Why Trump Should Leave Republican Party, Register Unaffiliated

Donald Trump should leave the Republican Party, register unaffiliated and build coalitions with moderate Republicans and like-minded Democrats if he wants to get things done.

Nuts, you say?

Trump is neither Republican nor Democrat. He’s Trump, a wildly undisciplined demagogue who successfully navigated Republican primary wins in a large field on his way to the party nomination and a surprise electoral college win, sans the national popular vote, against a Democratic nominee with more baggage than Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark combined.

So far, the self-proclaimed great dealmaker has proven to be a fallacy, emasculated by a split in the Republican Party that controls Congress and his bulging conflation he could be king and president.

He flopped on health care.

He’s in court all the time.

The 2,000-mile wall he promised will never be built. (He’ll throw up a 100-mile fence and declare victory.)

His FBI director says Trump surrogates are being investigated for being in bed with Russia.

How could things be so messy so early?

He campaigned largely on health care, the border, immigration and a whole bunch of promises he cannot deliver.

He’s really a man without a plan.

After blaming minority Democrats on health care, he pivoted to conservative Republicans for getting in his way.

Now it appears he’ll move on to tax reform.

His press secretary says “we’re driving the train on this.” The conductor has jumped off the train.

Trump will be 71 June 14. What does he want to accomplish over the next three-plus years?

He wanted to create chaos, drain the swamp, shake things up, leverage the force of will to get things done. Trouble with that is he’s not king. He has to work with Congress. But with which members?

Well, if shaking things up is really the case, leave the GOP, register unaffiliated and then build coalitions on both sides to get things done.


— He instantly eliminates the partisan patina of party label.

— It provides an unshackled jump point to work both sides.

— He instills confidence in voters skeptical of party bickering.

— It fits his motive to be a wild-eyed crazy person transcending politics.

— Offers pragmatic positioning.

— It may actually be better than what he has now.

Republicans will go batshit. He’ll never be reelected?

Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on what he wants and how he gets there.

He can work both sides, watch the two parties cannibalize each other and declare, “see you in the general election.”

Nuts, you say?

Any nuttier than the first 100 days?



  1. What a joke this piece is. Two months in and already a hit piece that CNN (Clinton news network) would be proud of. What did Obama, the messiah do in his first two months? That’s right, a phony stimulus package that created exactly zero jobs. As for the rest of his tenure, yikes! Again, no accomplishments. Exactly where are those shovel-ready jobs?

  2. From film producer Scott Mednick when asked that question. These are but a few of the questions posed by Scott.

    “But I wanted to look back over the last 8 years and ask you a few questions. Since much of the rhetoric before Obama was elected was that he would impose Sharia Law, Take Away Your Guns, Create Death Panels, Destroy the Economy, Impose Socialism and, since you will agree that NONE of this came to pass, I was wondering: Why have you suffered so?

    So let me ask: Gays and Lesbians can now marry and enjoy the benefits they had been deprived of. Has this caused your suffering?

    When Obama took office, the Dow was 6,626. Now it is 19,875. Has this caused your suffering?

    We had 82 straight months of private sector job growth–the longest streak in the history of the United States. Has this caused your suffering? Especially considering where the economy was when he took over, an amazing 11.3 million new jobs were created under President Obama (far more than President Bush). Has this caused your suffering?

    Obama has taken Unemployment from 10% down to 4.7%. Has this caused your suffering?

    Homelessness among US Veterans has dropped by half. Has this caused your suffering?”

    1. C’MON MAN, Don now you know better than that, this guy Obama is not even an American plus he’s not white (well his mother is white but that doesn’t count). All those items above are not real things for Americans and if you don’t believe me just ask President Trump and his supporters. Remember, white is right.

      1. You are wrong about his white mother who raised him while his father is nowhere to be found. Your unemployment numbers are wrong and basically what you claim as accomplishments are smoke and mirror bullshit. Ron, does it upset you that Obama is half white? Tough.

  3. Lennie, what is the source of this post? You have not cited the writer. Are you the author? You lectured JML about a comment he made about you, saying something to the effect that you provide the blog for people to exchange ideas.
    Is your blog your platform to editorialize your biased Democrat point of view? At least Mackey and Day provide their ‘afrocentric’ point of view and we can laugh.

    1. Tom, you loved my editorial point of view when I’ve defended you against government abuses that cost you your job. Yes, this is my commentary. I do not need to cite the source when it’s me. I’m not citing my biased Democratic point of view, I’ve been a registered Democrat, a registered Republican and a registered unaffiliated voter, I’m sharing my strategic point of view. I don’t need your permission to express my opinion on OIB.

