Business Chief Timpanelli Supports McCarthy, Claims Moore Is Anti-Jobs

The outgoing president of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council Paul Timpanelli writes to his business contacts that “I can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve attempted to seek support for a political candidate outside of my own support. I am making an exception here. I guess it has something to do with my lame-duck status.” Timpanelli urges them to support City Council President Tom McCarthy over incumbent freshman Marilyn Moore whom he describes as “anti-jobs, anti-business, and her ability to grow and listen in the job, I believe, is not present.” Moore and McCarthy are locked in an August 9 Democratic primary in Connecticut’s 22nd District that covers one-third of Bridgeport, a portion of Monroe and all of Trumbull where Timpanelli resides.

Timpanelli pitch letter. He plans on retiring late summer.

Please allow me the opportunity to take off my BRBC president’s hat for a moment.

I am writing to you today as a private citizen thru my private e-mail. But, I retain the same concerns that I possess as BRBC President regarding the state of our state, the absence of a jobs growth environment, and the quality of our representation in Hartford. In addition, I think each of you know of my concern regarding the quality of Bridgeport’s legislative delegation and the historic absence of clout within that delegation which absence plays a measurable part in preventing added progress toward our economic development goals.

Over the last year or so, I have seen real progress being made on that score. Bridgeport’s delegation is more unified than ever, it has made a measurable impact on legislative issues of significance, and there is now real opportunity for Bridgeport’s legislators to soon be in leadership positions. Such a result will have real impact on the economic development agenda of the city.

I am writing to you today to ask you to consider supporting the campaign of Tom McCarthy for the State Senate representing the 22nd District (much of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull, and part of Monroe). Tom is smart. Tom is a good listener. Tom is respected. Tom is a leader. Tom will strengthen Bridgeport’s presence and impact in Hartford and Tom will be very sensitive to the needs of business. His opponent has been exactly the opposite of that. Her record is anti-jobs, anti-business, and her ability to grow and listen in the job, I believe, is not present.

So, in my 28 years at the BRBC, I can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve attempted to seek support for a political candidate outside of my own support.

I am making an exception here. I guess it has something to do with my lame-duck status. But I know it has everything to do with my conclusion about Tom’s candidacy

Your $100.00, $50.00, or $25.00 contribution would mean a lot. If you are so willing, please make the check out to “McCarthy for Senate” and send to me at: 5628 Main Street, Trumbull, CT, 06611.

Thanks for your indulgence.



  1. I for one could care less what Paul Timpanelli thinks. Tom has been a political hack. Tom has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tom received a $35,000 severance package and two years of free healthcare coverage on the taxpayers’ dime. Tom never met a proposal by our former mayor he didn’t like. Tom sat quietly while his colleagues postponed voting on union contracts knowing full well they would then go into effect automatically allowing himself and his cronies to earn substantial retroactive pay raises. Tom is part of the problem, not the solution.

  2. Lame duck status? Retiring in late summer or early fall, did McCarthy really need Mr. T to issue this call at all?

    Has the Senate District been waiting for Paul T. to weigh in and tell us how he feels about Marilyn Moore? Where has Timpanelli been on the severe “conflict of interest” issue this City has suffered from for too many years? If he has approved the situation with City employees serving on the City Council, even though HOME RULE and the Charter would indicate otherwise, has he considered the way Marilyn got the Senate to vote for a change this year, and it appears only one member holding back (Chris Rosario) as a State Representative was enough for the Democrats to ignore the issue in the House.

    Paul, as an experienced administrator and politician, would you like to debate the unfinished business left by Tom McCarthy at the Airport Commission, or perhaps in stepping up to monitor the executive branch spending over the decade where revenues have increased, taxes have increased, labor contract benefits have increased, and budgets have also increased while the City Fund balance has dropped well below budget expectations, City liabilities are greater on the balance sheet than are assets? That indicates a form of “brokenness” McCarthy has never spoken to. McCarthy has caused taxpayer funds to be given away to charities with the assistance of 15 Council persons, an activity that bears no trace of meeting, agenda, minutes, etc. but the money was spent by 55 charities locally who remember the incumbent who presented the check to them.
    Can you support these actions, Paul Timpanelli? Had they happened within your business association would there be questions, research and consequences? Do you really see Tom McCarthy as a Bridgeport poster boy for “good government” for all the citizens? Or is he an individual who received a good education including three years of legal training and access to the Connecticut Bar Association membership, but really was not using those talents in his position (or at least was not sharing the results of that work with his Council associates and the public) and can proudly say today, like Plunkitt of Tamanny Hall: “I seen my opportunities, and I took ’em.” Time will tell.

