With Primary On Horizon, Herbst Rolls Out Law-And-Order Agenda

Pushing a law-and-order agenda less than three weeks from a five-candidate Republican primary, former Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst rolled out a six-point plan on Thursday that includes eliminating Governor Dan Malloy’s early prison release program, restoring the death penalty and cracking down on sanctuary cities. See full plan here.

Herbst is appealing to a core conservative bloc against party-endorsed Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Steve Obsitnik, David Stemerman and Bob Stefanowski. Ultra conservatives tend to vote in higher percentage numbers in primaries. The larger question is how that voting bloc will split among five candidates. Herbst’s strategic path relies on the lion’s share of conservatives while the other four carve up the moderate GOP primary vote. If Herbst emerges from the August 14 primary he then must pivot back to the middle to appeal to the unaffiliated voters who sway statewide elections.

News release from Herbst:

Governor Malloy has used the cover provided by a nationwide trend of decreasing crime to weaken Connecticut’s support for law enforcement, pursue unproven and dangerous prison policies that release criminals from jail early, shelter criminal illegal aliens from federal law enforcement, eliminate capital punishment and much more.

FBI statistics and national rankings from groups like Neighborhood Scout consistently find Connecticut’s cities to be among the most dangerous in the nation.

The criminal justice system itself is in tatters under the failed leadership of the current Democratic administration. In the latter half of 2017 and the first half of 2018 alone, an inmate escaped from the maximum security prison in Somers; a convicted felon, released from prison early under Malloy’s early release program, drove his car through the front of Middlesex Hospital and tried to light himself on fire and another violent offender who was released early engaged in a shootout with police in Hamden. These incidents are in addition to crimes and tragedies we know have been perpetuated by felons deemed safe to release early from prison by this administration, including the murder of a convenience store owner in Meriden by Frankie ‘the Razor’ Resto and the murder of a 14-month-old toddler in Bristol by Arthur Hapgood.

Experimental liberal criminal justice policies, like the governor’s early prison release program, and blatant disregard for the law have made Connecticut a safe haven for violent offenders and criminal illegal aliens who are sheltered in unlawful sanctuary cities. Malloy’s soft-on-crime approach included the elimination of capital punishment, which took away state’s attorneys’ ability to plead down capital murder cases when the threat of the death penalty was taken off the table.

As an executive leader on the local level, I saw firsthand the incredible sacrifice made by our men and women in blue to protect our communities. The lack of support for law enforcement shown by this governor will be reversed on day one of the Herbst administration. As governor, I will never waver in my dedication to our law enforcement community.

The mission of this task force is to discuss, consider and propose policy recommendations and principles to fix Connecticut’s broken criminal justice system, stand up for our law enforcement community and ensure public safety is top of mind for our next governor. To that end, we have brought together leaders with varying perspectives from every level of the criminal justice system and assembled a detailed plan to protect families in our communities, support law enforcement and restore law and order to Connecticut.

Each of the members of this task force provided critical insight and valuable proposals to fix the decaying condition of law and order under this governor. I am filled with optimism that, with the help of thoughtful and dedicated leaders like these, we can restore the safety, respect and hope provided by law and order that is so crucial to restoring prosperity in our state.

We are a nation of laws, and Connecticut will be returned to a state of laws under my leadership.

The six-points of this plan include:
Supporting Law Enforcement.
Bringing a New Vision and Greater Accountability to the Leadership of the Prison System.
Eliminating Gov. Malloy’s Early Prison Release Program.
Restoring Capital Punishment.
Cracking Down on Sanctuary Cities,
And Getting Tough on Drug Traffickers.

I’ll give a very brief overview of each.

Supporting Law Enforcement

I will ensure the state and local police get the funding and resources needed to provide adequate public safety.
I will oppose and counter efforts by politicians or radical activists to vilify law enforcement officials.
And I will support our state’s attorneys through tough law and order policies and legislation to be used as a crime fighting tool. For instance, increasing the mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes and rescinding Gov. Malloy’s Bail Reform act.

Bringing a New Vision and Greater Accountability to the Leadership of the Prison System

I will make critical changes to the management of the criminal justice system in Connecticut to enhance public safety, including:
Implementing a complete overhaul of the Department of Corrections’ responsibility statement and procedures connected to prisoner release and reentry of violent offenders into our communities.
Conducting a thorough audit of all correctional programs.
And de-politicizing the state’s criminal justice management by consolidating the leadership structure of the criminal justice system and appointing true professionals, not political cronies.

