‘Captain Traffic’ Morgan Kaolian, Aerial Photographer Extraordinaire, Dies

Morgan Kaolian viewed life from the sky, a perspective so few of us know. If you needed a picture from the high heavens he provided it. And now he’s due his proper place in heaven. He died on Sunday. Morgan was 90 years old.

Many OIB readers remember him from his days as the eye in the sky calling in traffic reports on radio station WICC with a lyrical delivery, “We have a rear-ender, fender-bender on the Yankee Doodle Bridge …”

Where’s that? Morgan shared history lessons about bridges including the Yankee Doodle over Norwalk on I-95.

More on Morgan from CT Post reporter Amanda Cuda here.

For years Morgan provided OIB pilot aerials to complement life on the ground.

Some examples:

Pleasure Beach



  1. Morgan was one of a kind, & true Ct. media history & traffic info. icon & will be missed by those who knew of him & his love for flying & helping commuters throughout the many years! *** RIP MORGAN ***

  2. WoW I was sadden to hear of the passing of my friend Morgan. I met him when i served as City Council President which i served on the airport commission. I remember flying around Bridgeport with him and i never forget the cartoon picture in the connecticut post of Morgan and I in a airplane which read Newton co-pilot. RIP My Friend.

  3. As a Bridgeport region resident for more than 50 years you could not miss the special viewpoint Morgan Kaolian presented for public consumption. Listening to his reports on WICC, especially on summer weekends, telling about the crowds enjoying the shoreline as well as the traffic daily that was to be endured, his personality shown through and made most folks feel like they had a personal friend who was talking to them solely. Thank you Morgan for using your talents in your time to benefit all of us. Is there anyone like him on the scene today? Time will tell.

  4. A stalwart guy. He was the one who noticed the Charlie Carroll-ordered,unauthorized bulldozing of the Pleasure Beach Carousel Building
    He had the decency to be outraged.
    Thank you Morgan. You were a warrior!
    Departure of champions like you with your “old school” ethics hopefully will be replaced by a new breed of committed champions who love this place.


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