1. I read on here, OIB, Joe was going to destroy Ned in the debates. I don’t think that has happen. I neither can see Ned losing the primary to Joe, nor a Democrat winning the general. David is my pick, poor bastard. That being said. Joe has paid a price for his crimes, what this sinners future holds, I guess it’s in the hands of the one who deals with sins. Even our host of OIB, Lennie has paid a price and did some time for his role, in what I call a travesty of Brideport’s potential. But you know who didn’t and actually got a promotion ( ? )and why that cop-in-training is still on the job, I have know idea. That also being said no one can deny Joe’s hair is coming alone, far better than the Donald’s. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=yCmyZcBnC2M

  2. Wow first question in. addressing all of Joe’s past, Corruption and not a mostake but a pattern?

    Qell al I can say is earlier, I mentioned to a supporter of Ganim that I hope they keep bringing this up. Ganim addressed it as eloquently an any human being possibly could. He remained cool and calm. I wished he mentioned the price he also paid – his family. His children and the lost 7 years. The people did give Joe a second chance and the more people that hear this story will take it on the
    road. I thought Ned was respectful, clearly he had better coaching than Mayor Finch. Ganim looks like a winner and presented himself accordingly. The more Ganim addresses these real life issues the more realistic his chances of taking the cake. He can distance himself from Malloy- and take on the Republicans – That is the real question. Who can beat the Republican in a Trumpesque world– Ganim.

    1. Steve, you just don’t get it just like Mayor Ganim. Here’s the issue that Mayor Ganim has ever shown true leadership. The discussion took an unexpected swerve when Ganim was asked a question about why no Bridgeport police officers have been charged or disciplined in a series of high-profile incidents involving the deaths of young people of color. That question originated from Jazmarie Melendez, sister of Jayson Negron, a 15-year-old shot to death last year by Bridgeport police officers. She showed up with a group of placard-bearing, criminal-justice reformers from New Haven and Bridgeport to confront Ganim over how he has handled the Negron case and the case of 18-year-old Corbin Cooper who died in a police chase that ended in a crash.

      Ganim expressed remorse for the death of both teens, calling the incidents “terrible losses. Both terrible tragedies.” The black and Hispanic want results, they want transparency and honesty with the police and nothing has change, how many of our young must be killed by the police, where is Mayor Ganim’s leadership, there’s none.

      1. Ned Lamont would show leadership? There lies the question very one in Bridgeport will answer and perhaps you, Day and Moore will help us understand why Lamont would be better for Bridgport.

          1. Thank you Ron. Joe just doesn’t get it nor do many of his followers.
            These people who are still grieving over the loss of loved ones were accused.by Stevie A of being paid by Lamont to be there. How pathetic.
            Joe when asked why nothing was done said the state’s attornies said he couldn’t do anything. Another pathetic excuse.
            Not only could they still be disciplined if not criminally found guilty, the city has done nothing and has done nothing to correct the rules that govern the police.
            Joe owes his re-election to the police department and A.J. Perez and will not do anything to upset them.

          2. Ron , I have written 3 huge responses to your comment and erased them.

            I will simply state I do not hate Marilyn Moore.
            I did go to Trumbull to support her as a delegate.
            I will not mention working in front of Winthrop School and never getting a Thank you
            and for crying out loud Ron. I have supported many candidates in my life. I voted for Musto in the primary – I had no personal attachement to him. He lost – big surprise. Why you continue to mention it I don’t know. He survived and went on to bigger and better things. Something you might consider.

            If Marilyn Moore does her job she will easily win- The Republican party is dead. Richard Deechens however, is getting an awful lot of support. Your comments to be do not endear me to your candidate. That’s all I have to say on that. Why Musto? What is it about him that you could not respect my vote? I do not see Moore as a Black Woman. You however see everything in Black and white and to me that is so very sad and thats all I can say about that.

    2. mostake- mistake

      quel al– well all

      I am not speaking Klingon

      Lennie Grimaldi- Please hire Ray Fusci back to edit or upgrade your blog so we can correct Typographical errors.

