What’s Residency? The Eleanor Guedes Case, Plus: Primary Insanity, And Ramos Statement

1 p.m. update

From the City Charter:

Section 13. Board and Commission Members; Residency Requirement.

Except as otherwise provided in this charter, no person shall be appointed to any board or commission established by this charter who is not a resident and registered voter of the city.

Where does Eleanor Guedes reside? An immediate answer is fuzzy because the president of the Civil Service Commission says she has a variety of addresses. Fair enough. But what is her bona fide residence? Some facts:

Guedes lists her voting address as 1425 Noble Avenue, location of her family-owned business Primrose Construction. She also lists her Lexus with the state Department of Motor Vehicles at that address. City land records specifically show that address as a place of business, not a residence, nor a dual business/residence. There is no notation of an apartment or bedroom. City land records do not show Guedes as owner of a residential home in the city, although she says her family owns a home on Evers Street in the Beardsley Park area.

Trumbull land records, and confirmed by Guedes, show that she owns a house at 48 Teller Road. I spoke to Guedes about her residence on Friday. She was courteous and not defensive. I asked about her residency explaining that this is not a story if she can definitively state that she has an apartment and sleeps at the 1425 Noble Avenue address occupied by her business. She could not. “I have a variety of addresses,” she said.

To Eleanor’s credit she did not lie, although she deftly sidestepped the question. She could have said I have an apartment here and sleep here. Instead she spoke about her commitment to the city, her business in Bridgeport and all the time she spends there. Does this justify her business address as her bona fide place of residence?

I don’t know Eleanor. I know her brother John, the driving force behind Primrose, from years ago. I do not doubt Eleanor’s commitment to the city. She and her brother have decided to build a business in Bridgeport.

Serving on a commission can be a thankless job. And for no pay. And then you must take the heat when you decide to fire Ralph Jacobs, the non-political Bridgeport Civil Service personnel director, for something called “breach of city loyalty” regarding a commission decision involving a city employee seeking reinstatement from a layoff. Jacobs was bounced, or so commissioners rationalized, because he told a lawyer for the city employee to seek arbitration if she could not resolve a dispute with the city’s labor office.

The Jacobs case is curious to me (and is making its way through the court system) because it’s the first time anyone can recall in the 75-year history of Bridgeport Civil Service that the non-political personnel director was terminated.

Jacobs claims he was fired without just cause. He butted heads with Mayor Bill Finch. As a result, he says, he was victimized by a trumped-up charge. Others familiar with Jacobs say there was far more at play than the one charge for which he was canned. Civil service commissioners followed the termination course as advised by legal counsel. 

City officials, including Guedes, have been silent about the Jacobs case per legal advice. But since Jacobs’ firing a few weeks ago several readers have contacted me charging that Eleanor lives in Trumbull in violation of city charter provisions. (Civil service commissioners are appointed to five-year terms by the mayor and approved by the City Council.) And it raises a much broader question: what is bona fide residency?

From the Secretary of State

Residence for Voting Purposes

“Bona fide residence” of an individual is his fixed home or fixed place of abode, to which, when he is temporarily absent, he intends to return, provided that if he relinquishes his dwelling place in a town during a period of temporary absence, with the present intention of returning to that town at the end of the absence, then that town where he formerly lived is his town of bona fide residence during that period of absence.

To determine the particular residence, objective factors must substantiate a subjective declaration of intention. Admitting officials must determine from the evidence available whether an individual is actually a bone fide resident.

So to me the evidence suggests Guedes is not a bona fide resident of 1425 Noble Avenue, and likely is a resident of Trumbull in the traditional sense. But she claims to be a resident of Bridgeport. Does this constitute a breach of loyalty to either Bridgeport or Trumbull? There are consequences for living in one town and voting in another. Maybe in Eleanor’s mind she is a bona fide resident. Should the City Charter be amended to allow non residents that own a business in Bridgeport or work in the city to serve on boards and commissions? And is all of this much ado about nothing? What say you?

Primary Eve

Poise your scorecards. One day until primary insanity. Democratic candidates for City Council in four districts and voting places below:

District 135: Peter Clarke and Mary McBride-Lee challenging incumbents Warren Blunt and Richard Bonney. Isa Mujahid is running solo.

