What A Hoot–The Fast Lane Of Politics, Plus: Council Agenda And Memo From Mayor

He may be 60, but he can play, and maybe better than ever. Saturday night, Mo (that would be my wife) and I gyrated to the slammin’ sounds of the Eagles at a sold-out Madison Square Garden. If you’ve never seen the Eagles in concert–go, and pick up their new CD Long Road Out Of Eden. Just $10 at Wal-Mart.

But before the show, a select group of fans of Joe Walsh, the savant that created the blistering guitarist riffs for Eagles’ classics such as Life In The Fast Lane and In The City, were treated to a half hour in the MSG hospitality suite with the guitar wizard.

I snuck in a mini-interview with my favorite musician, a genial host who appeared relaxed and in good spirits. In a concert world that requires performers to tolerate a high level of repetition (fans want to hear the hits) Walsh said the one song that still always challenges him are his complex guitar notes in Hotel California.

“That’s one I always must think about. A lot of the other songs are second nature.”

Genesis of Fast Lane?

“I had the music sitting around and I turned it over to Don Henley who added the lyrics.”

I’ve never written a song lyric (I have enough trouble doing this) and Joe’s a nifty lyricist himself, so I had to ask about the song-writing process. What comes first, the music or the lyrics?

“For the most part it’s the music. I’d have to think about a song where the lyrics came first.”

That’s when Mo jumped in. “How about I Love Big Tits?”

Yup, Joe recorded a song that appeared on You Bought It: You Name It as (record company wasn’t crazy about the title) I.L.B.T.s. Joe didn’t miss a beat in his response to Mo.

“Yeah, that would be one!”

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience mass adulation at a Hooters’ convention, but something tells me that in Joe’s wilder days–tearing out hotel rooms–he probably did in the days before he embraced sobriety 15 years ago. By the way, even though Mo does not sport headlight-sized hooters, Joe graciously allowed her to stand next to him for a photo shoot! I’ve attached a little Fast Lane riffs for your enjoyment.

Life in the Fast Lane!

Clicking the arrow plays the clip.

Surely make you lose your mind.

Okay, on to the business at hand. Lots of chatter over the weekend about financing for the completion of Phil Kuchma’s Bijou Square development. Kuchma’s done wonders cleaning up a whole city block, the development is attracting city and suburban visitors, and it would be nice to enjoy additional housing downtown, which finally has a restaurant emergence on Fairfield Avenue.

Many candidates for state office will hear from election officials this week about qualifying for an Aug. 12 primary. Keith Cougar Rodgerson contacted OIB the other day: Don’t count me out! He’s out there hustling signatures in what could be a four-way primary to fill the seat being vacated by State Rep. Felipe Reinoso. Sly Salcedo and Chico Rivera have also pledged to challenge Democratic endorsed candidate Eze Santiago.

I spoke to Democratic Registrar Sandy Ayala this afternoon. She said Auden Grogins has qualified to challenge State Rep. Bob Keeley. This race is gonna be a hoot, if for no other reason than the entertainment value of watching two political characters going at it. Petitioning candidates have another week or so to submit signatures from five percent of registered Democrats in respective state election districts.

You smelling any upsets out there?

Anyone going to Johnny Fabs’ film fest next Monday at 7 at the Barnum Museum for the showing of The Accidental Mayor? Filmmaker Larry Locke unveils his docudrama about Fabs’ four years as mayor. I’ll be there. Lots of OIB readers appear in the film.

Memo From Mayor

The Mayor would like to remind city residents that alternate side of the street parking is in effect and will be enforced. Street sweepers are currently sweeping the red section of the city from the 1st of the month to the 10th. This includes the North End and the North Side of the City. Residents must park on the odd-numbered side of the street on odd-numbered days, and on the even-numbered side of the street on even-numbered days. All residents should check the signs posted in their areas.

Mayor Finch would also like to congratulate the students of Blackham School, who will be receiving a citation from the City Council at tonight’s Council meeting, for their dedication to community service activities.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting can be found here: 2008-06-02.DOC.



  1. Tits are like Martinis. One’s not enough! Three’s too many!!!
    Two are just right!!! Mo’s two from my peeping Tom perspective look just fine. You don’t have anything to complain about Grimaldi. We should all be so lucky to have a woman with such great genes and looks so great in jeans. You better watch out or she’ll be saying you have pece-a-dill. That’s Italian for a small prickle.