Eliminating Gov. Malloy’s Early Prison Release Program

I am prepared to eliminate the Risk Reduction Earned Credit program (RREC) that releases prisoners back into our communities without completing their prison sentence. There are existing legislative proposals to eliminate the program that warrant serious consideration.

To give a glimpse of the danger this program poses to our communities: During the first six years and four months (76 months) since the inception of the “Risk Reduction” earned credits program, the following statistics apply based on Department of Corrections data obtained by a FOIA request:

Of the group of prisoners discharged early from prison with risk reduction credits during the 72 months after its inception, the following serious crimes were committed resulting in “readmission” to Connecticut prisons once again:
119 murders
154 rapes
24 acts of arson
1,916 assaults
1,988 acts of burglary or robbery
63 kidnappings
1,542 drug related crimes
The program simply does contribute to greater crime and less safe communities – and I will shut it down as governor.

Restoring Capital Punishment

I will seek the reinstatement of the death penalty in Connecticut. If you murder a law enforcement officer or commit heinous and evil crimes, the death penalty should be on the table.

I will also limit the appeals process and habeas corpus petitions in order to expedite the capital punishment process and save taxpayer money.

Cracking Down on Sanctuary Cities

I will have zero tolerance for radical sanctuary city policies that undermine the rule of law and put communities at risk. I’ve made it clear that providing a safe haven and allowing illegal immigrants to live in our state violates federal immigration laws, creates an unsafe community and undermines the rule of law.
I will rescind Gov. Malloy’s directive to local law enforcement that states do not have to enforce federal immigration law.
I will withhold state funding from municipalities or state universities that refuse to follow the law.
I will work with law enforcement leaders to establish a standard procedure for checking immigration status for suspects who have been arrested and are going through a law enforcement booking process.

Getting Tough on Drug Traffickers

I will take an aggressive approach, working closely with law enforcement leaders and prosecutors to crack down on drug dealers who profit from the tragedy of the opioid epidemic and who are the primary drivers of crime in our communities.
I will give the state’s attorneys the resources and funding needed to prosecute drug trafficking cases and stop the decriminalization of drug crimes by liberal activists.
I will seek to increase the penalty and mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking charges without judicial departure from the sentence.

Closing Remarks:

I’d like to close by addressing why I chose Norwich as the location for this press conference.

The Second Congressional District, here we are now, is home to nearly 60 percent (8 of 14) of the state’s correctional facilities.

Cities in eastern Connecticut like Norwich and New London offer some of greatest opportunities to revitalize our state and attract and retain young people and exciting companies. They are blessed with tremendous assets, architecture, history and location.

But the perceived and real presence of crime remains a serious deterrent to these cities living up to their full potential. To restore prosperity to our state, we can’t only look at economic policy, we must elect a governor who will fight on every front to revitalize Connecticut.

The nationwide trend of decreasing crime is not an excuse for radical activists or failed leaders like Dan Malloy to tinker with and experiment with the safety of our communities.

With radical left-wing attempts to vilify immigration officials now in full swing, Connecticut, more than ever, needs a governor who will never compromise on standing by our law enforcement officials–local, state and federal–upholding the law, cracking down on crime and protecting our communities.



    1. Piper Pink, are you talking about the trigger finger guillotine? I’m 100% for that. I have no real reason to dispute or fact-check this:

      Of the group of prisoners discharged early from prison with risk reduction credits during the 72 months after its inception, the following serious crimes were committed resulting in “readmission” to Connecticut prisons once again:
      119 murders
      154 rapes
      24 acts of arson
      1,916 assaults
      1,988 acts of burglary or robbery
      63 kidnappings
      1,542 drug related crimes
      The program simply does contribute to greater crime and less safe communities – and I will shut it down as governor.

      This is one of the reason Bridgeport Law Enforcement is having a though time keeping up with and controlling crime. Ask any Bridgeport law enforcement officer what is a 52? That’s a person with mental health issues and are among the most difficult to deal with. The state released a bunch of them time and time again. It’s about time that out of the high number of candidates running for gov., one of them gets it, as far as the above issues is concerned.

          1. Thank you for the warm welcome. I am new to this City but not new to CT and Federal Politics. I was advised to follow this blog so here I am.