  3. Paul Timpanelli? What in hell is he doing sticking his nose back into Bridgeport, hasn’t he done enough damage to us during his nonproductive years?

    1. Ron, as a resident and voter in D22 Mr. Timpanelli is entitled to make a statement of support for any candidate. This is NOT sticking his nose into Bridgeport, D22 includes ALL of Trumbull where Mr. Timpanelli lives.

      Whether you like it or not, every Trumbull voter is entitled to an opinion in this race.

      1. You, Paul and anybody else can say what they want but he has led the City down a rat hole chasing casino deals to save Bridgeport. It’s obvious why you don’t want Senator Moore elected and you should think about why.

        1. Ron. Glad you have a crystal ball to know why I don’t want Marilyn Moore to be the senator in my district for another term. Since I haven’t stated my reasons, your conjecture is just that.

      2. What’s that old saying? Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one.
        So Marshall can you please point out Marilyn Moore’s anti-jobs votes so we can be sure to hold Tommy Mac to that same threshold?
        Or are there really no votes to speak of? It is all Timpanelli’s opinion; no facts.

        1. Where did you see me write/say anything about Moore making anti-job votes?
          My point in posting is any resident of D22, which includes the ENTIRE town of Trumbull, is entitled to post an opinion and that is not sticking a nose into Bridgeport.

          You need to get it through your collective heads, despite the name of this blog, D22 is NOT only in Bridgeport.

          I have found Moore to be a nice person, but I want representation by someone who can bring as much as possible back to Trumbull. McCarthy’s actions/interactions within Bridgeport politics are more of a concern to Bpt voters than those in D22 outside of Bpt. If his many connections allow him to better represent us and get a bigger slice of the state pie that’s great. If you don’t want him in Bridgeport government, then the members of his council district are the ones who can not reelect him next time.

          I read many posts here from Bpt residents who are anti-McCarthy, but they don’t live in D22. You don’t see me telling them to get their collective noses out of D22. They are entitled to express whatever opinion they want, but unlike Mr. Timpanelli and myself, they won’t get to vote in the D22 primary.

          1. Marshall Marcus, you stated, “his many connections allow him to better represent us and get a bigger slice of the state pie that’s great,” well with all of that talent please tell us how did he use what you wrote to improve Bridgeport? You had no problem with McCarthy violating the City Charter by having a City-paid job and holding a elective office and you had no problem with the big payout he got for leaving his job. That’s not the type of hell Bridgeport and the State need.

  4. This is exactly what you can expect from Corrupted Tommy Mac.
    A lobbyist with the state of Connecticut soliciting donations because Tommy is having problems raising money. So he reaches out to Paul and asks him to help raise money.
    And then Paul makes unsubstantiated accusations about Marilyn Moore to further help Corruptible Tommy out.
    Folks, do we really need more of the same?
    Now the BRBC owns Tommy.

  5. I guess if Marilyn Moore is forced to choose between pro-business or pro-working class citizens of Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe, she is proud to stand with the working class.
    By inference, Paul Timpanelli is telling us Corruptible Tommy Mac will help out business all the time.
    Hmmm, thanks for the insight, Paul.

  6. Paul,
    Can you give us some of the specific examples of where Tommy Mac is pro-business and Marilyn Moore is anti-jobs?
    I am sure Marilyn would love to share this with the unions when Tommy starts seeking their endorsements.

  7. *** Mr. T’s endorsement for Tommy Mac is priceless, so is his excuse not to support Sen. Moore. We know part of the reason he’s not supporting her is he’s got no type of control over her and “maybe” that she’s black also? ***

  8. By any measure, Paul Timpanelli is “anti-jobs” and “anti-business.” We could probably interpret Paul’s criticism of Marilyn as an endorsement of her for his replacement as BRBC President. Go get ’em Paul! With you pitching for him, Tom McCarthy should start looking for another district, or state, in which to re-launch his flagging political career.

  9. Ron Mackey,
    How convenient to leave the word “IF” out of the quote you lifted from my post. I didn’t say they exist, I said if they exist.

