Who In Hell Is Bob Stefanowski?

Campaigns are strange birds that provide observational whiplash. Bob Stefanowski seemingly came out of nowhere campaigning as an outsider in a Republican gubernatorial primary defeating established pols. Who is this guy? See here.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Bob from Democrats and Republicans in the coming weeks. In Connecticut the larger bloc of unaffiliated voters swing statewide elections. Stefanowski and Democratic nominee Ned Lamont will pitch that audience while rallying their base support.



  1. Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski 2:17 video and there is not one black person seen anywhere, I guess that’s how Bob Stefanowski views Connecticut.

      1. Show me one. Bob is as white as it get’s. No chance he does much campaigning in the big Cities. They are Dem Strongholds. Plus Bon is anti anything democrat now. He’s a Trump Clone

      1. Yeah trump says that to, obviously a lie. Bob is a Trump Disciple who’s “Plan” isn’t a plan it’s a typical GOP Gov playbook. Cut everything, Education, regulations like Environmental,cut Healthcare, cut Gov Jobs.. Be Anti Abortion, Anti Healthcare, Anti immigration and pray tax cuts generate enough income to offset everything you cut. Well, that model Rowland tried and caused massive debt, same in Wisc, Kansas City, Florida and so on. It is a tired old philosophy. And based on Trump’s economics CBO and economic forecasters are now saying a recession is 75% likely by 2020 and that GDP in 2020 is likely to be around 1.5% And that every year after until 2028 avg 1.7% This is what Bob would bring to CT. I disaster. Lamont is and always has been a successful Business man and has run left of Malloy. In fact he challenged him once. He’s more an independent minded candidate than Bob could ever be. And frankly his plan for CT makes better sense. Cut property taxes to get homeowners back. Invest in Education and Green energy Jobs. Make the State appealing to Business owners and Home Owners alike. Ned is exactly what CT needs. Not a Trump clone

        1. He did not even vote for Trump, or anyone in the last election. His economic playbook is Not exactly as you suggest, yes, some similarities it’s public and easy to compare line by line the differences.
          Governor Brown doesn’t have a more than billion dollar budget deficit, and enjoys the world’s, is it the 10th or 8th largest economy in his state, so he can with confidence and power (Arnold has his back) thumb his nose at Trump. CT needs as much federal aid as she can get. Attack the policies – sure. I’m all in with that – attack the sitting White House dopey duo at your own peril. They are truly vindictive bitches.
          I argue, their backgrounds and successes are similar enough. The question remains, who will present the best plan to bring CT taxpayers to their side. If I were still in CT and voting, I would not yet be firmly in one camp. I’m concerned another Democrat is going to continue with the current policies, Ned has even said CT has a good strong economy. I don’t think most people agree with this, or there wouldn’t be exits of both citizens and business.
          Two excellent candidates. Ned is not a Malloy clone, Bob isn’t a Trump clone. Two different views and solutions, sure. Will one ruin the state and county, I highly doubt it. Trump, another story altogether.

          1. Actually I quoted Bob so yes, his economic plan IS EXACTLY THAT. Please don’ty try that manipulation stuff with me Jennifer. It’s all out there and in links I’ve provided. He is QUOTED as saying he’s cut Govt jobs and close State Agencies and said he’d look at reducing other areas. This is absolute code for Education and Environment and Health. It is the Trump/GOP playbook and it’s implemented by EVERY SINGLE right wing GoP Gov. And Bobn is absolutely anti abortion and anti ACA and Anti Immigration. He’s SAID THIS. Now you can delude yourself. Obviously you made up your mind but don’t lie to these people.

