What’s In Your Crystal Ball For 2014? Battle Cry: If You Want To Be Close To Everything, Bring Your Business To Steelpointe Harbor

Bass Pro Shops rendering
Bass Pro Shops rendering. Will construction start?

A lot of campaign action is on the horizon for the new year, elections for governor, Congress, state legislature and, as local as local can get, races for the 90-member Democratic Town Committee, the pols who conduct party business and endorse candidates for public office. The positioning has started with more to come with district primaries on tap for March followed by election of town chair.

So many questions for 2014:

Will the insurgents who defeated all Democratic-endorsed candidates in the September 2013 primary seek to overthrow town committee districts?

Will anyone challenge Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa?

Will Marilyn Moore challenge State Senator Anthony Musto in a Democratic primary?

Will State Rep. Christina Ayala, under investigation by the state for possible election law violation, face a primary? The city’s director of Anti-Blight Neighborhood Revitalization Chris Rosario’s name has been mentioned.

Will someone step up to challenge Christina’s mom, Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala?

How about the other members of the city’s legislative delegation?

Will the Connecticut Working Families Party, with Maria Pereira as local chair, build broader political coalitions for elected offices?

Steelpointe leasing plan
Steelpointe Harbor battle cry: If you want to be close to everything, bring your business to Steelpointe Harbor!

On the development front, with site work underway, will Brass Pro Shops start spring construction on the Steel Point redevelopment area on the East Side? Link to Steelepointe Harbor leasing info here.

How will revaluation impact the city budget?

Can Mayor Bill Finch avoid another tax increase?

How many mayoral candidates will step up to challenge Finch with his 2015 election on the horizon?

Share your predictions.



  1. 2014 will be an uptick for the Bridgeport area, whose realization will come in 2015. None of this will come to fruition due to steel point, Bass Pro Shops or any political hack. Steel point may be developed, but not because of that dog and pony show being conducted by politicians.

  2. Everything stated by the developer and city all of 2013 was Bass Pro construction would start “LATER THIS YEAR.” Pie in the sky, my friend. Also, look at that beautiful 180k sq ft building on the western portion of steel point. A WATERFRONT WALMART! Embarrassing to say the least.

  3. We get a new registrar of voters. Musto is dusto. Christina Ayala gets bounced. A new Superintendent of Schools is found before Thanksgiving. Lydia Martinez falls overboard during an excursion on the Ferry to Port Jeff. The entire portion of Bridgeport that lies West of Park Avenue from Capitol Ave all the way down to Seaside Park is purchased by the Town of Fairfield.

  4. Fairfield would not want public housing or Residence C zoning. Meanwhile, what’s this I hear abut another City employee, Chris Rosario in line for a State Rep endorsement for Christina Ayala’s position?

  5. All OIB readers are urged to have a Happy New Year and to Activate your Awesomeness by helping Bridgeport surpass its potential in 2014. Everybody has it in them so turn yours on!


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