  1. Fat Timmie— go on a diet and stay away from Mario’s sauce. Timmie wants to bring Florida-style vigilante justice to CT. RED flows The Connecticut River.

    1. In that case, you won’t mind if prisoners like the ones he mentions be put in apartments in an near Black Rock. You folks are terrified of groups of kids riding bicycles around the Black rock neighborhoods. what gives with you Frank?

      1. Ok..Joel..if seen you hanging around Black Rock FB sites. PS.. I’m not afraid of kids riding around on bicycles. It’s when a gun is pulled on someone parking their car,pistol-whipped and there is a car jacking. That is beyond the line.

        1. Nothing “gives” with me. I wholeheartedly support juvenile rehab efforts. Within the last month,the Hollow,Downtown and Black Rock were involved in a high speed chase to catch a ” home-intruder.” The home intruder was 14 years old. By 14 yo, it may be already too late.

        2. BTW.. it’s becomes a concern about bicyclists who stay in the middle of the road and who may also sexually assault joggers. The sexual assault is physically touching a female on the buttocks. So….Joel…should anyone disregard that????

          1. Frank Gyure, I’m aware of the bicyclist gang. The rest of the city is not immune to this problem. I deal with them on a weekly basis. I twice ran into a group of over one hundred. One day someone dumped a bunch of roofing nails along they were traveling. Who would do such a horrible thing to these decent, respectable kids?

  2. *** Another under-cover shirt & tie, R-wing, white nationalist that’s playing the Trump card of politics by using crime as his “snake-oil gimmick” to con voters. Would Trumbull voters vote for Timmie again for First Selectman is the question? ***

    1. Simple answer is no. He nearly lost his last election in town. He isn’t a Trump guy either, he hated him. He’s a Wanna be. And he is only taking the crime bit because his economy bit isn’t flying. He couldn’t do it in Trumbull; why would anyone think he can do it state wide?

  3. So here is the chicken and egg question: are states with high crime rates electing Republicans because the GOP is perceived to be tougher on crime and thus are more likely to take action to fix the state’s crime problems, Or are Republican policies to combat crime proving less effective than Democratic policies and thus resulting in higher crime rates? Uummm…

    A Smart Politics analysis of the recently released Uniform Crime Reports finds that red states across the nation have both higher violent and property crime rates than blue states, across several measures of partisanship.

    1. In Connecticut, the “chicken” has always been the governor; the “eggs” have always been the members of the House and Senate on both side of the Isle. Donald Day, whenever you tell people that you’re the driver for Senator Moore, you can also say you’re the driver for an egg. 🙂

  4. You outta take that show on the road Joel, really take it on the road. Who do I listen to empirical data submitted by a intellectual think tank or a janitor? This isn’t a tough decision for Senator Moore or myself.

    1. It’s clear that the Senator is too scare to go on the blog to defend herself against a ‘Janitor”. So she sends her driver to deal with the janitor. You are the driver. Drivers should stay on the road. If you want to see me or feel me, you have to park somewhere and enter the building. Warning: Wet, slippery floors, and a janitor with penchant for Moore.

      1. No Joel I can’t say that I want to see or feel you whatever the hell that means. You flatter yourself into thinking, feeling or believing that Senator Moore is scared to defend herself against you. What’s the upside for her to answer the concerns of a malcontent? I’ll continue to drive and did I mention that I have a new Benz to drive and it was paid for by your tax dollars keep up the good work janitor. On behalf of my family, thanks.

        1. Hey Donald Day, drive by Andy Fardy’s house and show him how much of a better car you have than him. You complain so much about all your life about how bad you were treated and looked down at for being a black firefighter, yet here your are looking down at me for being a janitor.

          I’m not envious of you and your Benz. Senator Moore Drives a New Black Jaguar and it’s paid for by many taxpayers including you. The Jaguar is better than your Benz assuming that Jaguar took care of the Transmission problem they’ve been known for. If you ever need someone to clean your Benz, remember the Janitor is here. Enjoy the car and to you and yours: You’re Welcome!

          Any comment on the Moore/Finch deal?

  5. Law and Order my ass.
    Timmy cut the Trumbull PD budget request for necessary patrol cars a couple years ago and less than two months into the fiscal year the Police Chief had to come begging the Board of Finance for money for vehicles.
    Scary that this megalomaniac has a pistol permit.
    Anyone BUT Herbst.

