Behavior Of City Council Members Returns To Agenda

The give-and-take over sanctioning bad-boy and bad-girl City Council members continues Monday night at 7 when this item is up for immediate consideration:

Resolution presented by Council President Nieves re: Proposed Resolution
approving the City Council President issuing her December 16, 2020 letter to
the City Council Membership to provide clear and timely advance notice that
henceforth improper, inappropriate, disruptive and/or disorderly behavior that
violates the City Charter, Ordinances, Council’s Rules of Order and/or any
other governing legal authority will no longer be tolerated and will be subject
to disciplinary action as appropriate, FOR IMMEDIATE CONSIDERATION.

The genesis of this centers on an ongoing spat between Maria Pereira and several other members of the legislative body. Nieves sees Pereira as a disruptive force who resists common-good diplomacy. Pereira views herself as an army-of-one antidote to the political establishment.

Will there ever be peace in the political ‘Port with this group of personalities? Nope. It’s the best sport in town. And 2021 is a City Council election year.

Full council agenda here.

This meeting will be conducted by teleconference.
The public may listen by calling the following conference line and then entering the conference code:
Dial-In Number: (929) 436-2866
Meeting ID: 381 083 245



  1. If Aidee even spent half the time she does trying to silence Maria,on city issues,we’d all be better off.At this point Aidee is obsessed with trying to keep Maria quiet.No doubt she is following orders from Joe.

  2. this business of trying to silence certain Council members because you don’t like the reflection you see in the mirror those Council members are holding up is so ….. well juvenile. Aidee needs to understand (and remember!) that Council members are elected to serve their constituents, not her and certainly Joe Ganim

    1. Joe hates the fact that he can’t “control” Maria, like he does most of the others on the council, either with patronage jobs,fear of not getting endorsed, etc… Therefore, she must be silenced!!

      1. Harvey, I’m not a Maria Pereira fan but we have one person who we both highly respect as a friend. When Maria is right I’ll say so and when she’s wrong I’ll say that. Council President Nieves and those council members who vote in support of this Resolution are doing what President 45 is doing, they want to take the voice and votes of all of those voters in the 138th district away from them. If they don’t want to hear what Maria does or say then vote her out of office in her district.

        1. Ron, the voters of the 138th obviously wanted Maria as their councilperson,Joe could care less about them, his problem is with Maria,asking questions,keeping track of attendance( or lack there of),and Maria speaking out about things that Joe would like to keep quiet( which would be most things)..It’s really going to get crazy when Aidee becomes acting Mayor soon.

          1. Harvey, Maria’s one vote really means nothing on voting for anything because Maria can’t put a coalition together to passs anything or to block anything. The voters in the 138th have no voice in any votes.

          2. Ron,Joe could care less about her vote,he doesn’t like when she says WHY she is voting in favor of, or Why isn’t she’s voting in favor of something…Joe wants NO discussion,just vote the way you are told..

          3. Harvey, I replied below, Miss Piggy will never be Mayor. She’ll be lucky if she’s reelected to the Council.

  3. Why didn’t Miss Piggy send what she proposes to do now, before she violated the rights and responsibilities of brave councilmembers. She’s a dangerous newbie that should be voted out as Council President the next time around. Maria, Michele, and Michael were victimized by this creature, and I hope the sensible councilmembers see this for what it is.

  4. Agreed Lisa. Besides which I don’t know what she is saying?
    She can do whatever she wants to whomever she wants for whatever reason she decides is appropriate or not.
    Is this for real???

  5. And, what’s does she mean by ” appropriate action?” Does the dumbie think an elected official can be removed? Or maybe she’ll propose they get 6 lashes, or they have to take time out and be relogatedt to sit in the caucus room for the duration of the council meeting? Those that don’t question her foolish actions are complicant
    in encouraging her crazy self.

    1. Lisa,she has to be getting advice from Bpt’s crack legal dept,she’s not coming up with this by herself,she’s just the puppet Joe is using to execute his order.,don’t you think?

  6. Harvey, I hope you know I wouldn’t come down as hard on anyone as I have on her without knowing the skinny on her. (And I don’t mean her body.) Joey G. is in his own little world right now, she’s laughable and he knows it. Tom G., Joe’s aide, is making her feel relevant, he’s a little nothing, but he gets paid big bucks to create distractions. No, I could be wrong, but knowing JoeyG, he’s not interested in bonding with her in anyway. He doesn’t need her, if he wants something passed, he’d go to individual council members and do his own biding.

    1. Bob, this guy was the presient of the police union and he never has anything to ad to the discussion about the police or union contracts, crimes, shooting or anything.


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