Win, Place, Showdown–Sportech To Lamont: See You In Court Over Deal With Mohegans

The state-licensed operator of Connecticut’s parimutuel facilities, including one in Bridgeport, promises a legal showdown after Governor Ned Lamont announced a deal to give exclusive sports betting and online gaming rights to Mohegan Sun with Connecticut Lottery as a partner.

From Mark Pazniokas, CT Post:

The deal envisions “new retail sports betting venues” in Hartford and Bridgeport, similar to the Bobby V’s sports bars and OTB facilities Sportech operates near Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks and in downtown Stamford.

Sportech has been lobbying for a share of online sports bookmaking. Its posture Tuesday evening was combative, one most likely geared to keeping negotiations open.

The company threatened litigation:

“One year ago, Governor Lamont stated he would seek a fair resolution regarding gaming expansion involving existing gaming operators that ‘must be designed to avoid and withstand endless legal challenges.’ Regretfully, the Governor’s announcement this afternoon, that principally excludes Sportech from expanded gaming, leaves us with little option but to pursue legal recourse on behalf of our 400 Connecticut employees.”

Full story here.



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