Bridgeport-based Alternate Routes’ Song Featured At Olympics

Cool stuff. Nothing More, the new single from the Bridgeport-based rock band The Alternate Routes, was featured during the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The song was “inspired by the work of our friends at Newtown Kindness,” according to the band’s YouTube site. The Nothing More single was also heard during the December 17th 2013 NCIS episode titled ‘Homesick.’ Alternate Routes is comprised of Bridgeport musicians, vocalist Tim Warren and guitarist Eric Donnelly.

The video is old 8mm home movie footage of Tim’s sister Katie. We hope you enjoy the song and would love it if you made a video of your own footage (new or old) and sync it up with Nothing More to share with friends and share with us.

Check out the song during the Olympics here.



  1. There is a backstory here. Eric is the son of the late Kim and Tim Donnelly, who were savagely murdered in their Fairfield jewelry store.

    Tim is the son-in-law of Diane and Pat Speer. Pat is one of the driving forces of the musical group “Once Removed.”

    It is no surprise when you consider the peace and social justice from whence they come, you can sense the compassion and soulful mercy of these two fine artists and men.

  2. I think it was a wonderful choice for Sochi. At the end of the day, this song represents who we all know we are after the layers of social differences, pride and international political contentions are stripped away. They picked a song that represents an event that broke the whole world’s heart. This choice provides an underlying message of hope for unity and mutual respect in the future. Well chosen, well done, Sochi.


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