What, No Blue Point Oysters? State’s Tourism Campaign Kicks Off

Check out the intro video of “Still Revolutionary,” part of the state’s two-year, $27 million tourism campaign. What’s your take? Lots of images from eastern Connecticut, state casinos, etc. Maybe the state’s largest city will make the next cut. Tourism officials say more to follow. Hey, the finest oysters on the planet come from Long Island Sound. And you thought we had no pearls! Don’t worry, plenty of delicious oysters at the Black Rock Yacht & Athletic Club, location of OIB’s June 20 anniversary party, 5:30 p.m. How’s that for a slurpy plug?

From more info on the state’s tourism campaign www.facebook.com/VisitConnecticut



  1. To me after living in New York for four years during college made me realize how boring CT is and at the same time how Bridgeport is really the only fun place around here. This place is not for young people or young couples. In New York there is always something to do no matter what borough you are in and also I loved the diversity, so many different cultures. If you are living in Bridgeport be grateful because the rest of CT is basically boring!!! Not for young people.


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