Wood Praises Charlie Carroll As One Of City’s Best

Mayor Finch’s Chief of Staff Adam Wood salutes the work of Charlie Carroll who will resume the duties of the full-time director of Parks after performing both roles of parks and Public Facilities chief for five years. Letter to editor from Wood.

I am writing today to make the record clear: Charles Carroll is one of the best public facilities directors the city has had. To suggest otherwise is to tarnish a sterling record. Charlie has taken on two very demanding jobs for the past five years, and has served the city and its residents as one of the best public facilities directors in the city’s history. He has overseen both Public Works and the Parks Department during an unprecedented period of change and growth.

During the past five years at the direction of Mayor Finch, Charlie has guided the city’s municipal consolidation effort, maneuvered manpower and machinery through severe weather events, including a damaging tornado, two massive tropical storms, the winter of 2010-2011 with its back-to-back snowstorms and this past winter, and municipal construction efforts for schools, parks and monuments.

The transition back to full-time director of parks and recreation will allow him to focus on the implementation phase of the recently completed comprehensive parks master plan. Destined to be a hallmark of the Finch administration, the parks master plan seeks to create parks and green spaces within a 15-minute walk of every city resident. Rolling out the plan will be a massive undertaking, one which requires the full attention of the director to ensure that the projects stay on time and on budget.

Mayor Finch is looking forward to opening new parks, green spaces, splash pads and playing fields in neighborhoods across the city to better serve our residents. The city will not be able to achieve these goals without a parks director like Charles Carroll at the helm guiding the process and making the community’s parks master plan a reality. It is an honor and privilege to work with someone of Charlie’s stature to accomplish these goals for the residents of our city.



  1. Why did Wood put out this piece of fluff? Was he responsible for Carroll’s demise? As a past Vice President of the park board I have to wonder if the job description for parks director has been shelved. I know a degree in related field of land management and such is required. Mr. Carroll was able to do both jobs as public facilities director and it included new parks an water slides. This is just so much bullshit. Wood’s letter was a letter from a man with a guilty conscience.

    1. yahooy AUERBACH? As far as the letter goes, I thought it was a very respectable letter. Personally, this nonstop negative BULLSHIT is a bit much. I do not know Adam Wood personally but apparently he does his job well. As for Charlie Carroll, I do not know him either. Maybe I have met him in the past but I certainly will not judge him on this past snowstorm. How nice to be the first city employee to receive a letter to the editor of praise from the second in command. I am certain Mr. Carroll’s family and friends are proud. Too bad so few have anything positive to say. I am so happy I do not aspire to be part of the miserable, negative, anti anything the Finch administration puts forth. So Mr. yahooy, Auerbach has offered his 2 cents for what it is worth. I have never been formally introduced to Adam Wood but I have met his wife at Tiago’s Restaurant. He cannot possibly be as harsh as you all make him out to be. The average Bridgeporter has no idea who Adam Wood is and I think he prefers it that way. He is what I would call a kingmaker. As for Charlie Carroll, well enjoy your pat on the back. Last week from Fabrizi and today from the Mayor’s right-hand man. Life is good.

      1. Steve,
        I was startled by your comments about Adam Wood, “He is what I would call a kingmaker.” Actually, his formal title in this year’s edition of the proposed general fund budget is Chief of Staff – Mayor’s office with compensation for the position of $131,115 annually just under the Mayor’s reported compensation of $132,459. What are the duties of a ‘kingmaker’ in the 21st Century? Is it a position covered in high school civics discussions these days? Does he advise the Mayor to ignore Charter language? Since the Mayor’s office lists implementation of long-term financial goals first, what does his work include in this regard? How does our financial reporting on paper receive an award for transparency when there are errors each year, when old info is used and when the work is not that of many hands primarily reporting on their work? You worked on the campaign last year I think to retain voting rights for the common folk like me and other taxpayers, didn’t you? The kingmaker clearly was working against your NO vote. Aren’t you the least bit interested in how OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT he is in his daily duties? Or is the work of a Chief of Staff more like a sausage maker, which is better unobserved? Time will tell.