    1. No worries Marshall. He is switching gears because promising to cut the budget and spending for the state is not ringing true when he couldn’t even do it for a small town like Trumbull. He’s trying really hard to sound like the tough guy he thinks all the hardcore Republicans want him to. Problem is, they are not enough to win the general election and he has burned too many bridges to get to the goal line. It’s really time for he and his pigskin to go home and think about getting a real job. That should be fun to watch. What does a life time politician do when your only 38 and literally have spent half your life in office.

  6. The Connecticut Republican Party needs someone like David Walker because at no time that I’m aware that he has said or supported the madness from 45 like the current Republican candidates are doing.

  7. Tim’s anti-crime plan sounds a lot like Mark Boughton’s anti-crime plan… (Are the Slobovians hacking Mark Boughton for Tim?!)

    Not that public-safety isn’t of paramount importance to all of us, but shouldn’t Tim be reciting the 2018, Connecticut political mantra “It’s the ECONOMY, STUPID!” to himself, over and over as we approach August 14…

    (Would Tim snuffing-out a cigar in Mark Lauretti’s eye constitute violent crime?…)

    (Could Tim — or somebody — tell us how the July 19 meeting zoning on the Westfield Mall/Trumbull Shopping Park housing development turned out? Maybe they can use the emptying Trumbull Shopping Park as a high-security prison for all of the violent criminals that “Hang ’em High” Tim locks up after he becomes governor/sheriff on the Tim Show in November…)

    1. Ron Mackey: Good to see that you have come to recognize that David Walker is a fine, decent person and asset to Bridgeport, political differences notwithstanding… No scandal there. No hate-talk there… The Connecticut State Republican Party like the National R-Party has become a largely, Trump-sniffing, rudderless, clueless, ineffectual clown-act… If they have a strong showing for (fill in the blank — Stemerman or Boughton) in November, it will be the Democrats’ doing…

      1. Jeff, I’ve always believe that David Walker was a honorable and a smart person and I’ve said that a number of times. I would post his 60 Minute interview a number of times. I was always pushing Walker to expand his base here in Bridgeport if he was going to get involve with elected politics. The Republican Party has shown that it has no interest in getting black voters and Walker living in Bridgeport I thought Walker could reach out to the black community by just going to some black churches. I never thought that elected politics was for Walker but his voice would be of more value on the national level especially with 45 as President. I didn’t agree with a lot of things that Walker say but I kept trying to push him to expand his base so that others could hear him but more importantly that Walker could hear what people of color issues are.

    2. It’s hard for him to sound anything but hypocritical on the economic front when he couldn’t do it for a small town like Trumbull, so he needs to switch gears. Raised taxes 6 out of 8 yrs. Shuffled it around the other 2. Raised spending every year; raised bonding every year; endorsed all these new apartments going in that will crush the school system; and lets not forget that $18 million community center he tried to shove down everyone’s throats as he went out the door. Hmmmmm sounds a little like Malloy and tolls. Or those contracts he signed for supervisors extending them through the next administration, tying their hands. Hmmmmmm sounds a little like SEBAC on a smaller scale. But then again Trumbull is a smaller scale.

  8. *** Walker is not a Trump supporter from what I’ve seen & heard concerning politic’s. However, he is an advocate of certain tough crime measures & very into cutting government waste and over spending. A cut the fat & trim the budget, regardless of some of the consequences type politician, whom I personally like to talk to about Bpt. & Ct. issues in general. ***

    1. Mojo, you remember when the Republican Party was against debt and deficits, a balance budget, free trade, against USSR now Russia. Now with 45 hijacking the Republican Party they now have no problem with debt and deficits, forget about a balance budget. There’s no need for free trade because 45 will add a tariff, a huge tax cut for the rich but 45 doesn’t pay for any of this. Where are the David Walkers of the Republican Party, somebody to tells the Emperor 45 that he has no new clothes.

  9. “If Herbst emerges from the August 14 primary he then must pivot back to the middle to appeal to the unaffiliated voters that sway statewide elections.”

    This is not a problem for #Herbst because he is not really dug in on anything and will sway with the wind. He has now switched to “Law & Order” because his numbers in Trumbull do not support his economic promises. And if he couldn’t do it for a town of 16,000 households how can we trust him to do it for an entire state?

    Poor Tim, hop scotching from one thing to another, trying to find a place to land that he can call his own. The problem is, people paying attention, that care about the entire state of the state vs 1 issue, aren’t buying it. Oh those bridges we burn.

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