You Crashing Mario’s Party?

Anyone attending the Democratic Town Committee extravaganza Thursday night at the restaurant of venerable Town Chair Mario Testa?

Ah the food, the wine, the rumors, the gossip, the lies. Should be a whole bunch of it dished out at the DTC fundraiser. City Clerk Fleeta Hudson will be honored for her long service to the party. Bravo Fleeta.

City Councilman Bob Troll Walsh tells me he’s attending with his woman Judith. Troll, are you sure you want to subject Judith to that crowd? Just tell her it’s a prelude to the Barnum Festival parade.

Maybe we’ll hear a little more about candidates for the Board of Education, or possibly a few more primaries for City Council. So far that point of interest centers on the Upper East Side team of Andy Fardy and Ann Barney taking on incumbent Bob (Bridgeport Port Authority slayer) Curwen and running mate Kevin Monks in the 138th District. But, wait, could incumbent Rich Paoletto reverse himself to seek reelection?

Rich was out because of some restrictions regarding his HUD-funded city position, but maybe HUD may relax the regulations? If so, Rich may be back in. Whatever, that primary will be a good one.

Now Joel Speedy Gonzalez dropped some news in the prior post about Isa Mujahid running a primary in the 135th Council District, State Rep. Chris Caruso’s old council territory, occupied by Warren Blunt and Richard Bonney.

Who’s Isa Mujahid? I don’t know Isa, but according to the city’s website Isa works for the Health Department’s lead poisoning prevention program as an epidemiological investigator.

Hey, that’s what we need, someone on the council to keep contagious diseases at bay. Well, Isa, if you’re out there, let us know your plans.



  1. *** You can be sure that most of the wannabe, new & old politicians, OIB bloggers & past & present city employees that are critical of Mario will be there jockeying for positions and attempting to get whatever they can get free, will be there! *** Pre-Nominations Summer Masquerade ***

  2. The soirée at Don Mario the Kingmaker’s famous Testo’s Restaurant is sure to draw a crowd of “the wannabe, new & old politicians … past & present city employees that are critical of Mario” … In other words, the same bunch of second-string benchwarmers that didn’t make the final cut (and don’t have a rat’s ass of a chance of ever doing so). It’s shameful and disgusting to see mature adults grovelling and kissing ass. Is a $9,000.00 annual stipend or a city job really worth all of that self-effacement; is it really worth shamelessly sucking upward toward the self-appointed one’s colon?

  3. Thanks for the tips Mojo. We will be stopping in Salt Lake on our way back from the coast then up to Yellowstone.

    As to coded messages … there are none. It just seemed like getting caught up in the quagmire of Bridgeport even potentially good leaders fall victim to a deeply entrenched system. To be honest I asked Finch for my job back months ago prior to hiring lobbyist, my friend told me no. So this whole BPA thing has me amused and is an instance where I was ‘right’ again. That’s a message for someone who says they don’t read the blog. Anyway I don’t code things I would say straight out.

  4. So MCAT,
    Should I take your last post as saying there is no acceptable explanation as to what went wrong with our lobbyist and the Port Authority short of them saying that the proposed language was brought to Finch’s attention and he did not have a problem with it? Otherwise they were acting in an unacceptable conflict by having two clients so intrinsically entwined?

  5. Bob can you accurately state the administration’s position on the PA? The Economic Development Chief Eversley attended meetings and expounded on the reasons for keeping the PA. I have never seen a clear report on what Finch’s true feelings are on the subject.

  6. Sorry TC, no can do but I wish I knew. I had heard that Eversley was going to speak at the public hearing in support of the PA. He was there and chose not to speak.
    The City Attorney and his staff were very non-committal in the caucus. Although they were cautious in their comments there were no flat-out recommendations that the council not take this action. And they did provide more info that simply raised more questions about how far amok the PA had run.
    Adam Wood assured me Monday night after the vote that the mayor would sign off on whatever action the council took as soon as the papers hit his desk but that hasn’t been the case.
    Council President McCarthy has not returned either call that I placed to him today.
    However, I just spoke with someone else and they told me that the mayor continues to sit on the paperwork not sure what to do.
    In business we refer to someone who can not or will not make a decision as a former colleague, in Bridgeport it is Mr. Mayor.

  7. Finch serves up Cream Puffs.

    Bill was serving up Cream Puffs at Seaside Park parading out his “Staycation” message. While he was blowing the whistle and his horn rightfully about Bridgeport’s attractions, he missed out on one of our potential biggest vistor economic engines. It’s called SEASIDE PARK.

    Of course why would you want to hype Seaside, Beardsely Park, and St. Mary’s? He probably doesn’t want everyone to know that the Parks Dept. hiked up their fee schedule. Let’s penalize some more people who would like to come to Bridgeport, aka The Park City.

    While I’m at it here’s an economic development suggestion to perhaps Wake Up Little Donny Eversley.

    The city has approximately 13,000 square feet available in the annex. This is the space that MACH was going to lease to the city for about sixteen cents a sq. ft.

    Take that space and convert into a small-business incubator. Provide a pod style set-up with a desk, wireless internet linked to printers at 10¢ a copy. Charge a usage fee of one hundred dollars a month per desk.
    Desks and accompanying set-ups could be donated by local companies. Bill’s good friend Mike Bloomberg did this in the downturn of financial services employees. Potential result for city would be perhaps as many as 100 people utilizing the pod concept, spending their money downtown and hopefully further developing expanded office space in Bridgeport.

    1. Hey Up, are you talking about the large space on the first floor of the Annex, aka the blue room? There was talk about moving the BOE admin in there. They were going to subdivide the space into cubicles. Would be a tight fit but it could be done. Then they need to charge BOE rent per square foot + parking fees.

  8. Hello all! My name is Isa Mujahid. It’s true, I am challenging the incumbent city council members of the 135th district, Warren Blunt and Richard Bonney. I would love to meet you all in person. I am having a fund-raiser of my own on July 10, 2009. It will be held at the brand new Amici Miei Cafe, 957 Main Street, (downtown) Bridgeport. The tickets are $20 and the event will be held from 4-7p. You can purchase tickets at Amici Miei Cafe, Rainey Faye Book Store, United Roots or by contacting me at Hope to see you there. Thank you.

    1. Change? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

      You musta taken that one out of Chris Caruso’s playbook: a dusty half-crooked political DTC party-boy hack turned advocate for “change.” Riiight …

      Don’t make me puke up my cacciatore!!!

  9. *** Isa, beware of many smiling faces the evening of your fundraiser! And for God’s sake do not, I repeat, do not turn your back on strangers! Oh, and don’t get too wrapped up in answering many personal or political questions, just keep them guessing & be yourself! Good Luck! ***


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