        1. How sad you are. The disaster caused by the blizzard is totally Carroll’s fault. He is not equipped to meet challenges of that magnitude. He wanted perks for his support and he got them. No one ever considered if he could actually do the work. This city would be better off if Carroll and Wood worked somewhere else.

        2. JML: In politics I believe the kingmaker’s job is simply to get Mayor Finch reelected. If he does anything else that would be icing on the cake. This is politics. Wood serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. The Mayor is where he is because of the astute politics he enjoys. Now let’s be fair. I commended Adam Wood for his letter to the editor. That was pretty much all I had to say. His political ability speaks for itself. If I were running for Mayor I suppose I would want Adam WOOD in my corner. That is if my goal was being elected. JML, I would equally want your support because of your knowledge of budgets. Surely you know the fabric of a successful administration has both brain and brain. Politics certainly does make strange bedfellows.

      2. Steve, please get your head out of your ass. Adam Wood is one nasty individual who has gone after many career employees who did not like what was going on. Here is one for you, take the rose-colored glasses off. Carroll was told if he makes too much noise his wife may not have a job. To that end she is going to be transferred from Nunn’s assistant to another lesser position. Don’t be surprised if funding for the park director’s job is removed from the budget. If I were related to Carroll and read that letter I would call Wood and tell him to stick the letter where the sun don’t shine. Steve, are you really this naive?

        1. Apparently, yes. I generally do not judge individuals, especially if I am not the target of their attacks. Andy, how can Finch cut any jobs if you are hoping the status quo remains intact? This is politics. If another individual became Mayor, wouldn’t their first act be to go after as many “career” employees to make way for their own crew? I am many things, naive is not one of them. I am neither going to sing Carroll’s praises nor do a character assassination. I simply said Adam Wood’s letter was respectful. I believe the snowstorm was partly an act of G-d and do not think the crucifixion of Charlie Carroll is necessary. As chief of staff WOOD HAS to make decisions. Sometimes people’s lives are affected. I would like to hear personal horror stories on WOOD. I want someone to come forward with a real story. All I know about Adam WOOD is he worked with Jason Bartlett on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It seems to me Adam Wood is a person who Finch is lucky to have in his corner. It may not guarantee him another term but it is most likely. I am not naive just fair and passing judgement on others is not my forte. I’ll leave that to the Catholic Church.

          1. Wood is the mayor’s stooge, who will make all the decisions for the mayor.
            When I was up for re-appointment I requested a meeting with mayor Finch, and who was at the table!? Wood, sitting with a stern face and arms crossed.
            When I had made this same request with previous Mayors, at least three of them, it was a private meeting.
            Wood and I never saw eye-to-eye on projects and such, so I was not his favorite person. Needless to say I never got the reappointment.
            Wood is not to be trusted. He is two-faced and I do not trust his decisions, he owes many contributors too many favors, thus the mess this city is in.
            Enough is enough.

          2. Steve, you really don’t have a clue. You may want to play devil’s advocate but at least get your story straight. A new administration does not take control and start firing career employees, that is except the Finch administration. The new administrations come in and get rid of the appointees from the previous administration.
            You state you met Mrs. Wood at Tiago’s and she was a nice lady so therefore Wood is a nice guy. BTW Steve do you like hanging out at the bar Finch and crew visit? Wood worked on Hillary’s campaign BFD, he is still a jerk. Steve, stop embarrassing yourself with these ass-kissing posts.