          2. PS GOV Brown a Progressive enjoys the WORLDS 3 or 4th largest economy and his states GDP was 6.7% WELL above our National average You don’t even LIVE in CT? And you are trying to tell us who to vote for?????????? I’m stunned at this. Bob is a clone of Trump. I live here and I’ve listened to him and studied him as I do all Candidates. It’s who Trump wanted. If you watch the news and read articles, everyone compares him to Trump. lol Every Trump Republican is giddy over him. Ned is not Malloy yes. And all I see Ned doing is saying we need to fix CT. He’s not wrong about taxes? If you cut them, you have to pay for them and that means closing State Agencies and laying off workers. It means cutting every program that is viewed as expendable or wasteful. None of that makes your State more appealing to businesses. And what do you think his Anti LGBTQ and Immigration policies will do to our State? He’ll turn it into a Civil War just like Trump has the Country. Gay Marriage? You think he’ll defend that here if it’s overturned? The first Black kid that’s booted out of a Restaurant or little baby ripped from his immigrant’s mother’s arms? Will he care? Nope. He said as much. CT just can’t afford this.

          3. Cliff, his unwritten policy you mention – it’s code? And I’m using manipulation?
            I’ve not made up my mind, you certainly have. I haven’t seem a link from you to Bobs web site or policy page – as to quotes, no link to the video or publication. I’ve looked at his rankings, yes he’s pro life, pro rule of law – – there has been no discussion of what he would or would not promote as governor other than fiscal and organizational policy. Which is going to keep any Governor busy for many terms. I’m bent on finding the best of both candidates. Reducing government is always a Republican and liberation goal. Hard to accomplish in union positions. I’m no fan of my tax dollars supporting more government red tape than necessary. I disagree with Bob on choice, healthcare and immigration. I’m not a one issue one party voter. You do make excellent points and arguments, making me think, and I’m sure others. Appreciate an honest back and forth to accusations. Very nice to meet and chat with you.

        2. Cliff, true I don’t now live in CT. Could change at any time. I agree with your points about social issues, I don’t know how much either candidate is focused on those. I’m stuck in Trump land Indiana (OMG it’s worse than you can imagine and I’ve been and worked for Republicans for years) helping my elderly mom in the end stages of cancer. Trump is awful because he equates money and guns as all America needs. CT government is in dire financial straits. When Daniels became governor of Indiana it was in similar shape. 1 hour DMV wait (it’s now 15 minutes- really) and a 2 billion dollar surplus. Pence came in and became the face of legislating bigotry and white supremacy under the guise of Christianity. He never would have been re-elected. I understand your worries about Bob if he is a Trump Clone. I don’t know for sure. Everyone should question and find out. I do know if Ned has the plan and skills to get the state out of this fiscal mess. It’s going to take gutting Government services and making them efficient- 15 minutes at the DMV can be accomplished. Across the government services board.
          Good meeting you here on OIB.

          1. Nice to meet you to Jennifer. For me what is most important is being happy in my State and what makes me happy is everyone being treated equally important. Whether you are Gay or Straight, Disabled, Black or White, Immigrant or Muslim or whoever. Economies get better. It’s simply a fact. It may take time but when you Govern a state based on who you believe deserves preferential treatment, such as White, American and physically abled, you can irreparably damage a State. I’ve seen it in other States. You’ve seen it in Indiana no doubt as much as Trump has caused this Division Country Wide. I’m not Anti GOP. I’d have voted Erin Stewart. Massachusetts has a Fantastic Governor. Moderate Republicans can do fantastic jobs. But hard Right Republicans very often clash and devastate their States on multiple levels. I’m simply put, Anti Far Right Republicans. I’m Anti dividing my State and Anti treating anyone as if they don’t belong. When he said “I have little sympathy for Immigrant Mothers who are separated from their children” that had connotations well beyond the obvious. It implies that he’d care little about women who are pro choice and he’d care little about disabled or anyone who didn’t share his beliefs. This goes beyond the Economy. This goes to decency and character and how you will LEAD. Bob just isn’t representative of who I want representing my entire State.

  2. If he is smart, he is do as Ron suggested for Dave Walker and come to Bridgeport and among other things speak, to the African-American and Hispanic communities and give them his vision for the future of the state. If Republicans ignore the cities they are making a huge mistake.