District 136: Mark Trojanowski running solo against incumbents Angel DePara and Carlos Silva.

District 137: Maria Valle and Christina Ayala versus endorsed candidates Lydia Martinez and Manny Ayala. Valle is an incumbent City Council member who was dumped by the town committee.

District 138: Three slates here. Incumbents Bob Curwen and Rich Paoletto challenged by Andy Fardy and Ann Barney, and James Morton and Tyreke Bird.

Voting precincts:

District 135: Park City Magnet School, 1526 Chopsey Hill Rd; Wilbur Cross School, 1775 Reservoir Ave; Hallen School, 51 Omega Ave; Read Middle School, 130 Ezra St.

District 136: St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1475 Noble Ave; Geraldine Johnson School, 475 Lexington Ave; Read Middle School, 130 Ezra St. Note: Columbus School voters, due to construction there, vote at Johnson School.

District 137: Luis Muñoz Marin, 479 Helen St; Bridge Academy, 401 Kossuth St.

District 138: John F. Kennedy Campus, 700 Palisade Ave; Thomas Hooker School, 138 Roger Williams Road.

Phone number for Democratic registrar, 576-7281.

Ramos  Speaks

Interesting statement from Superintendent of Schools John Ramos who’s been taken to task for frittering Board of Education surplus dough. Ramos has taken heat in the past week for not compensating school nurses this summer even though they had a deal requiring payment as part of a giveback deal, and now comes word about squandered surplus money that was returned to the city. See Ramos statement below:


The Budget Surplus

Good Afternoon. Last week we shared with the Board of Education the fact that the budget balance for ’08-’09 was $2 million higher than expected. In what was a highly complex budget year, the reasons for this development are multiple and include culpability on the part of both us, the Board of Education, and the city. Once this information became evident to us, we immediately brought it to the attention of the elected Board of Education and the public. Further, we are continuing to salvage whatever portion of this surplus that we can, and working to ensure that any missteps are not repeated. I’m sharing this with you at this time so you will have heard it directly from me. I urge you not to draw your conclusions from the media or local blog. If you have questions, please call me. Most of us work hard. We need every dollar that we fight for. The additional surplus is painful, but we will continue to fight on in every venue for our scholars.


Dr. John J. Ramos, Sr., Ed.D., Superintendent

Bridgeport Public Schools



To: John J. Ramos, Sr., Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools

PC: Board of Education Members

Robert Henry, Chief of Staff

From: Julio Molleda, Director of Finance & Business Services

RE: FY08-09 Bridgeport Public Schools Operating Budget Report

Date: September 9, 2009

The information presented below intends to provide additional factors contributing to the increased surplus.

As of 7/24/09, a modified budget surplus of $2,370,664 was being projected (see attached budget report). As of 9/4/09 and after all outstanding purchase orders were closed and year-end accruals were finally posted, a modified budget surplus of $4,571,922 resulted (budget report also enclosed). This surplus is $2,071,922 over the BOE committed surplus of $2,500,000 to assist the City in addressing the projected fiscal deficit.

Below is a summarization of variances by major account categories:

$ 546,115 In planning for fiscal year 09-10 MUNIS implementation the City stated that the payroll for July 10, ’09 would be charged 100% to fiscal year 08-09 to allow for a “as clean as possible” transition into the MUNIS system; however, the reversal of this decision by the City generated the additional surplus by charging three days of salary to the fiscal year 09-10.

$ 123,000 Unanticipated Special Education Revenues received during July and August and crediting the out-of – district tuition line.

$ 147,646 Year-end pre-buys moved to FY09-10 as a result of vendors not being able to deliver goods or services together services with invoices prior to June 30, 2009 as required by the City related to the MUNIS system implementation. In prior years, goods needed to be encumbered by 6/30 and merchandise could be received and paid against the open purchase order once the goods had been received. Services had to be rendered by 6/30 but invoices could be processed till the end of mid August.

$ 363,016 Special Education Transportation savings and gasoline.