        1. Andy, I am not embarrassing myself. Number one, it has been a long time since I hung out at a bar. Not much of a drinker here. Number 2, Tiago’s is a very nice place as well as his other restaurant-bar. I support downtown eateries. Number 3, when I am there with my friends the last thing I do is schmooze with politicians because I go there to eat. Now Andy, as far as my kiss-ass comments, let me be perfectly clear. Not supporting Bill Finch in the past election was not a personal vendetta against Finch. It was a belief that Mary-Jane Foster could breathe new life into the City. I was not one of the anti-Finch people who worked on a campaign because of their personal disdain for the Finch admin. When Foster lost I made it clear Finch was the choice. The election is over and I will support the administration until there is a new election and I have also made it clear there is so far no other alternative. Finch is finally getting this city moving and that is my number 1 interest. I am proud to live in this city and do not spend my energy knocking it. The man I voted for is Mayor. When I have a reason to do a character assassination I will think twice before doing it. I have done it many times to individuals with later regrets because I am a passionate person. I have toned down my rhetoric. I have no problem with the assaults being hurled at me. I accept we see life through different eyes. I am many things but sycophant is not one of my attributes. This all started with a compliment to Adam Wood for his compliment to Charlie Carroll. Most people do not know or care about the politics behind the letter. But Carroll knows even if the letter were not sincere it is just politics, he is seasoned and well aware and he and his wife have known the game for a long time. If they are unhappy–Move on! It is what happens in the real world. I am at this moment in a classroom at Bassick looking at Grimaldi’s book “Only in Bridgeport.” Stop draining me. Has everyone heard the city has been recognized as the top city in Connecticut for tree plantings in support for Arbor day?

  2. anna,
    Rather than agree or disagree with you, perhaps we can have a conversation on this subject? I offer two questions to you based on your note: “Charlie Carroll is an outstanding public servant.”
    Question 1 – Will you please provide your definition of “public servant” and then provide facts that support your “outstanding” opinion?
    Question 2 – How might you rank other members of the Finch cabinet of department heads and key advisers in terms of their meeting your appraisal of public servanthood? #1 is best, and so on … Time will tell.

    1. Joel,
      It is disappointing to see “public servants” in potential trouble for failure to do the work that is entrusted to them and for which they receive compensation. The “Charlie” in question regarding activity that may or may not have occurred as was expected, had City duties to be completed in 2012. He was one of two Republicans appointed to the Charter Reform group. In the meetings I attended he objected to having meetings run longer as they might if the public had limited options at each meeting to speak, be heard, and receive a response. As a matter of fact he liked short meetings, period. With the number of changes that might be considered for Charter reform, participating in brief meetings as a high personal priority might have eliminated him from consideration. Or maybe he should be appointed to the City Council where the consent calendar guarantees early adjournment. Time will tell.

  3. Wood must have crawled out of Carroll’s buttocks long enough to write that. Please shower Adam, and destroy your clothing.
    A few old-time workers told a story that Carroll’s own brother punched him over his lack of work.

  4. I’d have posted earlier but I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t pinpoint what’s funniest about that letter but it is seriously funny. Adam Wood, nice guy? Says something kind, makes a generous gesture? Charlie Carroll not a fall guy for Finch? Qualified (per the job description) for Parks Director? Parks a hallmark, a legacy of the legendary Finch administration? Oh spare me, I have got to read it again. Too funny.

  5. Steven, STFU already! You don’t need to asswipe every member of the Finch administration whether you know him/her or not. Adam Wood is a nasty, spiteful, vindictive little man who has destroyed the city government and ruined people’s lives. Steve, you do not know Adam so you need to shut the _uck up.

    Andy has the story right. Finch needed a scapegoat for the blizzard mess-up so he used Charlie. Was Charlie ultimately responsible? Yes he was. Were there others in PF and the EOC who could have/should have done things differently? Yes there were. Wood and Nunn agreed to blame Charlie and punish him through a demotion. They want to promote Rosa Correa’s nephew anyway. BTW, the nephew is definitely not the “best and brightest.” He is a former school custodian who couldn’t even read the map of plow routes. An outside contractor told me he never saw such amateurs in his life.

    So Nunn and Wood plotted to demote Charlie and promote the nephew. Charlie objected and he was told to shut up or risk discipline and oh, BTW, his wife would be demoted too.