    1. That’s right, make a honest effort to reach out and show you that you valve our vote and that you are willing to listen instead of just talking. I’m a loyal Democrats but I will vote for the best person and not just a party. Walker could had been the go to Republican in the general election if he made some connections with the black community. We need a strong two party system to push both sides to resolve issues. Stefanowski shown me any reason to vote for him plus he’s a big 45 supporter.

      1. Interesting- Stefanowski has been and donated to Democrats for years, I’m doubting he’s now a Trump supporter or follower. This is when I absolutely hate American politics. You have 2 pretty solid candidates for Governor. This needs to be a fiscal and policy choice, not the usual elect the class president smear campaign contest.

        1. Actually yes, he is a solid Trump supporter and wants Trump to Campaign for him. He’s stated it in interviews. Don’t get hung up on him being a Dem. So was Trump. Focus on his stances now which are right out of the right wing playbook, Anti Healthcare like Pre existing Conditions, Anti Abortion Rights, Anti Immigration and slash and burn economics. Meaning cut every program and hope that the tax cuts make up the difference. They never do and haven’t in ANY State the GOP has done this, including Rowland in CT who left CT in a complete mess

          1. ps Jennifer Here is a quote from Bob “I have little sympathy for Mothers separated from their children at the border” Yeah, just what we need in CT right? No thanks. We need COMPASSIONATE leadership and that’s NED.

        2. https://ctmirror.org/2018/08/15/primary-lamont-tries-define-stefanowski/ Read this. Bob wants to phase out the Income Tax which will result in massive revenue loss. 51% of the State Revenue comes through this. Bob as I stated says he wants to make up the revenue by cutting state jobs and massive layoffs through reorganizing State Agencies. Sound Familiar? Trump nearly quoted this line when running for President. And further Bob would then have to GUT Education and Environmental Programs and the States Medicare Savings Program that many elderly and disabled rely on. As I stated, it’s literally the GOP playbook that EVERY far right GOP Governor uses. And in every State like CT, where Rowland tried it, Walker in WISC, Scott in FLA, etc it has ended in utter disaster for the State. We Need Ned right now. I encourage everyone to read this article. And to check my facts. Go check the Kansas Economy, And how much their Education got cut. Go check Florida and see how much Scott gutted their Environmental policies and education. Look at the sea animals dying by the thousands down there. Check Wisc and how Scott gutted Unions AND Education and how Wisc is in utter Chaos. I challenge anyone to research what I’m saying and if you STILL want to vote Bob? Fine but don’t you dare say it’s because you believe Bob will actually do a better Job. It’s simply because you don’t care. You were voting GOP anyway, regardless.

    2. Can’t imagine it would matter. Lamont is a well known Candidate in CT and will likely Campaign heavy in Cities which are Dem strongholds. As we saw in Primaries to the Dems are energized. Lamont frankly is the best candidate for CT right now. We can’t afford a Trump yes man.

  3. It’s official 45 is backing Bob Stefanowski, hopefully 45 will come to Connecticut to campaign for Stefanowski.

    “Trump endorses Stefanowski for governor in a tweet
    In a tweet early Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump endorsed Bob Stefanowski, a Connecticut businessman who won the Republican nomination for governor, calling Stefanowski “the person needed to do the job.” “It is about time that Connecticut had a real and talented Governor,” Trump tweeted. “Tough on crime, Bob is also a big cutter of Taxes. He will win in November and make a Great Governor, a major difference maker. Bob has my total Endorsement!” Trump also endorsed Republican candid…”


    1. Bull endorsement as Bob has never been a legislator, an attorney or a judge, thus there is no record of his tough on anything or cutting of anything. Trump just wants credit when Bob is elected.

    2. I agree Trump endorsing and Campaigning for Stef would be the death knell to Bob’s Campaign. I’m all for Trump coming here to wake up CT to who Bob really is. I’ve known forever.

  4. Bob Stefanowski said out the gate that he would love the endorsement of 45 and love to have 45 come to Connecticut and attend a rally for him. A man that admires 45 is a man that a lot of us should be concerned about.