    Rumor has it that the Cougar is shooting downtown a re-make of a Fellini film directed by Lena Wertmuller starring Yahooy and Anna. I think the title is “Krautwurst”. You have to give our boy a tax credit for. Maybe OIB should have a gathering to support the Cougar and his tailgating party platform.

  2. You would think that any city employee on the payroll for more than fifteen minutes would KNOW that you can’t have busisness relationships with contractors whose work you oversee, directly or indirectly. Not in Bridgeport. It turns out that the Housing Department’s Director of Monitoring and Compliance (you know, the person responsible for making sure that program rules — like ethics requirements — are complied with) was doing just that. How did the City find out about this clear conflict of interest? It seems that the employee tried to use her city office to force her partner to pay her more! Only in Bridgeport!

    MEMO TO THE MAYOR: You need to hang an “Under New Management” sign on the Housing Department’s door…Wait a minute. Didn’t you promote her Boss?

  3. Kieth Cougar Rodgerson is a bullshitter extraordinaire. He’s hustling signatures to include himself in a four-way primary. Under what party? Democrat? What happened to Bridgeport First?

    Good luck, bullshitter.

    We don’t need any more “spoilers”. He has no hope of winning because he is a empty shirt and a jerk.

    He is Bridgeport’s own Ralph Nader. No hope of winning. Runs only to express a message. Takes votes away in a tight race that could have decided the outcome. Has an Ivy education and holes in his shoes.

    No more morons and shitheads in public office. That leaves you out…bullshitter.

  4. I thought Joe Walsh’s favorite hobby was carousing at Arthur’s Roundtable aka Huki Lau (sp?) and the Stratfield Hotel.

    Oh, my mistake, that might have been another Joe Walsh.

  5. Thanks Lennie – The vacation was great – friends, family and rest. Also, little or no talk of layoffs, budget deficits or Bpt politics.

  6. Problem number 1 in this city is that the Connecticut Post needs to break a months old story about corrupt activities by city employees before anyone knows anything although the rumors have been out there for some time.
    The Connecticut Post reports that “Faugno was suspended without pay from her $55,000 a year job and later signed a separation agreement with the city.” The timing does not qualify this as breaking news.
    It is time for the city to step forward whenever an employee is suspended without pay if we wish to restore public confidence in the workings of the city. By doing so, the public would have the opportunity to step forward if there are other issues with this employee or contractor. Instead the city sweeps it under the rug, enters into a separation agreement and then refuses comment on the facts.
    What about the former city official (not OIB’s Former City Official) who was rumored to be involved in the deal? Is Mayor Finch unable to comment on that, too?
    And what about this employee in Public Facilities who it is now rumored to be suspended, with or without pay for a no show job and illegal activities at the transfer station?
    Is the mayor waiting to sign an agreement there also so that he will not be able to comment publicly?
    Mayor Finch, when the public looks for a “new broom” it is to sweep City Hall clean of all of these corrupt practices and not simply to sweep them under a growing rug.
    Let the light shine on these wrongdoings and quit protecting the guilty!

  7. Oh for god’s sake Walsh, don’t you ever get sick of blaming the mayor for everything? The person got caught and was fired, what more do you want? Maybe there are legal issues that prevent him from commenting, get a life and stop finding fault with everyone and everything.

  8. City Kitty,

    Have to agree with Bob on this one (and little else). It is way too easy to use the “it’s a personnel matter” dodge to hide details of misconduct by PUBLIC employees.

  9. City Kitty,
    It comes with the territory. As Harry Truman would say, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
    If the mayor decides to keep from the public (as well as from the council) problem areas in the city how is the council supposed to set a budget? Determine where there is waste and what areas need more attention. If we have these practices going on in Economic Development and the mayor is looking to add bodies, is it because of these problems or in spite of them?
    If we have people in Public Facilities with what have been described to me as no show jobs allowing commercial haulers to dump for free, what are the budget implications here? How much more revenue should we be recognizing?
    This is not a good environment to foster in a city with financial problems and a reputation for doing things under the table.
    And I would hope more people would be saying stop picking on the taxpayers rather than stop picking on the mayor.
    But then again, maybe you have your own personal agenda that you are trying to protect.

