Bob Scinto: Let Me Be Your Landlord Podcast

Bob Scinto, a kid from Bridgeport, has a self-made story to tell. He worked for nickels and dimes as a young plumbing assistant. Dyslexic and unable to read he persevered building a regional real estate empire that now boasts 4.2 million square feet of space covering 53 buildings, more than 100 employees headquartered from the R.D. Scinto campus in Shelton.

Let Me Be Your Landlord is Scinto’s launch into the world of podcasts, moderated by John Iannuzzi, news director at Bridgeport-based radio station WPKN, that will appear monthly on all the mainstream platforms such as Apple, Spotify and I Heart.

Iannuzzi owns Park City Productions, a broadcast syndication company.

Each episode will offer listeners a portal into Scinto’s experiences in business, life, and the community that shaped his success and staying power in a crowded and competitive field.

Scinto is also a significant philanthropic supporter of many Bridgeport artistic and social service organizations.



  1. Bridgeport has Dinardo while Shelton has Scinto. This is the reason Bridgeport will not move ahead of the leading Cities and towns. Scinto went soft on Bridgeport politicians. His real position was and still is: Bridgeport is too corrupt for him to seriously consider investing in.


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