  5. Jennifer, you asked and I’ll deliver. By the way, How you doing?

    Stefanowski gave Trump’s presidency an ‘A’ grade, invited Trump to campaign in Connecticut, and said ‘we need more’ of his policies in Connecticut.”

    Despite not voting for Trump, Stefanowski offered himself to the GOP base as a fan of an unconventional president 




  6. Ok, all Republicans gave Trump an A on his policy and or performance. It’s a Democrat operative quoted in the Mirror who claims Bob wants Trump to campaign for him in CT. “Donald Trump must be thrilled his ally Bob Stefanowski just won the Republican nomination in Connecticut,” said Elizabeth Pearson, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association. “Stefanowski gave Trump’s presidency an ‘A’ grade, invited Trump to campaign in Connecticut, and said ‘we need more’ of his policies in Connecticut.”
    Still no evidence Bob said he wanted Trump to come to CT to hold rallies for him.

    Things are about the same here. Still trying to keep another Pence out of DC this November.
    Your state – candidates of substance – enjoy getting to know them
    I did cringe when I saw the Trump tweet – it’s a less than authentic endorsement, no shock there. The good news is, as Governor- other than not pissing off Mr Vindictive so he doesn’t punish the whole state by withholding or redirecting federal funds, there is not much influence on the office or state.

    1. Jennifer, there is no evidence that Stefanowski has spoken out against a number of 45’s policies like health care and the tax cuts that really hurts Connecticut taxpayers.

      1. He has not, you are correct. He does have a detailed plan in place.

        Remember how Malloy and Pence had a very public unpleasant fight? I caution the resistance to tread lightly – Pence is every bit as vindictive as Trump – don’t give them a double reason to further punish CT. Thus I must leave you to go raise funds For the democrat running for Congress against Greg Pence, brother of Mike.
        Equally awful human being. Koch brothers are behind Mike Pence, Trump’s recent attacks on the Koch brothers and their next move will be an interesting play to observe.

        1. No, this is nonsense. Tread lightly? LOL You don’t need to Tread lightly if you have a Dem Gov. Ask Gov Brown if he cares what Trump does. What we NEED to do is resist and NOT vote in a Trump yes man. That is the LAST thing CT needs right now. Ned will be our wall against Trump

        2. Jennifer, I must be say that I wish that more people in the Republican Party had your valve in sizing the candidate out and not voting and supporting them because they are Republicans but more important you express your concerns about the candidate and act on that information.

          1. Thanks Ron, I’m sure most Republicans wish I would pipe down. I wish more voters cared about issues – all of them – and solutions. That being said, I’d like to see a blue wave at the federal level. I don’t like one party rule of either party. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I see it in both Ct and Indiana.
            Nedand Bob need a Mitch Daniels government budget playbook.

        3. Jennifer – I always welcome your insight into Pence (VP and now his brother). I caution people – be careful what you wish for in wanting Pence to replace him (via impeachment not voting). he is almost scarier to me and also he is a better “presentation package” than Trump. A lot of the Trump outrage is not just his policies but his words – insults, dog whistle comments, etc. Pence is a tad bit crazier but he is more buttoned up and presentable in the traditional politician look. Some of those Republicans that find DT to be too much may not be so resistant to Pence. In regards to Ct, i am wary. We’d like to believe that DT supporting Stef would hurt him. But isn’t that what kind of what people thought in the presidential election? I think Hilliary did and it hurt her because I think she took some votes for granted. CT has a very unpopular Dem governor, a very large segment of the CT population that feels like middle America did in that they feel either left behind or not cared for, and A candidate in Ned that has not overly excited anyone. He did crush Ganim in the primary, but he is going to have to run an inspiring campaign to get the vote out and win. As much as Ned is labelling Stef as Trump,the other side is going to label him as Malloy Part II as much as they can. He has to overcome that.

          1. Thanks. Pence is Satan, trump is just a demon. You have a great race in CT. Glad to be out of the line of fire on this one.