      1. Lennie, I appreciate your defense of my efforts to expose abuses by city council members. No other media outlet even commented. You and Mike Daly are the only local writers I feel are true journalists. You have offered me ample opportunity to express my views on abuses in Bridgeport City government that led to my ‘layoff.’ In the course of nearly four years of court actions, I demonstrated that my ‘layoff’ was a sham and McCarthy and other putzes retaliated against me, but I failed to convince a judge that my first amendment rights were violated. Old news.

  4. Donald: Barack Obama (I voted for him twice) is among the intellectual elite of US presidents. And he is a person of deep, but controlled (maybe overly so) emotion.

    Had he not walked into the smoldering ruins of the deconstruction of the world economy, wrought by three decades of virtually unchecked, extreme-greed-based, hyper-capitalist, global economic sleight-of-hand (carried to new levels by Reagan, Bill Clinton, and finally the nearly final straw for the United States and the “free world,” George W. Bush), the election of Barack Obama might have heralded the Golden Age of United States economic and social life.

    But he was forced to deal pragmatically with a mortally wounded global economy and the desperate antics of American hyper-capitalists in much the same way as Roosevelt in the 1930s.

    Obama’s plans to create a sustainable American/global economy using a foundation of clean, alternative energy was immediately sabotaged by big oil (which won’t allow such a situation until the last drop of oil is pumped from the ground and they are in control of the means of alternative energy access). Van Jones left the Obama Administration in frustration over this abandonment of a main Obama campaign platform plank.

    And, since terrorism/geopolitical strife is literally fueled/funded by the global, oil/fossil fuel based economy, Middle East/Southern Asia and Eastern European instability became extremely problematic under Obama’s watch (the intrusion of Clinton influence in his administration didn’t help).

    So in Barack Obama, we had a visionary, intellectual, young (relatively inexperienced, unsupported) president, with wonderful, workable, dreams and plans for our country and the world who had the misfortune of catastrophic timing in assuming office. Had he had the family (wealth and political) and social circle support of a Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy, he might have been able to see his platform through even in the face of the global economic meltdown/geopolitical instability he was handed by his disastrous predecessor administration.

    The fact the economy was able to be put back on the mend and World War III didn’t break out are to his great credit. And ObamaCare was no mean feat.

    Now, with the hyper-capitalists trying to put their train wreck back on track via Donald Trump, we can only pray the American oligarchy now in power isn’t allowed to fulfill its agenda.

  5. Oh Tom, what are you old Republican white guys scared of, do tell. Why are you old white guys scared of the truth? Don’t you old white guys want to make America great again and wouldn’t it be better if you had help from everyone because it became painfully obvious you old white guys can’t do it yourself. Just saying from a purely Afrocentric perspective.

  6. Fardy,
    Is there anything in life that gives you joy? You spend day after day on this blog spewing ignorance and hate like it’s your god-damned job. What a pathetic existence. Find a happy place and stay there, little man.

  7. Black is left, right is white and I’m dyslexic. So white is left and black is right and you all are a bunch of gays, you’re welcome.

    Ron, here are some Trump supporters to ask.
    www .youtube.com/watch?v=DouGaGPVw5A&list=PLgxnlLotCzyDcFlZttNLcEVCkWCWqb3ER

    www .youtube.com/watch?v=HrJ9r4NZrAA

    Here’s an anti-Hillary Clinton supporter.

    www .youtube.com/watch?v=0VzdbItdYg4

    Nothing brings together races and religions like a Trump.

    Things that make you go Jesus Christ, WTF.

  8. park city fan; you are a coward and afraid to post under your own name. Really. Pathetic existence, really. I am rich, can do what I want and I really enjoy pissing off people with your attitude. Keep reading, asshole.

  9. park city fan, just what have you done for Bridgeport in your meager existence? Next time you are at the zoo as a visitor and not an exhibit look at the plaque on the rain forest building and on the carousel building, you will see my name there. I was instrumental along with others in getting funding for both exhibits. What have you done to improve the quality of life here? I suggest you go back to school, get your GED and learn to spell. Jerk.

  10. *** Trump should start his own political party that caters to the ideas and political policies that all the Dems, Republicans and Independents who voted for him, like and are in agreement with in these crazy days and times! Voters who are so disenchanted with government in general that they’ll listen and believe in a New York con-man like Trump. AKA the “anti-Christ.” This is going to be a very dark four years for America and our country’s allies for sure! ***

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