What’s In Your Crystal Ball For 2019? Ganim Challengers?

Moore, Ganim
From 2016, Marilyn Moore with Joe Ganim at lectern. Will she take him in?

What’s cooking politically for 2019? A messy special counsel probe into a Republican president facing inquisition from a Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives; new Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont enjoying a Democratic-dominant legislature navigating revenue items such as tolls, sports betting, expanded casino gaming and commercial marijuana; a reelection campaign of Mayor Joe Ganim against to-be-determined opposition.

When it comes to politics, Connecticut’s largest city rarely disappoints, right? Could we face another wild ride as was the case in 2015 when Ganim made a historic comeback lancing incumbent Democrat Bill Finch in a primary on his way to a general election win?

Four years ago Ganim was assembling the pieces to challenge Finch who was preoccupied with the specter of Ganim’s return than running heavily on his own record. Finch had all the advantages: power of incumbency, public payroll, huge financial resources, a majority of the party backing him, albeit undercut by Ganim exploiting Finch’s soft spots.

Not anyone was going to defeat Finch four years ago; it required someone of Ganim’s retail skills, volunteer base and financial support to take him out.

Fast forward four years and it’s the same, not just anyone’s gonna be a threat to Ganim, barring something kooky happening.

Ganim will be heavily financed, he’ll build more party support than Finch, he’ll enter the gut of the campaign not raising taxes for three straight years, development projects are underway–some Ganim initiated, some left over from Finch–that he’ll tout on the campaign trail.

That’s not to say Ganim isn’t vulnerable in some neighborhoods, particularly Black Rock, seething from the 2016 revaluation of taxable property that croaked their bank accounts coupled by his insatiable appetite to run for governor so soon after Bridgeport voters brought him back. Still, campaigns are about matchups and the opposition must be sufficiently financed with a strong volunteer core to make the case why the incumbent should be fired.

The highest profile name emerging, given her elected position, loathing of political establishment and resistance to Ganim is State Senator Marilyn Moore. If Moore gets in she’ll have little political support, both by design and discipline. Moore is not a political schmoozer, even among her Bridgeport legislative delegation peers. She likes to maintain distance. What she sees as a nod to an outsider’s appeal they see as lack of team approach pushing a unified legislative agenda.

Case in point is her reluctance to attend delegation meetings to craft strategy in advance of the January legislative session. For them that’s lack of team play, for her it’s breach of her outsider’s existentialism. In deference to Moore’s point of view, embracing the political establishment did not foster her state senate elections, and some of her supporters (paging former City Councilman Bob “Troll” Walsh) argue if you’re going to be an outsider you must go all the way, there’s no in between.

But isn’t there a balance to what you do governmentally in the cause of team spirit to further your future political ambitions?

Running for state senator is a different animal than running for mayor that brings a broader audience, requires passionate volunteer base with the financial resources ($250,000) to hammer home a message to inspire voter turnout. You can’t show up in April with no pieces in place and wage a representative battle.

That’s not to suggest potential Ganim opponents aren’t building the blocks for a campaign infrastructure. You just can’t show up in April without them in advance of a September Democratic primary.



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    1. Really. For the last year and especially the last six months,people have been asking …What is Marcus Brown smoking? His City Council comments and behaviors are irregular and don’t make sense and these public comments don’t make any sense either.

  2. A Ganim, Moore, Lopez primary puts Ganim back as mayor. We know that Moore is thinking about running for mayor. I have not heard anything about Judge Lopez willingness to run for mayor yet. I feel that there needs to be a sit-down between Moore and Lopez if they both are considering to run for mayor. Again, a split vote is a Ganim victory, Joe Ganim is very vulnerable now because his key base of Black voters is not as strong and he will definitely lose a lot of Black voters if Senator Moore runs and the same if Judge Lopez runs, Ganim will lose support there also.

    1. Ron, why would you have personally heard of Judge Lopez running for Mayor?

      Lopez will easily transcend more affluent neighborhoods, Hispanic neighborhoods and Black neighborhoods. She had done amazing work in all these communities over the last decade without anything in return.

      Marilyn will not make a dent in Hispanic neighborhoods.

        1. Thomas Hooker is a true middle /upper class neighborhood and is not “white”.
          It is diverse with whites, Hispanics, Hairians, Jamaicans and many residents from NY.

