West Side Story In Nude

There’s nothing like a pair of 79-year-old cashews blowing in the breeze. What’s going on in this world when a near octogenarian cannot air out his twins on the balcony of his Cartright Street apartment.

According to a piece by CT Post scribe Dan Tepfer, a 79-year-old man did some yoga sorta thing each morning on his balcony au naturel. Neighbors were apparently transfixed by this indiscretion. They stared, they complained, they took video and pictures to discourage Richard Michlewski. Video? Pictures?

They contacted police. He was charged with public indecency and disorderly conduct. Medics transported him to St. Vincent’s Medical Center for evaluation.

Hmmm, Cartright Street on the West Side? Doesn’t former Mayor Joe Ganim live in that building?

Joe, you going see Richard for his absentee ballot?



  1. There are two buildings on Cartright St., 25 and 80, both have balconies. Wonder which building it was. Howard Gardner and John Olson live in 25, Joe in 80. What in hell difference does it make?


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