Bradley Channels Ganim’s HQ, Coviello And Pereira Qualify For Primary Ballot

Bradley flyerUPDATE

: State Senate candidate Dennis Bradley hopes Joe Ganim’s campaign headquarters good fortune rubs off on him. The endorsed Democrat against incumbent Ed Gomes has moved into Ganim’s old headquarters on Hudson Street off Capitol Avenue with an official kickoff this Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

Bradley and Gomes will square off in an August 9 primary in Connecticut’s 23rd District while incumbent State Senator Marilyn Moore will face party-endorsed Tom McCarthy on the same day in the 22nd District.

Charlie Coviello
Charlie Coviello.

Multiple-mayoral candidate Charlie Coviello received word Monday afternoon he secured the sufficient petition signatures to challenge incumbent State Rep. Andre Baker in Connecticut’s 124th State House district that covers the East End and East Side.

“The reaction I received from people was really good when we were out canvassing,” says Coviello. “I’ve been fighting for the district for over 20 years. Andre is not an activist and I am. When I get to Hartford I’m gonna make things happen. I will advocate for sidewalk improvements, fixing the traffic light problem we have, and securing bonding money for the East End. Andre hasn’t done any of that. I know how the system works because I’ve been around longer.”

School board member Maria Pereira also was notified she qualified to primary incumbent State Rep. Charlie Stallworth in the 126th State House District covering the Upper East Side and a portion of the North End. Stallworth, a city minister, is also an appointee of Mayor Joe Ganim. In Pereira, he faces a relentless retail campaigner who will devote full time to the task.

Pereira hq
Maria Pereira at her East Main Street headquarters.

“I’ve received enthusiastic support from those who know me best, the residents of Thomas Hooker School,” wrote Pereira in a statement to OIB. “I was greeted warmly and enthusiastically by many who were 100 percent supportive of my candidacy for state representative. In the last two weeks, only six residents in my neighborhood could accurately identify who our current state representative is, which is very telling. Upward and onward!”

Former City Councilman Tito Ayala had been making noise about challenging incumbent State Rep. Chris Rosario but as of Monday morning had not submitted signatures to elections officials. The deadline to turn in signatures is Tuesday at 4 p.m. State House challengers must secure petition signatures from five percent of registered Democrats in their respective districts.

Gomes and Moore qualified for the primary by virtue of receiving sufficient delegate support at the party convention.



  1. Just a reminder, TOM McCARTHY Fundraiser this Tuesday June 7th at 6 pm. Fire House Pizza 2914 FAIRFIELD AVENUE. See you all tomorrow in Black Rock. McCarthy for Senate 2016.

    1. Food related. Steve’s not sure whether he is associated with the Thomas McCarthy camp (as he cannot point to the type of legislative record a City Council President with legal training should be able to point to, but consistency, when it comes to places to eat is easier for Steve. Here’s a slice of Steve A., served up on June 4 on OIB, but clearly indicative of his “association” with Tom. Is that a new code word?
      “Just a supporter. I neither speak for him nor is he to be held accountable for anything I say. I do not claim to be associated with the Tom McCarthy for Senate. Well that’s not entirely true. See you all Tuesday at Marty’s.”
      Is this a “meet and greet?” Have enough forms been signed to qualify for State funding already or is this “trying to catch up with Marilyn” portion of the campaign? I guess we need Steve to keep us up to date with the McCarthy wave. Time will tell.

      1. JML, Steve is a loser, don’t waste your time with him. To many people have asked Steve what has McCarthy done and all you get back from Steve is silence. Steve is still from Moore kicking Musto’s ass. McCarthy is the next great white hope.

    2. Just for the record, notice I only mentioned Tom McCarthy’s fundraiser and two of Marilyn Moore’s number 1 sycophants trying to direct the conversation.. Just be at Firehouse Pizza on Tuesday at 6 pm and you can ask Tom McCarthy his positions you are interested in. I am hoping for a big turnout. It would be nice to see JML there. Ron Mackey, surprisingly I have never met you. I wasted my time for hours every day at Foster Headquarters after Finch dropped out and I never saw you or Moore there. No surprise there.

      1. Steve, forget race, answer my question, what has he done? Hey Steve, it was you who said Senator Moore wants voters to vote for her because she’s black, those are your words. Steve, what has McCarthy done?

        1. Ron, Ron, Ron. Now you know I am not going to discuss anything with you regarding Marilyn Moore and Thomas McCarthy. It is enough for you to know I am supporting him. There is nothing I could possibly say to you for you to support him. Why bother? He has so much support out there. We all must be idiots. I accept that. So should you. No Moore.

          Congratulations to Hillary Clinton! History was made today.

          1. Steve, what has “the golden boy” done that would have voters vote for him? He must have done something or is he running because he’s the “golden boy?”

          2. Ron, your job will be to walk the city, Trumbull and Monroe to explain what Moore has done and why McCarthy is a bad choice. That’s your challenge. Tell the people why Moore deserves a second term.

    3. Steve, please tell Tom McCarthy to stay out of Black Rock. If he appears at another Black Rock NRZ meeting, someone is going to give him a verbal “dressing down.”

    4. I just may go walk over to Firehouse Pizza and tell Tom McCarthy what a piss-ant he is. I am in the perfect mood for a physical altercation.

  2. There were paid canvassers in my neighborhood on Saturday for Dennis Bradley. They were also out in JFK and Harding. I spoke with one who rang my bell. She walked away, went to a few more doors then got into the vehicle her friend was driving. They must have sat in the car for at least 20 minutes before I finally left to work on signatures. I LOVE when completely uniformed canvassers who cannot answer a single question are out in my neighborhood.

    On a separate note, the first street I visited was littered with Bradley’s literature with his personal notes on them. Apparently I had just missed him. On a lovely and incredibly elegant woman’s door who is 82 years old, he wrote “Hey Lorraine, please vote for me. I need your support.” I just laughed. Just sooo bad.


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