    As for your comments about the Bpt Charter and performance of Mr. McCarthy, expressing an opinion would be sticking my nose in Bridgeport’s business. I live in Trumbull (though I own property and pay taxes to Bpt) and live in D22. My comments about the candidates are ONLY in reference to D22. I stated earlier, if those in Mr. McCarthy’s Council District aren’t happy they are free to elect someone else in the next election. It is none of my business.

    1. So Marshall is suggesting if Tom McCarthy has violated the City Charter it is of no concern to him since it is the Bridgeport charter. If Tom McCarthy acted in a way to personally enrich himself by not warning the council their failure to act would result in a huge raise for Tommy Mac and other highly compensated individual officers of the city, that is of no concern to him because it is the Bridgeport taxpayers who will foot the bill. If Tommy Mac was either incompetent or conflicted between his $100,000-plus job with the city and his role as Council President that he allowed a budget to be passed that included a $20 million deficit, that is no concern to him again because that’s Bridgeport’s problem.
      Corrupted, personally enriching himself, incompetent, those are the qualities the Trumbull Dems are looking for a senator from the 22nd District. As long as it isn’t that black woman from Bridgeport. She cares too much about the people who are really in need and not enough about the BRBC.

      1. Bob, again trying to put words in my mouth. I never used the word ‘concerned.’ I stated these are the business of the voters in his council district and they choose whether he is reelected.

        His supposed conflict of interest involves Bridgeport. You make lots of accusations, I don’t believe any court has tried and convicted him of anything. As for the black woman from Bridgeport, she’s a lovely lady. However, I think Trumbull will receive a greater return from Hartford when represented by McCarthy. As I’ve stated before, your reference to race is meaningless to me. I have a multi-racial immediate family.
        As a Bridgeport taxpayer, its deficit and tax rate is of concern to me, but as a nonresident I have no say.

        1. One warning to all who will vote for State legislative candidates, whether from Trumbull or Bridgeport, the bacon larder has become overextended through the years. Labor contracts with major post-retirement funding requirements have been voted by past legislators and not been effectively funded, locally or at the State level. Some of that will limit money coming to local municipalities.

          McCarthy has shown no appetite or backbone for standing up to the executives in Bridgeport for more than a decade. Instead, he has been their shepherd, guiding his fellow Council members to the shearing of the taxpayers. That is a negative in my mind. Relatively speaking, Moore has left no tracks like that in public.

          Moore upon assuming office has been regular in reaching out within the district to all people. She listens well. She has had a good staff person who is responsive. She knows what she knows as good students do. When she is not sure she says so and does the research. McCarthy is nowhere near as welcoming to others interested in public process. As someone who has been speaking to him often in public for five or more years, he is not serious in answering questions or making a respectful stab at defending communication he does not like. That is a form of disrespect and foolish for someone who wishes to be a long-term pol. He is being served up by the DTC, who make pizza locally, an Irish pie? Why did they ignore Marilyn in such way as she has been a winner for the Democrats, right? When that question is not answered, speculation runs rife. Time will tell.

        2. Marshall Marcus, you stick with the golden boy, Tommy Mac. You have convinced yourself he walks on water for Trumbull, it doesn’t matter his lack of leadership has Bridgeport drowning in 20 million dollars of red ink.

          1. Sorry, Ron. Walking on water isn’t part of my ethnic/religious background. I never said Tom McCarthy is Golden. I said I believe he can bring a larger slice of the state pie to Trumbull. That’s what I want my State Legislator to do. Unfortunately, Trumbull is saddled with three Minority party members of the State legislature who have virtually no ability to bring home the proverbial bacon.

        3. Marshall Marcus, so you have no problem with McCarthy leadership in giving Bridgeport 20 million dollars in red ink? So this is the type of leadership Trumbull and Monroe want?

  10. For my Bridgeport Friends I am for Marilyn Moore for State Senate, the only black woman State Senator. She has been a friend of Seniors and women’s health and Obamacare. She is not anti-job creation. She and the whole Legislative delegation worked better than any previous such group in recent times and brought more good back to our City because they worked as a TEAM FOR THE GOOD OF ALL THE PEOPLE OF BPT. Even Mario Testa contributed to Marilyn’s primary. Yes, also to Tom’s. Tom McCarthy is also my friend and a neighbor too. But he holds an important job for Bridgeport, President of the City Council. I am sorry he chose to run against Senator Marilyn Moore. He knows I will not be supporting him but I will continue to like him as my City Councilman.


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