$1,028,670 Facilities Maintenance and Repairs including Custodial Supplies, Utilities, Landscaping Services, HVAC Equipment, Maintenance & Repairs, etc. The entering and approval of invoices into the financial system is centralized under the Accounts Payable function in City Finance. The experienced staff turnover due to City wide lay-offs and the delay in replacing positions, negatively impacted the Department’s ability to perform routine financial functions. Some past-due invoices in Utilities and Cleaning supplies have been incorporated in this latest forecast. The process of identifying other past due invoices by the Facilities Department continue at the present time.

In Summary, control over some basic financial operations functions residing in City Departments does not necessarily address the operating needs of the school system. MJLM report addressed, among several recommendations, the need of a single line budget item approval by City Council that was not adopted by the Education Committee of the City Council even though this recommendation was approved in full by both the BOE and the City Council in previous meetings. Some of these functions, like the posting of payrolls, journal entries, purchase order creation, etc. are examples of items currently handled by City Finance.

Some of the current procurement issues deal with the lack of approval for “standing” orders also known as “blanket” purchase orders. This means that individual lines have to be entered in the requisition stretching limited personnel resources and delaying the creation of purchase orders and therefore the delivery of goods and services on a timely manner. It is not uncommon in the Education field to have purchase orders with multiple lines.

Regarding the Internal Service Fund, cost projections were not shared with our Department during Budget Development despite our request. Attached please find copy of City Ordinance regarding the Internal Service Fund. Attached please find FY08-09 and FY09-10 Summary information regarding the Internal Service Fund. Please note that the projected expenditures FY 09-10 are fully funded by our requested increase of 6.5% and meets the $40 million obligation.

All the above illustrate the manner in which the financial management of the BOE affairs are continuously handicapped in the performance of its duties, which in most school districts is a given. Furthermore, this was an unusual year in which we were first approached regarding a $7 million dollar contribution to the city to assist in eliminating the larger deficit of $20 million. This continued to manifest throughout the year causing employee lay offs, furloughs and bumping of staff into positions that required training and upgrading of skills



  1. According to Zaba Search:

    48 TELLER RD Neighborhood & Property Report Record Created: Unknown

    Personal phone # for this address available in this record but deleted by Yahooy as a matter of privacy.

  2. The letter of the law clearly indicates that Eleanor clearly does not meet the residency test and should not be appointed to head the Civil Service commission.

    Zaba Search also shows that she owns property in Bridgeport that houses her business. The property is likely to pay a significant amount of property tax including vehicle and business equipment tax. Unlike DiNardo, Guedes’ taxes are current.

    She has “skin in the game” and should be able to participate in municipal management like any other taxpayer.

    1. No hairsplit to be found. If there are no residential facilities at 1425 Noble Avenue, Ms. Guedes must resign from the Civil Service Commission. Black-letter law, as my father used to say. It does not require Solomonic wisdom to sort this one out; there ain’t no baby to be halved.

    2. The law is “a resident and registered voter of the city.” It does not say a taxpayer. Nominate yourself for the “Philistine of the Week” award.
      Let’s disregard the City Charter because we like Eleanor Guedes or because she pays her taxes.
      Unless she can prove that her bona fide residence is Noble Avenue she should be removed from the board post haste.

      1. Hmmm … too bad she will lose her long-time position, but what goes around comes around. Maybe Ms. Guedes will begin to share the interworkings of a typical Bridgeport board of commissioners. Maybe she will share how the Mayors talk to the Boards before the meetings, or call the individual members at home, to strongly suggest how they vote at hearings. She might tell how supervisors do the same for disciplinary hearings and how non-objective these boards really are … well, they are appointed by the Mayors, don’t forget.
        live by the sword, die by the sword. It could make for interesting news, at least here.

  3. Hey Len! Go another step forward in your Guedes inquiry. Contact the Registrars of Voters in both Bridgeport AND TRUMBULL and inquire as to whether Guedes is registered in each of those communities AND whether she had voted in past recent elections. That information is available if these offices have maintained their records correctly.