  10. Joe Walsh when asked to comment on Bridgeport, Walsh said, In the City, you have a new kid in town, a Desperado who needs to come to his senses. He’s out buildin’ fences for too long now. Oh, he’s a hard head and they don’t his reasons, but the things that are pleasing him hurts the city right now. You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes.

    Too many DTC and council people are trying to live life in the fast lane, but it is only a life of illusions. Too many past leaders liked big tits and have gone down a rocky mountain way. They lived Hollywood lives. There were lines on the mirror, lines on their face, they pretended not to notice they were caught up in the race.

    But they were already gone cause they took it to the limit. Life was too good so far. They wanted limo’s to ride in the back, they locked the doors in case of attack. He wanted a mansion to tear out the walls and have developers pay for it all. You never know, but I think the same mistakes will get made over and over. In the long run it will be just wasted time.

    Of course that is what Joe Walsh might say if he could actually string words together to make a paragraph.

  11. Bob Walsh, I have no agenda at all, it’s just that all you do is complain about everything this mayor does and it’s so annoying. You did the same thing with the previous mayors too. I don’t know whats going on in public works with whoever but somebody got caught doing something wrong and got suspended. The article in the paper said the lady got fired, so how do you justify complaining about the mayor when measures were taken. Sometimes you can’t comment about things that are being investigated, everyone knows that. If anyone has an agenda, it’s you – and it’s getting old now. You obviously think you are superior to everyone, so why didn’t you run for mayor. Always finger pointing and never coming up with any solutions. You are just so full of b.s.

  12. FCO – Bob Walsh is always looking to throw dirt on whoever is in office. I think he has a problem with authority figures and should take a good look at whatever agenda he has, it’s never a positive one that’s for sure. He’s just a mean guy with a hot temper and not much else going on.

  13. Seems like Bob Walsh makes City Kitty hot under her collar. City Kitty so what it is you like about Finch? His political appointments purrhaps? I am getting sick of these accidental Mayors. We got two in a row – can’t someone get elected on purpose in this town? Oh wait, I think you need qualifications for that.

  14. johnb

    You can call Bill Finch many things, but an accidental mayor is NOT one of them. The powers that be in the Democratic Party went out and recruited him, got him through the primary and the election. He’s all theirs.

  15. City He is a creation of John Stafstrom and a few district leaders. Noone else wanted to step up. Let’s face it you have to be nuts to lead this circus.

  16. Wondering,

    He actually was the best choice in the Democratic primary. Isn’t that a sad commentary on the state of Bridgeport politics and the Democratic Party.

  17. Wondering, you are so right. You can’t blame good people for not wanting to run for mayor when all they get is people ripping them apart the minute they take office. Yes, I respect Finch; his work was cut out for him the minute he got elected. People like Walsh do annoy me because all they do is criticize, but never make any positive moves. I watched Walsh perform at a budget council meeting and he is insulting and disrespectful to the mayor. It was a disgrace. I really don’t care about who Finch’s appointees are, every mayor picks who he wants working for him, everywhere, not just in B-port.

  18. City Kitty you should care who the Mayor has on his payroll. I used to respect Finch until he showed that he was a spineless wimp. He had his work cut out for him because he didn’t have a clue as to how to run a City and he didn’t hire the right people to help him. He made all these recent political appointments, after a so-called hiring freeze, and laying off much more experienced people. How come he gets to hide all these people in his staff budget? His layoffs were vindictive and his appointments were based on jobs promised by Stafstrom and company during the election, in return for DTC votes and in an attempt to control some of the state reps. Yeah, Mayors get to appoint who they want, doesn’t make the appointments right or any good. Just ask Joe Ganim.

  19. City Kitty–Perhaps you should spend a little less time blogging on the OIB site (sorry Len) and get back to the city job you are beating the hell out of. You have some nerve … That’s all I have to say.

  20. City Kitty: I have to totally agree with you. Bob Walsh has been “anti-whatever anyone else has to say” for years. Interesting thing, though, it is easy to point blame at someone, yet, very difficult to create ideas for solving problems. At least he is a little more productive than Keeley. I really can’t believe that this broken machine continues to back such “worn out” candidates. What people will do just to “stay in power”.

