1. I really miss Two Boots. I often went there with a friend or two for lunch because their Bayou Beast personal pie was a favorite of mine, as were others. They made great pizzas! I had high hopes when I finally made it to Milano’s. Sounded like a nice Italian place! I immediately put them to the test and ordered a clam and bacon personal pie. Thing is, they don’t really make a personal-sized pizza, so I couldn’t really consume the entire pie, but after the first bite, I knew I wouldn’t anyway. It did not live up to my expectations and I never went back. I didn’t even box it up for home. Too bad, we could use some good pizza downtown. My opinion, we have plenty of great pizza parlors in the area, and we all know what’s good, for the most part. I predict a short stay for Milano’s. Of course, this is my personal opinion, your mileage may vary.

      1. Yes. I will be honest with you. I do have early dinners. My last major meal is at 3pm. That’s besides the point. We are looking at a general population that is willing to go to Downtown Bridgeport post 6pm.

        1. Actually, the City of Bridgeport should be looking to attract people to go Downtown at ANY GIVEN TIME and should be looking at any and all incentives to do so. The parking meters don’t help; I really do think they are a hindrance.

      2. AND on top of that, it is a questioning of smart marketing and “in the vernacular” getting people to go to Downtown Bridgeport. Do you really honestly think parking meters make it more conducive for people from within Bridgeport and the surrounding suburbs to go to Downtown Bridgeport at ANY TIME? I will be honest. I would rather drive to Downtown New Haven, pay the parking (meters or parking lots) and I have a much better chance of having a “good time” instead of taking my chances on Downtown Bridgeport. We all need to become truthful with each other.

  2. Frank, the meters are about a dollar an hour, thereabout. Open the purse strings a little and patronize the downtown businesses. When our businesses grow and thrive, so does Bridgeport.

    1. I remain unconvinced. I’m no spring chicken. Over several decades, I have had no need whatsoever to go downtown unless I had to deal with something at City Hall. Moreover, some merchants have expressed displeasure with the encumbrance of the parking meters as it affects their business. I can go to dozens and dozens of fine eating establishments and I don’t have to worry whatsoever about the OMNIPRESENT PARKING METER. To put it into the vernacular, Ganim can take his parking meters and stick them up his ass. BTW, I support Bridgeport businesses whenever I need plumbing, electrical or HVAC work. At the same time, I am not a fool.

  3. A couple weeks ago on a Saturday evening my wife and I went to dinner at Barnum Publick House, let’s just say we won’t be going back. Food was awful, everything from the cold “popcorn shrimp” to the “pastrami on rye” that was literally two slices of pastrami on rye bread to the “Penne Alfredo” that had hard pieces of uncooked penne in it. One of the worst meals we have had in awhile. We complained to the young man who was waiting tables (nice guy btw), but he told us they were “having trouble in the kitchen.” I’d highly suggest skipping this place.

  4. I and a friend had lunch at Milano’s last month. I had a sausage (made in-house) & peppers grinder that was delish and my buddy a chicken parm grinder that he enjoyed.

  5. Jim Fox, this is for you. I have been there twice. Cheese pizza, very good.

    Not as good as
    San Remo
    Testo’s at Brooklawn.

    I did enjoy and always go out of my way to go downtown. It doesn’t mean I need to pay more for a slice.

    I do not expect I will ever see the Mayor and his entourage there again.

    Jim Fox, was that fair and honest?


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