WordPress “Brute Force Attack”

Some of our commenting community may have noticed they were not able to log in earlier today.

It’s not anything we’re doing. There’s a widespread attack against all WordPress installations worldwide trying to log into admin accounts, thereby making it nearly impossible for anyone to log in. I was just able to log in after trying all day myself.

Although this problem doesn’t affect readers, comments (and posts until Lennie can get in) may be a little sparse for a couple days.

So to our loyal commenters, keep trying from time to time and you should eventually be able to log in.




  1. Ray, hackers have been trying to bring OIB down for years now. When they do, I hope they take Lennie’s picture and make him look like the North Korean leader after they hacked his twitter account.

  2. *** Local state and city pols would be very happy if OIB folded up and went away, leaving them to make up many more fairy tales concerning city government in the dark, no? *** GOD HELP US! ***


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