What Will Be In Finch’s Budget?

If history repeats itself, Mayor Bill Finch will submit an election-year budget to the City Council with no tax increase, bolstered by an improved grand list, as CT Post scribe Brian Lockhart reports, with the specter of property revaluation a backdrop of the mayoral campaign. Finch will present his spending plan to the City Council early next week.

From Lockhart:

But there will still be plenty of debate in this mayoral election year about a looming property revaluation and what it means for local wallets and candidates for City Hall come 2016.

While Mayor Bill Finch successfully pushed off a 2013 revaluation for two years, the administration had, ideally, been seeking a five-year delay.

And for those seeking to block Finch from a third term, the revaluation is still a bogeyman to be used to question whether the incumbent has done enough during his eight years in office to grow the tax base and reduce the fiscal pain felt by current taxpayers.

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  1. If there is a specific fact to claim things are better, what is it? There either are actual transactions or the hypocrisy of wonderland makes Americans exceptional. That is pompous arrogant bellowing by the bullies to cover up their psychotic behavior.

    Americans are so deep in hypocrisy they are clueless and arrogant. I see government projects spending fake money we print. Why not print twice as much and build much more?

    China has 100 new cities with nobody living in them. The USA should build 100 more cities with fake money. The Chinese also have masks on their faces to breath filthy air. How can a dictator be so dumb? They built 100 vacant cities. They could build 1000 hydrogen fuel cells so they could breath.

  2. The missing GE plant and the missing taxes paid by GE won’t be in Finch’s budget. GE could have sold the building or they could have used the building. The plan to move Harding onto where the GE plant was will never pay taxes.

    None of the people worried about the coming tax hike must understand how their wealth got transferred to GE by Mayor Finch. Can taxes be charged on buildings that disappeared?


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