  4. Eleanor Guedes, the president of the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission, is allowed to have property in other towns but Lennie as you stated, “So to me the evidence suggests Guedes is not a bona fide resident of 1425 Noble Avenue, and likely is a resident of Trumbull in the traditional sense. But she claims to be a resident of Bridgeport.” This would suggest that the Bridgeport Civil Service Commission cannot go forward on making decisions until this matter is resolve properly. Lennie, you also said, “Does this constitute a breach of loyalty to either Bridgeport or Trumbull?” No, this is much deeper than loyalty but I not will not accuse Ms. Guedes of any wrongdoing until this is resolved. If Ms. Guedes is NOT a bona fide resident of Bridgeport, well … … … … … … … … …

  5. Off topic but certainly not unenlightening …

    Friend of mine toured the Black Rock Bank & Trust Co. building formerly occupied (illegally) by International Performing Arts, Joe “Snake Oil, Anyone?” Celli’s allegedly nonprofit arts organization. Joe, true gentleman that he is, trashed the place, tipping over refuse barrels, knocking over office partitions, etc. As per Lennie’s request I will not refer to Mr. Celli by a specific epithet. I can, however, call him what he truly is, which is a sorry-assed motherfucker AND a poor loser.

    1. So Kid riddle me this; when you say a friend “toured” the building was this a visit authorized by the city of Bridgeport or was this an unaccompanied midnight tour? Because if he was there as a guest of the city then shame on the city for not cleaning up the place, if what you say is true. But the myopic Finch administration probably figure it will save a couple of hundred bucks by not cleaning up and force the new owner to do so; however any new owner would have to have second thoughts about the overall level of maintenance that the city or former tenant maintained.
      But if it gives the Kid one more chance to bash Joe Celli then God bless him.

      1. I don’t know that the building is actually sold, but the city is cleaning it up in order to sell it. It wasn’t a midnight tour; she accompanied city employees inspecting the property.

  6. As is the case with Eleanor Guedes, I had a similar complaint with the Library Board. A former constituent of mine had served very admirably on the board for several years. He was truly dedicated to the libraries and a solid contributor to its mission. At the time, the board was working on the renovations to the Black Rock Library and since he was a licensed architect his skills were very valuable. However, he upped and moved to Fairfield. I pointed out that he had to be replaced. The president of the board initially resisted suggesting that if ever an exception should be granted, now was the time. I would not back down and eventually the board manned up and replaced him.
    If Yahooy wants to change the rules then let him go to work. But he should be aware that all of the members of the BRBC will be buying up postage-sized parcels of land and Finch will gladly stack all of the boards with people who have no real interest in the city because they are not residents. Live by the rules or change the rules but no exceptions to rules like this.

    1. Bob, so it would be correct to state that when Sylvester Salcedo sells his love nest on the East Side and moves (assuming his mate picks another town to move to), Salcedo has to resign from the library board?
      When you see Paul T. tell him I have e-mail-sized parcels for sale–he can “surf” on these parcels.
      Maybe Eleanor Guedes can use Keith Rodgerson’s new address.

    2. OK, you obstructionist son of a bitch. I see your point.

      I agree. Only because you are right. The Calamarians will, indeed, buy up postage stamp properties (whatever the hell postage stamp properties are) and Pfinch will stack the commissions with his slugs.

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    I’m guessing that the digitally restored version will be shown, complete with clips of the “greatest rock and roll band in the world” grinding out transcendental versions of two Chuck Berry numbers, “Carol” and a swaggering take on “Little Queenie.”

    Do I sound like a Rolling Stones fan? Sure, I knew you’d say that …

  8. This could also be a case for the Public Integrity section of the Connecticut State Attorney’s office under Fraudulent Voting, Connecticut General Statute 9-360.

    This was the section that Carlos Lopez of Farmington was just arrested on last week for fraudulently voting 3 times in Hartford while living in Farmington. Guedes could be off the hook if her driver’s license reflects Bridgeport address.

    Paging Bridgeport Ethics Commission!!!

    Is John Ramos now the 6 million dollar man? Time to say Vamos, Ramos!

    1. “Bridgeport Ethics Commission”? Ain’t that an oxymoron, like “military intelligence,” “jumbo shrimp” and “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”?

  9. After Jacobs prevails in court Bill Finch ought to be made to wear a dunce cap and write “I’m a little fucking asshole” five hundred times on a blackboard at McLevy Green.

