60 Minutes Highlights The Stigma Of Unemployment

The WorkPlace is a workforce development program created by the state with several offices including a service provider in downtown Bridgeport at 350 Fairfield Avenue. Part of the organization’s mission is Empowering those who face barriers to employment. And that appears to be the focus of a 60 Minutes profile on Sunday, according to its website:

People unemployed for a long period tell Scott Pelley they have another hurdle to clear besides the dearth of jobs: the fact they haven’t worked in a long time is being used against them by potential employers. Pelley talks to a group of so-called 99ers–the unemployed whose government benefits ceased at 99 weeks–and follows them for five weeks in an innovative program in Connecticut that is putting some 99ers back to work. Pelley’s report will be broadcast on 60 Minutes, Sunday, Feb. 19 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Joe Carbone, president of WorkPlace, is featured in this 60 Minutes clip. Read an interesting story that appeared in the Huffington Report about an employee at WorkPlace here



  1. *** Seems like a great program and finally some positive news coming out of Bpt! *** (OFF TOPIC) Rumor has it the South End NRZ is not legit per the city’s Master Plan rules of NRZ organization. They have no accepted ratified NRZ bylaws (only presumed), and are not a registered 501c. Also some voting members don’t even live in the South End let alone Bpt including their chairman Pastor McCluster. What’s next for the South End NRZ as they try to move closer to the CSI money? *** LET’S MAKE A DEAL ***

  2. Bravo to Joe Carbone and the Workplace! I just saw the segment on 60 Minutes. We have to be very proud of Joe and his sensitivity to those who have run out of their unemployment (the 99ers). The Platform to Employment funded entirely by philanthropic and private funding plus the 2-3 month trial employment with prospective employers has resulted in over 50% of the first class landing full-time employment. Bravo Joe! It is an awful situation but instead of walking away, you are tackling it head on!


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