Amann’s Amateur Hour

Why didn’t former House Speaker Jim Amann just take the money and run?

The Bridgeport native, who will announce his candidacy for governor next week at The Klein, got his hand caught in the media mouse trap after announcing he’d accepted a $120,000 job, as OIB reported last week, to tell new House Speaker Chris Donovan what to do. So in the days since the announcement, after being barbecued by a mountain range of articles and editorials statewide, Jammin’ Jim went from $120,000 down to ‘no, it’s really just a part-time $60K-a-year job’ to lying to radio stations that it really was just a job offer that he had contemplated to telling capitol reporters on Tuesday that he would not take the job because he was concerned about how the negative publicity would hurt Donovan.

Can anyone play this game?

Poor Jimmy explained to the media that he’s not a man of money, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, so if that’s the case take the fucking money and drop your guber bid. Instead it was as though he and Donovan got together and whispered let’s see if we can get away with this publicly–$120,000 to run for governor. What was Jimmy gonna do, phone Donovan between early-morning train line appearances? “Yeah Chris, this is how you handle Chris Caruso …”

The state is bleeding, Gov. Rell is trying to squeeze hundreds of millions out of unionized employees (after giving up, gee, a whole day of guber pay, big deal) in concessions and Amann’s off, just two weeks before announcing his campaign for governor, cutting an advisory deal for $120 grand.

I’m sensitive to Amann’s past health issues. He said he needed the health benefits, yet he announced on Tuesday he can now secure health benefits through his wife’s employer.

Well, I have a better idea: take the $120K and don’t run for governor.

Meet The Mayor

Mayor Bill Finch will host his next Mayor’s Night Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the City Hall Annex, 999 Broad Street on the first floor. All residents are welcome, according to the mayor’s office. Stop in and express your concerns.



  1. Congratulations to President Barack Hussein Obama. May his administration endure and effect restoration of stability in all facets of the United States and return our nation to the prestige and prosperity once known. May he be guided by a sense of duty, a sense of honour and a commitment to our nation.

  2. Lennie, I’m curious where can we find out ALL the support positions for the state legislators and salaries paid? If the Speaker can dole out $120K to one individual the rest of the monies paid for staff must be staggering.

    1. I’m down with this one. The price of gasoline is hovering around $1.80 a gallon, unemployment figures are way up (the state is hemorrhaging jobs), forclosures are at an all-time peak, and this careerist political hack can get a job “advising” the speaker of the State House for $120,000.00 a year? Would Mr. Amann have his own staff? An executive assistant earning $48,000.00 annually (the wife or girlfriend of an “associate”)?

  3. The staffers who actually do the work don’t get paid anywhere near what they would get in the private sector. That $120,000K probably cost 3 other staffers to not to have jobs. It will be interesting to see what they do now.

    I couldn’t help but get chills when Obama was speaking yesterday. Even though all indicators show we are in troubled times, I cannot help but feel hopeful. Perhaps people who can finally feel hopeful instead of fearful will give the economy the extra push it needs to turn itself around.

    1. I got a great sense of hope while listening to President Obama’s speech yesterday. After three GOP Presidents (Reagan, Bush, Bush Lite) imposed ideologically driven policies on the country and ruined our nation’s international image (broken, thank God, by eight years of Bill Clinton’s more inclusive philosophies), we truly have entered the twenty-first century. The loftiest goal of the civil rights legislation signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964 has finally been achieved: an African American is now in residence at the White House.

  4. Well said yahooy.

    I got back from Washington late last night. My wife and I attended the pre-inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial, were on the Mall for the inauguration with 2 million of our closest friends and it was a very moving experience.

    At both events I was struck by the joyous hopeful mood of everyone there. For me, a high point came toward the end of Sunday’s concert when Bruce Springsteen and an 89-year-old Pete Seeger led the 400,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial in singing Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.”

    Hopefully, we are at a new beginning and we can put the negativity of the past behind us and come together as one nation. It’s too easy to remain cynical and feed into the divisiveness that has characterized our politics in the recent past. So, for now I am suspending my own cynicism and I am going to remain hopeful that our best days are ahead of us.

  5. That song was written and produced by a fellow by the name of Paul Leka. He was in a Bridgeport based doo-wop group called the Chateaus in the early to mid-60’s.
    He also penned “My Green Tambourine”.

    1. Well if it ain’t Up Yours Bridgeport. I’ll be darned! And you know all about Paul Leka. That’s is simply amazing, a surprise that you know ANYTHING about music with a specific tone center.

  6. Even in these dismal economic times there is at least one thing to celebrate: The Black Rock Art Center is going to be moved out by Bridgeport City Sheriffs in the very very near future. Can’t afford champagne, but for this occasion a bottle of cold duck will be both appropriate and sufficient.

  7. *** #2 late reply questions on inauguration day, blogged @ 12:07 & 12:26/am for OIB’s presidential politics general historian “Joel”. Please refer to yesterdays subjects; You can’t always go downtown & Mayor’s comments on Barack’s day, etc. for questions! ***

  8. Ok Mojo! Welcome to Political Science 101, please throw your chewing gun away. I said throw it away; not stick it under my desk.
    Open your book and turn to page 123.

    Obama is not the 44th President.

    Grover Cleveland (22nd President) took the oath of office on March 4, 1885 ’til March 3, 1889.

    Cleveland was then defeated by Benjamin Harris who then became the 23rd President from 1889 to 1893.

    In 1893, Grover Cleveland defeated Benjamin Harris in the 1893 rematch and if you count him (Cleveland) twice he would be the 24th. President serving from 1893 to 1897.

    There have been only 43 U.S. Presidents (counting Obama). However there have been 44 Presidential Administrations two of which were led by Grover Cleveland. Obama is the 43rd President, presiding over the 44th presidential administration.

    BTW, Grover Cleveland had no college education. Despite having no college education, Cleveland became a Lawyer, Teacher and twice got elected (nonconsecutive terms) President of the United States. Grover Cleveland was a Democrat.

    1. *** Joel you still have not answered the questions?
      Once again, if you knew a woman who had syphillis & was pregnant again. Already had 8-kids, 3 whom were deaf, 2 legally blind & 1 mentally disabled! If asked would you recommend she have an abortion? ***

      *** When the next presidential election comes & if you had the power to pick a candidate to run, which 1 of these 3 would you pick?
      *** 1. Known to associate with crooked politicians & believes in astrology. Had 2 mistresses, chain-smokes & drinks alcohol every day.
      *** 2. Kicked out of small political office twice & sleeps ’til noon. Used opium in college and drinks lots of whiskey @ night!
      *** 3. Decorated war hero and vegetarian. Doesn’t smoke or drink & has not cheated on wife! ***

  9. (Sung to the tune of “Loves Me Like A Rock” by Paul Simon.)

    If I was the President
    and the Congress called my name
    and I’d say WHO do, WHO DO you think you’re fooling?
    I’ve got The Presidential Seal
    I’m up The Presidential Po-dium …

    If you listen carefully, you can almost (wink) hear The President.

    TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS and listen to the whole thing. Total time: 3:44 but the good part starts at 1:49 so FF if you want. The recording is old but Rhymin’ Simon predicts the future 30 years in advance.

    www <–

    BTW, I applied for the DSSD position today.

  10. 1. Joel … give it up about the term numbers. The number goes by terms. If you win twice, than you are the 43rd and 44th president. Get with the program dude. Your common sense is demented.

    2. Mojo, please stop using the #### sign every time you type a number. It is hard to read and distracting from your messages. I still love ya though. Always have, always will.

    Small things … but off my chest just the same.


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