          1. Define middle/upper class please? Or should I say define “affluent”? Is Thomas Hooker the only “middle/upper class” (affluent) neighborhood in the port? What about Upper North End, Black Rock, Brooklawn? Is “affluent” restricted to only divers neighborhoods? Is there such a thing as a “affluent” Hispanic or Black neighborhood in the port? But to my point, you singled out Hispanics and blacks, is there anything as a white neighborhood in the port or can there be? PS you told us how Lopez done amazing work in the “Affluent”, black, and Hispanic neighborhoods. What work has she done in the port”s white neighborhoods. 🙂 Please don’t take these question in a threatening manner. I don’t want to defend myself against a restraining order. 🙂 How many have you had and received. Think about your “affluent” level of play. In someplaces beyond your “Thomas Hooker” borders there is only one race, yet it still has its problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8arUrurVgaY

  3. WOW
    Ron you and Maria! I’m hearing a lot of other names of those who might Run for Mayor. Well at lease we know who’s supporting Sen. Moore and Judge Lopez. A big surprise is coming Stay Tune!

  4. Brother Newton, I don’t think Mackey nor Maria are saying that Senator Moore or Judge Lopez are or should be the only two running. I think they are saying that Bridgeport can’t find two better candidates than these two ladies who would certainly give their heart and soul to the city and its resident’s while not participating in the business as usual that we’ve seen always in Bridgeport politics. Bridgeport deserves better than the Same ole Same ole.

    1. Brother Day, I respect that point of view. When the time comes we should hold a forum and let the people listen to their plat-forms . Don its going to be very interesting but some of us are willing to hold the powers to be accountable. We need men and women willing to speak Truth to Power! I for one am so glad that a ran without the party’s endorsement and no one really believed or gave me any chance on winning a seat on the city council because I was going up against the democrat bosses. Eastend and Mill-Hill section believed in me. The Voters are what counts! I’ll be watching and listening.

      1. Marilyn Moore for Mayor. Why in G##’s name would Ret. Judge Carmen Lopez seek this office. Bridgeport Civic Leaders are beneficiaries of Judge Lopez’ advice but she has been very clear that she will walk away when her advice is wasted. We need integrity and a real desire and ability to tackle the everyday issues of Bridgeport. The only person I know who fits that bill is State Senator Marilyn Moore.

        1. Frank, if you are in any way implying Judge Lopez lacks integrity, you are completely out-of-line.

          There isn’t a single resident in Bridgeport more qualified to be Mayor. Absolutely no one

          What Judge Lopez will not accept is being disrespected by anyone.

          She doesn’t tolerate it and she absolutely shouldn’t.

          1. Maria,I was not implying that Carmen Lopez does not have personal integrity. Quite the opposite. I was listing the above personal characteristics and comparing to the present Mayor,Joe Ganim.

      2. Come on Ernie, it’s not like you wouldn’t have taken the endorsement. Didn’t they, the DTC, endorse like the longest running councilman over you? Day’s on point in what he seems to be Truth to Power. PS we know who’s NOT supporting Moore and Lopez. 🙂 FIY I read Wikipedia and it said “As a result, of your win to city council Bridgeport now has two convicted felons in its city government” you and Joe. Good Job Bridgeport, bridging the gap of racism and equality. 🙂 https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-newton-wins-0521-20120521-story.html

        1. ROB
          You missed the point I won with out the powers to be. What that means is that i can stand on my on. Its the People that Vote! Rob I see you must not live in Bridgeport because its made up of a lot of ex-felons and We have the right to VOTE! Justice is not always fair but remember you’re not GOD so stop trying to him. 2019 will be an exciting Year maybe Rob for Mayor lol!

          1. Ernie, really? Are you saying that you maybe a few others have NOT consider talking to a Hispanic male to run for mayor or you already have spoken with this person?

          2. Ron Mackey, I’m Not out looking for people to run for Mayor, you asked me what Hispanic Male was i supporting. Maybe you know something i don’t Know but again i have not heard of any Hispanic Males RUNNING FOR MAYOR! I am sure the field will be Crowed soon. Stay Tune you will be surprised!