          2. I’d argue that Ned hasn’t excited anyone. Dem primary turnout was it’s highest since 2006. That’s pretty impressive energy given no one liked Malloy. Dems had every reason not to care but clearly they are VERY energized. In fact, I think they pick up State House and Sen seats. I agree that Stef will be rightly labeled as Trump but it will be hard to label Lamont as Malloy given he ran against Malloy. Also, Independents in CT lean Dead Center if not slightly right of center. Think of who CT has voted for, Malloy, Rowland, Rell, Leiberman, as Senator, Weiker, all dead center or slightly right of center candidates. Even when Malloy had a 36% approval in 2014 he beat Foley. Given Hillary beat Trump in CT overwhelmingly, it will be hard for Indies to go that far right to select Bob, especially if Trump Campaigns for him. Trump has a 37% approval in CT. That said, will CT Indies travel further Left to select Lamont? Lamont was +10 over Boughton in early polls. Initial polls in CT should give us a good idea what CT Indies are thinking. And having lived here all my 50 years, while I get the sense part of the population is like the 2016 group who voted Trump, overall we are far more educated in CT and as a result, I don’t see a MASSIVE uprising to run to the far right to topple the system. If anything Trump has demonstrated that it is a complete failure to do so.

    2. Fact, Bob is a Trump Disciple. He also is an admirer of Larry Kkudlow. You know, the guy who wants the Tariff war. Which will directly effect CT. Bob doesn’t have a plan, he has a Blueprint.. A GOP Blueprint of slash and burn economic just like Rowland, just like Walker in Wisc, just like the Kansas Gov and Rick Scott, all of their economies are struggling and you’ve seen what Florida’s Economy is like. Lamont is the man for CT. He wants to fix the State, lower property taxes, address Education and protect our Pre-Existing Conditions and the ACA. He’s a big Environmental guy too. CT can’t afford another Trump Clone. Remember Trump joined Dem Party too. It’s a trick to get Dems to think you are Moderate but the real key is what he believes NOW and Bon is Anti Union, Anti Immigration, Anti Healthcare, Anti Abortion Rights. Do you really want to turn CT into Trump Country? I sure as hell don’t.

    3. BTW actually a President can have tremendous effect on a State economics. Tariffs alone can crush the economy in States like CT. Vote Ned. Trust me on this, I’ve lived in CT my whole life. I know everything about Bob and Lamont. You do NOT want Bob the Trump Clone and you shouldn’t dismiss the article because frankly it quoted Bon at least once and I posted it above. You clearly haven’t seen his interviews because he’s stated CLEARLY he supports Trump and would like Trump to come to CT and Campaign for him. He’s also made clear he’s a huge fan of Larry Kudlow Trump’s economics guy who doesn’t even HAVE AN ECONOMICS DEGREE

  7. I spoke privately with Stefanowski at a small gathering and told him the Republican candidates were crazy to talk about getting rid of the income task, it was the equivalent of overturning Obamacare. Sounds good but can’t be done. He responded that it could not be done in one fell swoop or even quickly. Any reduction would come in steps as better management led to replacing that revenue. Additionally, he believes that having a goal to work towards is important and even if you only get halfway, it’s a huge improvement. Seemed thoughtful and reasonable.

    When asked his views on Connecticut cities like Bridgeport even though they’re not supportive of Republican candidates, I expected him to mouth the usual platitudes uttered by all Gubernatorial candidates, that as cities go, so goes the state, yada, yada.

    He used Hartford and the State’s covering their debt as an example. They get bailed out by all of Ct. taxpayers yet they did not negotiate on anything that might improve city management. Nor did they ask the bond holders to take a bit of a haircut for not having to face a total loss through bankruptcy. He told us that investments must be made in cities but they had to have clear and identifiable goals, that you just can’t keep throwing money around for the same results.

    When asked by others about Trump, he told the room that personality issues are concerning but for the most part, he thought the policy was on target.

    So here’s my take now that the Primary is over.

    For many years Connecticut seemed to be in pretty good shape; good quality of life, strong employment, low taxes, etc. But that has changed quite dramatically over the past thirty to forty years.