    Charlie tells brothers Pete and Frankie and they are pissed. Finch needs to make amends as he needs the support of the Building Trades Union so he puts a bullshit public apology in the CT Post. Did the Carrolls believe the apology? Of course not but it helped Charlie save face.

    I hope we don’t get any snow next year when the nephew custodian is in charge.

    1. MY MY MY … Fixer, are you the anonymous spokesperson for the Carroll family? Maybe Charlie and his wife are in fact incompetent as many on this blog believe. If that is the case, Adam Wood should be commended for taking the time to write a nice letter to the editor. Either way Fixer, telling me to shut the **** up just makes me want to provoke you further. Maybe you are in fact Charlie Carroll. Maybe his brother? Either way you give Mr. Carroll way too much political capital assuming he delivers the votes for the building trade unions. Until this blog becomes fair and balanced I will continue to play devil’s advocate. It is my favorite pastime. As for Rosa Correa’s nephew. I cannot imagine why anyone in the administration would feel obligated to upset the apple cart for him or her. I adore Rosa but let’s get real.

      1. Color me confused, but isn’t Rosa Correa a Republican?
        Maybe Carroll wasn’t to blame during the blizzard, as has been much of his career he has been impossible to find during working hours.

        1. Rosa is a Republican and also a very sweet person. She is also one of the most self-serving sycophants I have ever met. Good for her. She has also served in the department of housing under Fabrizi and a supporter of Finch. If she was a Republican she did what she had to do to take care of her business. She worked as an aide to Mayor Moran and also for Chris Shays. She used to make people believe she delivered the Spanish vote. lololololololololol

      2. Steve, first off you are showing how naive you are. The Carrolls deliver BIG bucks to the Finch campaign just like they did for other mayors. They also deliver workers on election day, thye also do mailings for the candidate they support. Just because there is a lot of negativity towards Finch does not mean this blog is biased. I will speak for myself, everything I post concerning this administration is the truth, many of the things I post are from internal resources. Steve, you can’t make this shit up.

          1. A debate is an interaction between two intellectuals creating an analytical dialogue on a given topic of interest. Your ass-kissing diatribes offer him little challenge.

        1. yahooy, it is always a pleasure having a condescending comment from a mental midget such as yourself. I was responding to Andy Fardy. You need to learn the difference between respect and obsequious diatribes. Apparently, a person is a sycophant if they do not share your view. Thank G-d alter boy I am not looking to impress you.

  6. *** Wood’s way of saving face for being a city government kool-aid drinking “axe man,” no? Mr. Carroll can handle the hit and then some from this admin, which is lucky to have him! When you stop and compare some of the other Finch administration’s supervisors to Carroll it’s like a Army private to a First Sergeant! *** FALL IN! ***

  7. Where’s the independent investigation? If you don’t learn from your mistakes you’re bound to repeat them. Firing Charlie from PF doesn’t fix the problem.

  8. Here’s the skinny on Rosa. When Finch took office, he was having major problems with the Civil Service Director, Ralph Jacobs who refused to be a rubber stamp for Finch. There was a Republican vacancy on the civil service commission and Finch appointed Rosa Correa and asked her to get rid of Jacobs. Rosa made it her personal mission and with the help of the City Attorney’s Office eventually removed Jacobs and had the police escort him from the building. Jacobs hired an attorney (Tom Bucci) and successfully sued for over 1/4 million dollars. I believe the story was on OIB. After that Finch hired David Dunn as Director of Civil Service and the commission has become a rubber stamp similar to the city council. Full control is what it’s all about. That’s why Finch likes Rosa.

  9. With all due respect, what credentials does Adam Wood have to evaluate an executive with significant line operating responsibilities? Has he ever been one in the real world?

    1. Adam Wood has no credentials at all. He is drunk with power and Finch allows him free reign. It is an unbelievable situation. I have been involved in Bridgeport city government and yes the DTC, for many years and I have never seen anything like this administration. No one has. Many of us agree with you, Mr. Walker, yet we cannot speak up for fear of retaliation. We are glad you are here and we hope you will continue to press the issues.

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