Another Chapter In Christina Ayala Telenovela–Accused Of Assaulting Woman In Bar Brawl

Update: includes police report language. From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

State Rep. Christina Ayala is apparently carrying a torch for her ex-boyfriend–the same one police arrested earlier this week for setting Ayala’s car on fire.

Police are now investigating whether Ayala punched the ex’s new girlfriend in a bar fight shortly before the car burning incident.

“This is news to me,” said Ayala, 29. “I’m still dealing with my car being set on fire so I really can’t comment on this now.”

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From the police incident report:

On 09/24/13 at approximately 1840 hours R/O [reporting officer] was dispatched to 160 Rose Street on report of an assault. R/O spoke with Alessandra Reyes whom reported on Monday 09/23/13 she was assaulted by three females. Reyes stated she was at 709 Beechwood Avenue (Ayala’s Bar) with a friend identified as Pedro. Reyes reported at approximately 2330 hours she was at the bar with Pedro when Christina Ayala, her sister Anis Ayala, and an unidentified black female attacked her from behind. Reyes reported all three female parties grabbed her hair and began punching her on top of the head and in the face. R/O observed a cut above Reyes lip which she reported were a result of the assault. Reyes also stated Christina Ayala had been sending her threatening text messages stating, “You’re a Ho” and “Stay in your lane”. R/O observed said text messages on scene. Reyes reported her friend Pedro is Christina Ayala’s ex-boyfriend and she believes that is the reason why the assault took place.

R/O ran Christina Ayala via Channel 2 and learned she lives at 506 Brooks Street, Bpt, CT and is a protected party from a Pedro Rodriguez (12/10/75) Reyes also provided Christina Ayala’s phone number. R/O attempted to contact Ayala however was unable to make contact. R/O advised Reyes and issued her a Service Complaint Form.



  1. This continuous behavior of hers is unacceptable for an elected official. If that were my state rep, I’d be pretty damn disgusted and would be calling for her resignation. As far as the assault on the other woman, I’d bet the farm not one person in her father’s bar will testify on her behalf. The text messages, on the other hand, are incriminating, not to mention vulgar. In all probability, Ms. Ayala may be arrested for assault, and it doesn’t look promising she’ll get off as lightly as she did with the previous charges. The law applies to state representatives just as it does to the average citizen. But for someone elected to put laws into effect, she is ignoring the fact she must also obey them.

  2. Mojo–we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t think her behavior can be attributed to bad luck, it’s simply bad behavior on her part. One can safely assume her credibility amongst her peers in the House of Reps has reached rock bottom.

  3. It is becoming painfully obvious Christina Ayala is dealing with many deep-seated problems. One of those problems seems to come from alcohol. The previous problem started after she left her father’s bar and this most recent incident she was at her fathers bar at 11:30PM. If memory serves isn’t she a single mom? Published text allegedly from her uses language that is not appropriate.
    It’s time for her to resign and start dealing with her problems in a meaningful way.


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