          3. You missed my point. You also lost and won with the power to be. So it goes to show, who is the power to be? I didn’t know being a felon was a prerequisite to live in the port. 🙂 besides a felon is only a criminal that got caught. 🙂 As for saying I am God, I never said I was, but Thanks Moses 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hsl5UG9O_c

  5. RE: the cloudless crystal ball.
    Who’s the only person with a Bridgeport-themed TRIBUTE web site?
    Local Eyes
    Who’s the only person using the internet to make a direct link with Bridgeport’s Economic Director and visitors to the .com version of BostonMassUSA and NewYorkNewYork1 ?
    Local Eyes

  6. There is only one name being mentioned thus far who had proven electability and that is Marilyn Moore.
    She has taken on the machine twice in a Primary; once as a challenger against a several time incumbent and once as herself an incumbent. Both times she proved victorious.
    And in general election she has one all three times rolling up margins in Bridgeport to offset the Republicand in Trumbull and Monroe.
    If she is a go then I’m with her. No doubt about it.

    1. Your candidate isn’t an outsider. She’s not impartial. She was photographed hugging the incoming Governor!
      There’s no such thing as an outsider who co-chairs the Bond Commission.
      Contrary to your supposed frugality, you’ve overspent your stipend!

  7. From all of the rumblings on this blog and in the community, it would appear that we’ll have at least a 5-way Democratic Primary (with at least two, pure, “spoiler” candidates among these…) And, of course, there will be a sacrificial R, plus at least one “spoiler” R working for the D’s… And there will be an “i” or two — not including the “smart” D’s running with a failsafe “i” option…

    And, with the new governor’s obvious appreciation of Bridgeport’s Hispanic, GA-delegation members, as well as his appreciation of the emergent power of the Hispanic electorate — in Bridgeport, and statewide — it would seem that there will be encouragement fro the governor’s quarters for some Hispanic, mayoral candidate in the upcoming, Bridgeport electoral season… And we have to assume that this new governor will be looking to create a new balance of power in the state for down-county purposes, as well as larger appearances and pragmatic, future considerations for is own purposes… This would suggest he will want to tap into large, untapped portion of Bridgeport’s/Connecticut’s Hispanic vote…

    This, latter situation, together with the local dynamics of this season of electoral discontent in Bridgeport, could turn conventional expectations for this mayoral election on its ear, and put the usual suspects in the hinterlands… And with the casino/anti-casino money looking for good bets, the playing field in this mayoral election might well not have much “tilt.” It could actually come down to the better of candidates, with the better of platforms, getting the ear of voters that showed up in November to demonstrate their willingness to advocate for themselves in an independent manner…

    Look for the smarter, feistier, more honest, more-independent of the candidates seeking the D-spot to emerge as our new mayor in November… There are only a couple of the potential candidates that can be paired with more than two of those adjectives — and we know who they are, and neither is male…

  8. Maria, I had not heard that Judge Lopez was considering running for mayor, I had suggested that she run for mayor before any other name was being mentioned. I suggested that if both were considering running for mayor then they needed to have a sit down.

    1. Ron, yes you have. You posted a similar comment about Marilyn and Judge Lopez sitting down to talk well over a month ago.
      That was in response to repeated posts made about Judge Lopez running for Mayor.
      I know that I will work seven (7) days a week with 70-80 hours a week to get Judge Lopez elected. Judge Lopez will take the 138th District.

  9. Marilyn Moore better announce something in January or she(and her supporters) will be behind the ball. Senator Marilyn Moore…if you read OIB or if any of your supporters read OIB.. please take note. You have to declare sometime in January.

  10. Ernie Newton, two black candidates who ran for mayor in the against Joe Ganim, business man George Bellinger and banker Carl Horton, both men did not qualify to run in the primary because they didn’t get enough signatures for their petition. Bridgeport has never had a black mayor and only one woman mayor. Well Bridgeport is a majority minority City with Blacks and Hispanics put together they are the majority.

    Ernie, here are a few names that have been mentioned on OIB, Chris Rosario, Don Clemons, Andres Ayala, Charlie Stallworth and even your name Ernie has been mention. I know that you are not supporting Marilyn Moore and Carmen Lopez, so Ernie have you spoken to any of those listed about them running for mayor?

  11. Ernie,are you telling us to “stay tuned” because Rev Stallworth is thinking about running??.Haha,c’mon Ernie..He has been fleecing our city for years,only reason he wants to run is to spite Joe.


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