Attention Racers, City Launches Speed Hump Program

News release from Mayor Joe Ganim:

Mayor Ganim with the Department of Public Facilities Department announce that the City Council and Bridgeport Police Commission have approved a Speed Hump Pilot Program to collect data on speeding habits and subsequently install speed humps to curb the unsafe travel speeds at various locations reported by City Council members in the City of Bridgeport.

As part of the pilot program, City Engineering has begun to conduct studies at each reported location of concern to reveal any speeding issues or other traffic concerns. The following locations are the first speed studies which proved that vehicles were traveling beyond the posted speed limit. City Engineering with the Department of Public Facilities will install speed humps at:

— Barnum/Waltersville — Waterview Avenue

— Blackham School — Thorme Street and Breton Street

— St. Mary’s by the Sea — Gilman Street Street (Eames Blvd)

These street hump installation will begin on Monday, December 14th 2020. Travelers will be advised of the speed humps with appropriate signage posted a minimum of 200′ in advance of the hump, allowing proper time to slow down if necessary.

Mayor Ganim stated, “Residents have been taking notice of unsafe traveling in their neighborhoods and asking for prevention measures to speeding. There is a process in making this request and I encourage residents to connect with their council representative to make their concerns known to make our streets safer.”

Council President Aidee Nieves, “I want to thank the members of the Public Safety Committee, and particularly Councilwomen Maria Valle and Michelle Lyons, who championed this issue to protect school corridors and pedestrians. We are pleased to see this coming to fruition as a step in the right direction to address irresponsible drivers who endanger themselves and other residents by speeding.”

Residents are advised to express traffic safety concerns and request a speed hump at specific locations by contacting their City Council member or to call Bridgeport Police Department Clerk at 203-581-5121 to document their request.

City Engineering Department will continue to process data and include additional locations for installation of speed humps to enhance public safety as part of this program.



  1. What a crock. Residents are encouraged to contact their City Council member.
    There are no guidelines, no minimum requirements, no maximums, no minimum traffic, no maximum number of speed humps. Just contact your city council member and they will do the rest. What a crock.

    1. Bob,
      I wager that there are more folks in the City who are disturbed at some level by the vehicles operated in wild abandon on public roads often at risk to pedestrians, other vehicular traffic, the riders and drivers themselves in spectacular “in your face” fashion then there are folks who know who their City Council persons are or the opportunity to turn to them for action.
      And if I am correct in this statement, perhaps one good thing will come of this: folks may begin to learn about local representation and remedies for local issues!! Time will tell.

    1. Joe has to have something up his sleeve with this. Look for Vaz construction to Very quietly take over installing these speed bumps after a month or so..Each speed bump will cost $2500 to install then..LOL

  2. really??? contact my city council person?
    AmyMarie is no where to be seen or heard from
    Michelle is too busy opening dog parks and things like that. I’n still waiting on a reply from Michelle about a fireworks display at the North End Little League field on July 4th, 2017. Wait! That’s right! she doesn’t read her City email. And besides, didn’t Aidee make Michelle persona non grata?
    I’m glad I moved from Bridgeport

          1. if you’re so awesome and like to expose imposters, use your real name rather than hiding under a psuedonym….or don’t you care to??

        1. I’m not hiding behind my handle, I’m bragging in front of it.
          I’ve exposed my real name many times.
          I’m an expert on the local scene and have a media empire to prove it.

  3. Ron
    Back when I was on the council I had a constituent complaining about get a flat tire because of something like that.
    Back then they were call pot holes but the concepts the same.

  4. Maybe we should wait and see, we’re due for a break. I know Michelle Lyons and Amy Marie have been on this issue for quite some time. From what I hear Michelle Lyons has her phone attached to her. There’s no way she’s not accessible at any time. It’s unfair to criticize one of the good ones. As to the project, let’s wait and see if it makes a difference.

  5. Parting thoughts, Comrade, it’s not like the city doesn’t have them. I believe there is one by Lake Forest. The issue with them they are like stop signs, just a rolling stop. So when you are dealing with traffic flow and drivers behavior the question is how to effect are them and the location. I say if you paint a large enough road stretch with yellow paint drive will instinctively reduce their speed. If you really want the drive to change their driving habits place a speed camera there with a modest fine. I will say this and I said it my times on OIB. a lot of people are getting hit and killed by cars. SJ

    Bam I am out of here like it the end of school 🙂

  6. P.S On the backdrop of the last post. It’s not jsut if the teachers are teaching, but what they are teaching. I literally was shutdown and escorted off the NCC campus for a speech/presentation in my business communication class on not burning the American Flag, and to prove teh existence of God, scientifically Think about that, let that sink in. 😂

    Who knows maybe it’s the Illuminatis. 🙂

  7. It’s not a coincidence.
    The speed bumps are designed to slowdown New Yorkers moving to Bridgeport.
    To New Yorkers escaping the pandemic, Bridgeport is great. They’re used to high taxes, they know about the twin hospitals (safety is a concern) and stampeding is in their blood!

    1. Are those driving with NY plates even less informed about the meaning of STOP signs than CT drivers? Just saying, after a weekend of driving in Fairfield and New Haven counties along the shoreline. Just an impression. Anyone else? Time will tell.

  8. It will take more than a pilot program to make New York drivers STOP at stop signs. In New York, speed bumps are (sometimes) where guys slow down to meet the ladies.
    In a city that never sleeps, stopping isn’t always easy. A “GO” mentality keeps that city moving. Sometimes, (shrug) It’s not fashionable to stop.


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