Barnum Festival Suspends 2020 Events

News release from Barnum Festival:

The Barnum Festival has suspended all planned events for 2020 as a precaution in the wake of the present virus epidemic, according to Barnum Festival Ringmaster Frank T. Gennarini and Festival President John Vazzano.

“We regret having to take such drastic measures but feel that it’s imperative to help protect the health of Greater Bridgeport community residents,” Gennarini said. “We thank all our volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who have committed so much in the planning of the 2020 Festival.”

Vazzano reaffirmed the commitment to the welfare of the Festival’s audience and noted that Festival leaders will continue to monitor the course of the virus in hope of hosting any of the 2020 roster of events.

“We are in uncharted waters with what is happening,” Vazzano said. “We thank the community for its ongoing support and hope everyone takes the proper precaution to stay healthy.”

To stay aware of all Festival news, visit the Barnum Festival site on Facebook and at The annual Barnum Festival is a seasonal celebration of the City of Bridgeport and its tight-knit community. Dating back to 1948, the festival originated to support local businesses and honor P.T. Barnum–a world-renowned showman and city leader. The Barnum Festival spans several weeks to build community spirit and enrich the lives of Greater Bridgeport residents through family-fun events.



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