Al Dente Politics, Time For Mario’s Macaroni

Testo’s Restaurant on Madison Avenue is the epicenter of Democratic machinations where pasta and politics combine for one big happy family. Well, sometimes not. Depends on the day. Fight, yell, scream, maneuver, negotiate, break up, smooch and make up, it’s what they do.

Last week Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa (yes, his last name is Testa while restaurant is Testo, A-O!) was on hand for Mayor Joe Ganim’s $40K love-fest reelection haul at Joseph’s Steakhouse.

Next month it’s the chairman’s turn to raise moolah on behalf of the party. This is where he gets to play Santa Claus in the summer for all the Democratic candidates who’ll be endorsed in July. The chairman’s restaurant serves a nice plate of pasta varietals at affordable prices. Sometimes for fundraising events the pasta comes out in family-style bowls.



  1. My guess is the “Chairman’s Circle” requires you be of small, petite stature both physically and mentally in order to join

    Everyone has to get naked, put on an apron, hold hands in a circle while they come together in the center of the circle to dip their “meatballs” in a large pot of homemade pasta sauce.

    Then Mario Testa will serve all the appetizers and entrees at his fundraiser utilizing that very same pasta sauce to all the suckers that attend.

    My guess is some of the Chairman’s Circle will include the following:

    Mario “Tiny” Testo
    Joe Ganim
    Chief AJ Perez
    Nestor Newko
    John Gomes
    Thomas Gaudett
    John Weldon
    Danny Roach

    And plenty of other puppets and sell outs

    1. Maria , I don’t mean to change the subject but I have a few ? that I feel you can answer.
      1- how much more work is going on around Harding. Its surroundings looks so unfinished and half assed.
      2- the open lot on the left before the school,what will become off it.
      3- I saw that there is something going on behind it all,road,parking. Is that additional parking for the fields
      4-i saw the play ground. They have a childs education program? Is it for the kids who have kids and its a daycare?

      1. Haring only received 17 acres from GE. The Construction Manager tried to get 3 additional acres but it was denied.

        2) The empty lot is for outdoor concerts as part of the outdoor theatre.

        3) Not sure about the additional paving. Bob Halstead has taken on the building of a School Garden at the rear of the building behind the concessions stand.

        4) ABCD received a contract to operate our Early Childcare Center which is for BPS students who are parents themselves. This is to ensure students do not dropout and continue their education. Believe it or not, we have a 12 year old student who is also a parent.

  2. Steve A sent me an invitation on FB, I declined.
    It’s no wonder that an administration that won’t adequately fund the public schools issued invitations to “a annual fundraiser” when the correct article is “an.”

      1. Grin,
        My parents were strict grammarians.
        I run a writing laboratory for foreign exchange students. They often question why so many ‘official’ documents are full of errors.

  3. It’s all about power and sport for Mario Testa, not what’s good for the people of the city of Bridgeport. This is good old fashioned American greed at its ugliest.

  4. Everyone that was at Joesph’s last week has to pony up again.I would bet Stevie A will be cough up enough to be part of the “Chairman’s Circle” also.He will also be getting all Joe’s drinks that night,running back and forth from the bar..

    1. Harvey, Steve A will definitely be at the “Chairman’s Circle” I mean where else could he be with as much ass kissing that he does plus he guy Anthony Musto will also look out for Steve, keep those meters running.

    2. Joe doesn’t need Steve to ferry drinks….
      They have Tom McCarthy’s replacement on the City Council as Testo’s resident bartender. He has to do something in exchange for that retail liquor license he finally received…………………..

  5. Let’s include the mayor’s brother in the circle.
    He recently ruled on sending some one for shook treatment and took over the board of the cemetery because he ah could. Right up their with Joe.

  6. Isn’t it understood for those political patronage jobs you will be at ALL FUNDRAISERS if indeed you like that political patronage job and want to keep that political patronage job?


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