What Else Is New? Cops Top Municipal Earners For 2021

It’s customary in Bridgeport: the top 100 municipal wage earners dominated by overtime-seeking police officers. It’s not their fault with staffing levels so short. Put the work in, earn the money, feed your family.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Thanks to overtime and the ability to cash in unused days off, the city’s police officers dominated the list of top 100 highest municipal earners in 2021, with 66 members of the force making the cut.

City Hall provided the data this week to Hearst Connecticut Media in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Retired Police Detective William Reilly left the department and municipal payroll on top with $287,680–$172,995 of which was a pay out for all of the time off that he accrued during his local law enforcement career.

Other officers who retired like Sgt. Santiago Llanos, Sgt. Everton Walker and Officer John Perry similarly achieved top rankings by forgoing vacations and sick days. Llanos was seventh on the list at $222,883, $111,690 of which was banked time off; Walker was 10th, having earned $203,320, $163,957 of that for unused days off; and Perry ranked 12th with total earnings of $196,332, including $136,550 worth of time off.

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  1. If you ask me that’s what their salaries should be every year. Who else wants to do the thankless job, in this city of all, and pray you walk out in one shape for lousy 60-70k a year.

    Ganims little aids make twice that and show up for work half the year.


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