    Few would argue that CT is now in a very bad shape. There have been numerous surveys and business magazine articles that rank our state as one of the least business friendly states in the country. As a small businessman calling on businesses throughout Ct and the East Coast, I have certainly heard plenty of corroborating anecdotal evidence. Sadly, it seems the major cities are in even worse shape than the State.

    I have not fact-checked but I believe that for most of this long decline, Democrats held the Governorship, Senate and House. Granted, we had Republicans Rowland and Rell but one was a crook and the other an empty skirt. Regardless, they had little opportunity for change given the make-up of the Senate and House.

    Given the state of the State, why would we vote in an administration whose leadership brought us this extended decline…Why would we not vote them out and try something new?

    1. Really? Your question is very easy to answer, 45. What policies does 45 have that are good for Connecticut? Certainly not the tax cuts that’s not paid for plus 54’s tax cuts hurt states like Connecticut. What new jos are coming to this state from 45’s policies, companies are now going to automation and robotics plus wages are not going up. Where is 45’s health care plan? When has Stefanowski ever spoken out against 45’s racist statements or his failure to fight against Russia who has declared war on America with their attack on our voting system? Stefanowski is just another go a long to get a long with no true leadership ability.

    2. Actually over the last 30 years CT has had 4 Dem Governor terms and 3 GOP and 1 Independent. 2: You clearly don’t understand the concept of cutting the State Income Tax. So let me break it down. The State Income Tax = 51% of total revenue for our State. Even reducing it slowly, means massive revenue loss. The only way to pay for this? Cut Jobs. In FACT, Bob STATED he’d cut State Jobs to pay for the Tax cut and he’d reorganize State Agencies. IE close them and combine them like Trump. Further, he’d have to KEEP making cuts to balance out gradual income tax cuts. The GOP and Bob’s own playbook show he’d cut Education first and then likely environmental protections and things like Healthcare such as the Medicare savings Program. It is literally the only way to pay for what he is suggesting. NONE of that brings jobs or businesses or residents.

      2: You said it, He likes Trump and supports his policies. THAT right there makes him 100% unqualified to be Gov for CT. Trump is an incompetent fool. If you read the latest CBO report, you’d see based on Trump’s policies the CBO now expects a recession by 2020 and GDP to be around 1.5% and through 2028, GDP to Average 1.7% And they quite clearly state it’s “Gloomy forecast is due to recent policy changes” they mean Trump. That’s what Bob brings to CT. A failed Economy. Bob is also Anti Gay Marriage and LGBTQ rights and he’s anti ACA and Anti Immigration. PS CBO report https://www.cbo.gov/publication/53651

      3 Now while CT is struggling, it is also recovering too. May and June saw 10,000 new jobs. a GDP of 2.4% Unemployment ticked down to 4.4% and 90% of jobs lost during the recession, returned. CT is not in horrible shape right now. Malloy has stopped the bleeding that a corrupt Rowland-Rell Administration started, as well as the worst Recession in 80 years.

      So why should CT want to go back to Corrupt Republicans just when our Economy is starting to recover? Why would we want the same failed, corrupt policies from Republicans that put us here? Why would we want a Trump Clone who approves of his racist, failed policies? Lamont is as independent as it get’s. And a successful businessman. Why wouldn’t we want to give a successful businessman like Lamont a chance? He supports the LGBTQ Community. He supports the Environment and he supports protecting our Healthcare like Pre Existing Conditions and Bob does not. Why would CT turn toward racism and bigotry when it can keep moving forward without being divisive and hateful? CT would be nuts not to vote for Ned. We don’t need a Trump yes man. We don’t WANT a Trump yes man. We want Ned.

  8. From Today’s Wall St Journal:
    “…The GOP’s best chance of a statehouse pick-up this year is Connecticut, where Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy’s tax and spending increases have punished the economy. Personal income grew by a mere 1.5% last year compared to 2.4% in Rhode Island and 3.3% in Massachusetts. Connecticut’s labor force has shrunk by 26,500 since January 2017.