  3. So far, all of the gubernatorial candidates have failed to recognize, much-less address two glaring, perhaps, together, the overriding major factors/puzzle-pieces regarding the Connecticut economic dilemma — skewed, destructive aspects of state, development POLICY and public utility/energy POLICY… Really, not a cogent word from any of the gubernatorial candidates, so far, regarding either of these critical areas that necessarily must be addressed toward the creation and implementation of a real, effective, long-term, Connecticut socioeconomic restoration plan… (So far, all of the debates sound like replays of debates from the past 10, Connecticut gubernatorial elections… Have we become The Land of Steady Cluelessness?!)

    (On a “lighter” note, somehow, this debate almost conjured a perception of a parody of the first, televised Nixon-Kennedy debate…)

  4. Steve,are you serious with this statement?? “I wished he mentioned the price he also paid – his family. His children and the lost 7 years.

    Do you think if he mentioned that people would feeel sorry for him or something??…How about apologizing to us,the taxpayers he stole from,what about how he single handily stopped development for years after?..Guess what Steve,when you steal,lie,and abuse the trust people gave you,the people in your life feel like they can’t trust you either.If Joe was in the least bit worried about his family and children he wouldn’t of stole everything he could.

  5. Harvey look how much Joe saved the state taxpayer by not participating in public financing, Like 1.3 million. Now that’s a glass half full. 🙂 If you think about it though, between Ned and David in the general and over all, they paid for the toll study by not taking public finance, tax payer money, in this election. Good Job fellas. 🙂

  6. Why can’t Joe Ganim get his law license back? Ned Lamont has said that he won’t take a salary when he becomes governor, what would Joe Ganim do? Where was Mayor Ganim when these shooting happen? Ganim was hiding behind the State to finish their investigation thereby showing those families and the communities of color that he wasn’t truly concern of the on going issues that these communities have had about their relationship with the police. The police department needs new leadership at the top but Ganim can’t replace Chief Perez his former driver before he got arrested by the feds.

  7. Jayson Negron died on a Bridgeport street. His body was visible to the community for a long time. The processes of local Police, State Attorney, State Police,etc went into action and took the better part of one year to come to a conclusion. There are no do-overs in a situation like this. There are tears and great community sadness about this and other confrontations between local police and members of the community, especially those of color.
    Unfortunately as part of a “coalition” that has gathered for more than the past 18 months with Chief A J Perez and many of his senior officers, we are no closer to understand exactly what the Police assume, expect, are trained to meet on a given street any given day. And we are no closer to understanding the feelings and education received by youth in our streets on this same subject. Is there mutual respect today anywhere in the community? Why or why not? Public safety cannot be provided by “trained officers” who fear every moment for their lives such that weapons are seen and responded to, for example, and then they are not there. And the community must learn what stimulus and response of different situations call for in the training. Blue lives matter, certainly, but where is the mutual respect?
    And Ganim has acting Chief Perez longer than indicated in Civil Service procedure? And Civil Service Commission has a Chair who lives and votes in Trumbull? And the Civil Service director is still acting after more than 10 years? If you manage the City in this manner, what should a voter expect you will do as Governor? Do we need to give Ganim2 another chance to fail? Time will tell.

  8. Steven Auerbach, you said, “I do not see Moore as a Black Woman,” Steve that shows that you are blind when you can’t see and respect a black woman for being a black woman. Steve, we all are not the same in the eyes of the public, now in the eyes of God that’s different. You just don’t get it.

  9. Would you ever try to prove to a woman that you aren’t sexist by saying “I don’t see gender” to her? I would certainly hope not. This is no different.

    The idea that you are blind to Senator Moore existing as a Black woman doesn’t say to anyone that you lack a bias, or that you are somehow woke. It says to me that you ignore her reality and you choose to do it, because (save for legal blindness) there’s no way that you can’t actually see her and her melanin.

    When you claim that you don’t even see Senator Moore’s Blackness, you’re refusing to recognize, understand, and accept that her experience of the world is fundamentally different than yours. 


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