the only way they will get cleared.


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