    Spending on state worker benefits has increased by about a third since 2012, and 35% of revenues go to debt service and retirement obligations. The state faces a $2.1 billion budget shortfall amid tepid revenue growth.

    Mr. Stefanowski rose to the top of a crowded GOP field with a supply-side platform drafted with the advice of economist Art Laffer that calls for abolishing the estate and gift taxes immediately, phasing out the corporate tax in two years and the income tax over eight. He also wants term limits and the right to citizen referendums.

    These goals are bold, to the say least, but the state needs radical surgery. Corporate tax revenues account for less than 5% of the state budget, and estate taxes make up only about 1% even as they drive retirees to Florida. Both levies could be eliminated by trimming spending. But cutting the income tax will require taking on the public unions. Mr. Malloy locked in collective-bargaining agreements through 2027, and teacher pension payments are expected to nearly quadruple over the next decade.

    Democrats have a small majority in the state House, and the Senate is evenly divided. Reining in pensions and renegotiating labor agreements will require support from moderate Democrats from working-class communities like those who helped Democrat Gina Raimondo reform pensions in Rhode Island.

    Before it adopted an income tax in 1991, Connecticut was one of the country’s fastest growing states. But tax rates have climbed relentlessly ever since and will continue to rise if progressive Democrat and wealthy businessman Ned Lamont is elected Governor. How else does he intend to pay for his plans to increase school and public works spending?

    Mr. Stefanowski faces an uphill battle in what looks like a Democratic year, but even liberals should want to make Connecticut grow again.”

    1. Let me just add, the best economies in the Country are with progressive Governors. Brown and Dayton. Both raised taxes, both invested in Education. The failed GOP Philosophy that raising taxes and investing doesn’t work, is just that, failed. What also is a proven failure is supply side economics. You don’t grow economies by making massive cuts to programs and state work forces. Dems are massively energized right now in CT thanks to Trump. I expect the Sen to flip back to Dem and the House Dems to gain seats. BTW it was Wieker who added the State’s Income Tax, not a Democrat. And actually going back 30 years you had Wieker, Roland, Rell and Malloy. So 1 Inde, 2 GOP and 1 Dem Gov but the 2 GOP = 8 years. So actually, correcting myself, CT is where it is, thanks to Rowland and Rell who were corrupt and bilked CT for Millions. Before 1991 when CT was flourishing according to Dennis? CT had 6 Dem Govs to 4 GOP Making a valid argument that CT does better with Dem Governors. Thanks Dennis.

  9. The Wall Street Journal, really, enough said, where is there voice on the largest deficits and debt that America has ever seen with no real plan to pay for the tax cuts, the military spending just as a start. Oh that’s right America is going to grow it’s way out with tariffs, please, supply side economic.

    1. Yes Ron, CT is so far in debt, directly due to decades of majority democrat policy. Neither party has a good record on government debt management of late.

      1. Okease, more manipulation. Over the last 30 years there has been 4 Dem Gov Terms to 3 GOP and 1 Independent in Wieker. 2: Dennis is pulling the same old manipulation. That article was VERY old. How do I know? I read the CT Budget report LMAO.

        Let me give you the real stats. As those numbers were in April. Since April, CT has added 10,000 new jobs. GDP is 2.4% and unemployment has lowered to 4.4% And 90% of the jobs lost during the recession have returned. Growth is UP from 2017. Those numbers cited by Dennis are old and come on Dennis, the person that wrote that article in the GOP leaning paper? WAS A FREAKIN REPUBLICAN LMAO. Yes I READ IT! LMAO… 2: Supply side economics? Are you kidding me?? It is a complete failure. There is NO WAY to cut the State Income tax without MASSIVE state cuts. In a time we are just starting to recover, you want to cripple the state LOL. Lunacy. Absolute Lunacy. No thanks to Right Wing Trumper Bob

          1. How many of those years were the house and Senate Democrat majority, which was what my post was trying to point out.

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