Where Do You Vote? Here–Longfellow School Voters At Aquaculture Center

2012 precincts
2012 Bridgeport precincts

Just a few days ago only six regular voting precincts had power, but now all designated polling places except for one are back on line. The one exception is storm-damaged Longfellow School that generally serves voters east of Ellsworth Street in Black Rock and includes P.T. Barnum Apartments. Those voters will cast ballots at the nearby Aquaculture Center, 60 Stephens Road. Polling places, designated by State House and State Senate districts, have been provided by Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala. The left column represents State House districts, the far right column (22, 23) represents State Senate districts. If you’re uncertain about your polling location call the Registrar’s Office 203-576-7281.



  1. Curious as to what happened to the 131st? I don’t think Sandy washed us away.

    Although, if Testa and Finch have their way, I guess no one has to worry about voting. They will take care of it for us, just like the Monarchy our nation’s forefathers’ railed against or the fascist dictatorships our soldiers so bravely fought against. Ah well, all good things come to an end … Only in Bridgeport.

    Heaven knows the ‘Democratic’ party would never get too far taking away the right to vote of citizens in Fairfield, Trumbull, or Westport.

    1. Ron, the precinct locations are based on State House district and not City Council district, but South End voters who normally went to Roosevelt (under new construction) are now going to Batalla School. You are in the 130th State House district. By City Council it’s 131st District. So, too, is the City Hall precinct. The majority of downtown voters go to City Hall. If anyone is uncertain call the registrar’s office 203-576-7281.

  2. *** In elections for “State and Fed ” positions, the districts these candidates cover and represent are much larger than say the normal sized 10 “city districts” like the 131st, etc. Therefore the 131st and the 130th along with a small piece of another district would be the state area someone like A. Ayala or Rep. Santiago would be representing. For federal positions the areas are again much larger like Himes, it’s the entire Fairfield County! The larger the representing district is, the harder it is for Pols to stay in touch with their constituency. That’s why local politics and the seats on boards and committees that represent us are so important concerning what’s happening in your neighborhood! And losing or giving away your right to vote for members who would serve on these local boards or committees would be a disaster in the long term. *** VOTE HELL “NO” ON THE BOE QUESTION COME NOV. 6, 2012. ***

  3. Do Districts really matter? Sometimes the representatives we elect from Bridgeport do not agree with other representatives.

    Would it not be better if citizens no longer have the right to vote for any representatives? Not only would it make one person responsible, the representatives will not need to squabble so much, and we save all the time, effort and money of holding expensive elections. Think how much Testa could save if he did not have to pay for as many votes.

    Then we do not have to worry about any District or where to vote.

  4. Do you really think we should be trusted to vote for King and Queen? You have much more faith in the people of Bridgeport than Finch and the Charter Revision Commission.

    I don’t know. What if we elect a King and Queen and they cannot agree on everything??? Oh I remember, they just vote to dissolve themselves, like the Witch in the Wizard of Oz.


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