    1. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that Mayor Finch can’t be making all of these bad decisions hisself. No one is that big a stupid asshole. Adam “Pecker” Wood, as Mr. Finch’s Chief of Staff, Major Domo and Executive Yes Man, deserves at least part of the blame for the sorry state of affairs at City Hall.

      We can’t truly blame Finch for the budget deficit; he inherited something that had been hidden from public view for thirty or forty years. He has been trying to do something about it, to his credit. All of these other bad decisions … My mother used to say a lie is still a lie; it will always be a lie no matter how many times it is repeated. This bullshit about Riccio? Eh, sounds like he was freeloading on the taxpayers’ bucks. (How much networking is necessary? Get the fucking ships to dock in Bridgeport!) This business with Ralph Jacobs? Looks like there’s more to that story. It may all come out eventually but it is going to cost the city a lot more than a $36,000.00 credit-card bill.

  10. “The additional surplus is painful, but we will continue to fight on in every venue for our scholars.”

    Is this a painful statement, or a not paying full attention statement by Ramos? It sounds more like a dumb statement.

    Glad to see he and his admins read the blog.

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    Run Julio, run.
    And who is Rosie? Hmmm. Do you think that this might be one reason why Ramos is suddenly dropping his hissy-fit with the school nurses? Maybe Rosie is one of the leaders in 1199!

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  13. If it’s determined that Guedes is not a resident, does that invalidate the commission vote?

    I heard that the district leaders are preparing their “wish lists” to be handed into David Dunn. David’s job is to match the people on the list with any and all vacant positions. David is getting names from all over the place. People you could not believe are on that list!!! So much for the hiring freeze. Shame on all the CS commissioners for taking an oath and then violating it.

    TC, good luck tomorrow. I hope you and Ann start the trend of CHANGE!

    1. Right on. The best way to effect change is from inside. Attacking from without only causes an opponent to bolster the defenses. And Mr. Bill thinks the job of Mayor of Bridgeport is a birthright. (And if pigs had wings …)

    2. Thank You ANN & I are confident that we will bring change to the 138th district.
      Grin they can’t be that confident; they papered my street Saturday telling people the street was going to be paved in 2 weeks. That lie was addressed and none of the Dems on Nutmeg Rd fell for that last-minute desperation move. I checked with every Democrat on the street.

  14. “I urge you not to draw your conclusions from the media or local blog.”

    I wonder what “local blog” Supt. Ramos is referring to. I need to know the answer in order to know whether I can draw a conclusion from what looks like a press release from Supt. Ramos.

  15. Blogging from my blackberry bold something you old folks do not know about. Verizon is the best in NYC good luck to all the challengers; Fardy make sure you get the vote out.

  16. donj, yesterday I met with some racist, uncaring and old Republicans. I approached the members of the Education Committee and had a brain-storming session in how we could help you become a better writer and blogger. This is the free Republican solution to your problem. Feel free to share it with Mojo:

    www .junketstudies.com/rulesofw/

  17. Good luck TC, the City needs you to help bring reason to the Council.
    The two incumbents are entrenched “machinists” and both have made out very well in the past years … you will need every bit of luck to beat them. I can’t help thinking the “machine” has some devious plan for the elections.

  18. Joel if you did not notice I put you on blast a couple days ago; before you judge learn how to spell yourself you spelled care wrong you spelled it car haha lol that shit was priceless. Still, Joel and John from Black Rock are my all-time favorite people on here. Been nice blogging with you two for 2 years.


    The Budget Surplus

    Good Afternoon. Last week we shared with the Board of Education the fact that the budget balance for ’08-’09 was $2 million higher than expected. In what was a highly complex budget year, the reasons for this development are multiple and include culpability on the part of both us, the Board of Education, and the city.
    “Honest, it is true, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, nor the left foot, nor the right foot, nor … Uh, I’m having trouble reaching back there.”

  20. BARF; Thank you. You are right you never know what they will do. The thing Ann & I are concentrating on is getting our vote out. Doing that means that everything else will take care of itself. In either case it will all be over in 25 hrs.
    To all that have blogged offering support to Ann & I we say THANK YOU.


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