  21. park city fan–you must have me confused with somebody else, and I don’t know who, but I’m a hairdresser. No salon in city hall I’m aware of. But I don’t really give a damn what you think in the first place. Maybe you should stop assuming you know it all. If I ever decide to stop blogging it would be only because some of the people on here like you are too nasty for my liking. And it’s coming to that. Seems like when some of you disagree with other people’s opinions, you have to get insulting.

  22. City Kitty; While I don’t always agree with you I do think you are productive and do care for the city. When you look at this blog there are maybe 15 people that are willing to take the time to express their care and concern for Bridgeport and its direction. The shame of it is that more people don’t take the time to do so.

  23. Finch has had 7 months to be productive or should I say decisive (SP). His staff may have been new and inexperienced but they have had 7 months to adjust. Do I expect them to rewrite the US constitution? NO. By this time they should be able to fill commissions and boards. They should have been able to appoint an Economic Director. They should have been able to appoint a Public facilities Director. They should have started moving the city forward at least a little bit.
    What have we got out of this group? Nada, Nothing, Zip point shit, zero. We keeping hearing they are feeling their way, a blind man could have found his way already. I was willing to give them time to learn but now believe that they are paralyzed by the fear of failure and second guessing.

  24. Good Morning, OIB fans!

    Woke up to Tim Quinn’s voice on the radio alarm with a reminder from Mayor Finch that there is an alternate side parking ban in the Red Zone in effect now for the 1st ten days of the month…to make Bridgeport the “cleanest and greenest” city.

    Here’s my two cents’ worth…last month in my zone, the Green Zone in the East Side, I live on the even side of East Washington Avenue, between Knowlton and William Streets and a street sign twenty feet from my front door says, April 1st to November 1st no parking on odd days this side of the street, 21st to month’s end.

    I didn’t notice what happened in April as I have ignored that sign, like everyone else, since moving to this street five years ago, and I’ve never complained about the sweeping issue, that happens on some days and not on others…but here’s the report card for May for Mayor Finch: May 21, 23, 27 and 29, no sweepers came by. The sweeper swept the street on May 28 at 8am, and the sweeper swept both sides of the street within 5 minutes while cars were parked all along the curb, including my car, meaning the street wasn’t really cleaned…no police or tow trucks (enforcement) in sight. After making the effort to park my car as required by the mayor’s initiative, four days, nine hours each day, and I get my side of the street swept on the wrong day according to the sign, or do I go by the odd and even announcement. Can Public Facilities please clarify?

    In contrast, I went to Boston Sunday night to pick up my wife returning from India and got parking at 1:30am (luckily for Beacon Hill!), but there’s street sweeping on her side of the street, every 1st and 3rd Monday, from 8am to 12 noon, on the opposite side of the street, it’s every 2nd and 4th Monday, same times, 8am to 12 noon…Beacon Hill, one of Boston’s most crowded neighborhoods…and guess what? The sweepers, the police and tow trucks were right there at 8am!!!…move your car or it’s gone and the streets are swept…twice a month…you move your car twice a month for a four hour stretch, and after the sweepers go by, you can park your car again… Having lived in NYC, this is the same practice in effect and it works…you don’t comply, your car is gone. The streets are swept like clock work.

    Not four days, nine hours per day, once a month…for what? Street sweeping on the wrong day. Let’s see what June 23, 25 and 27 brings to the Green Zone.

    A quick primary update: I have to tip my hat to Amerigo Santiago, if he is, as rumored, the man responsible for drawing up the 130th district because the challenge to get signatures to get on the ballot is a formidable task. I’m learning that hard fact of political life in Bridgeport very quickly. For someone with no built-in organization or lifetime roots in this neck of the woods and a day job that stretches into late evening hours, I can see why no one bothers to run for public office in this district unless you’re the party nominee. I have serious doubts Ezequiel himself can collect the required signatures on time if he had to do it by himself, as Chico, Keith and I are doing. And now Chico’s retired and has all the time in the world to collect signatures…But we gotta plug away. You’re either in or you’re out. Not whining, just sharing my observations from the front lines…More updates soon…8 days to go… At 4pm on June 10: I’ll be a continuing viable candidate for the 130th or a WOS (without signatures). Hey, Keith!…how are your signatures coming along…what streets are you finding them in?


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