City Employee Investigated For Chiding Finch Administration On Ganim Campaign Facebook Page

UPDATE: Facebook pages can provide mountain ranges of information about candidates for public office, some of it from the comments section that can touch off controversies. One is brewing based on an article by CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart who writes about a city employee under investigation by Labor Relations Director Larry Osborne for criticizing Mayor Bill Finch’s administration on the FB page of Joe Ganim’s mayoral campaign. Osborne is a member of the Democratic Town Committee and supporter of the mayor.

See the Facebook comment from Rob Miller here on Ganim’s official page.

I’m glad Joe Ganim likes dogs I remember when the finch administration flushed two puppies down the drain at the animal shelter with a 5000 PSI hose from the water pollution control.

Ganim and dog
This photo from Ganim’s Facebook page triggered the comment in question.

There had been confusion whether the comment was made on the FB page of Ganim’s campaign or a supporter-backed FB site. It is from the Ganim campaign site, as reported by Brian Lockhart.

From Lockhart:

On the face of it, it seems like something that would happen in a Communist country or a dictatorship to stifle criticism.

A city employee is being investigated by the personnel office, which is run by a political ally of Mayor Bill Finch, after attacking the Finch administration on mayoral candidate Joseph Ganim’s campaign Face-book page.

Hearst Connecticut Media has learned that plumber Robert Miller was ordered to meet with personnel officials earlier this month after he alleged on social media that the Finch administration “flushed two puppies down the drain.”

In fact, Miller’s inflammatory comments were based on a well-publicized 2009 tragedy at Bridgeport’s animal shelter. He was among the personnel called to the scene in July of that year to attempt a rescue after a pair of puppies became trapped in a waste pipe.

Full story here.



    1. Frank the Cabana Boy, I used this front-page story on doors in my neighborhood for four hours last night. I have been telling voters first Mayor Finch stated “democracy doesn’t always work” and now he doesn’t believe in free speech.

      After walking in my neighborhood for weeks, I have only found four people who said they were considering Finch. I convinced two to vote for Joe. That leaves only two voters still considering Finch. I will continue to work on them because it isn’t over until it’s over.

  1. Social media has added a new dimension to human resource management and employment law. It is a popular topic in academia. An employer has the right to review social media, but in this case, in my opinion given the circumstances, it is clearly harassment. Mr. Miller was not suggesting the City did something unlawful or threaten anyone. I would assume his union will monitor this situation closely and take action if the City does anything related to his employment.

  2. Only In Bridgeport bloggers will be next. Although I don’t agree much with Steve, he does give his real name and nothing should happen to him or any other City employee.

    1. Gee, thank you Ron Mackey.

      Ron Mackey, Tom White,
      Although I agree with Freedom of Speech I am not a proponent of Facebook. A city employee making a comment on a potential Mayoral candidate’s Facebook page disparaging the current administration should be reprimanded no less fired! Do you think if I did that as a Manager of Home Depot on a Lowes Facebook page, I wouldn’t be terminated immediately?

      Robert Miller can ot be too bright on any level or he values his political allegiance more than his position. Larry Osborne has served under at least five different Mayors. His support of Bill Finch is not relevant. Mr.Miller is being held to the same standard as a Teacher making porn after hours or a Bridgeport Police officer loosing his job for moonlighting as a male hustler. There are consequences. This was just irresponsible on Mr. Miller’s part. This article just proves the point Ganim people in city hall are working on his campaign the way they did in every department when Mary Moran was Mayor. I would be curious if this post happened during working hours. Stealing time is an offense that is terminable.

      1. Home Depot and Lowes? What have you been smoking? Bill Finch is thin-skinned. He needs to toughen up. Using the mayoralty as a bully pulpit is not effective governance. If an employee criticized Hizzoner it must have been because Hizzoner fucked up.

  3. I don’t know what the city of BPT policy is on this. But I work in a corporate world and our HR policies have all been updating with warnings about postings to social media, etc. Also, a lot of human resource departments will look up potential candidates’ social media pages prior to hiring them.
    Freedom of Speech protects you from Gov’t persecution, but not from getting canned by your job. If you are paying attention to the news today, just ask Hulk Hogan. LOL.

  4. Bob Miller told the truth. The Finch administration chose to flush those puppies with a high-powered hose rather than be bothered trying to save them. In spite of what the liar Finch said, those puppies had no chance. By going after Bob, the City made it front-page news again and even got Ganim’s picture on the front page about the fold!
    Larry Osborne is a bully and uses his position to harass employees. He should have been brought up on charges a long time ago. I hope more stories like this come out now to show “The truth about Bill Finch.”

    1. What’s next, city hall smoker? Showing pictures of partial abortions and stating Mayor Finch supports a woman’s right to choose? Is that how Joe gets elected? Acting humble and showing cute little puppies? It is sad with the overpopulation of cats and dogs. People in this city are irresponsible and who doesn’t love a puppy or a kitten? Like having a child, pets come with responsibilities. Not neutering and spaying your pet is totally irresponsible. Bob Miller should be fired!

      1. city hall smoker, tell me Finch killed Bambi and that will be the final straw! Now Finch is Goebels, giving execution orders? I wasn’t aware the Mayor was involved with the micromanaging of his administration. I still wonder how city hall smoker can post during the day on the taxpayers’ dime, supporting Joe Ganim. That is stealing time!

        1. Hector, just out of curiosity and be honest. Do you know Adam Wood? Have you ever spoken to Adam Wood? Do you only know what people post about Adam Wood talking about him the way they used to talk about Joe and Mario? Be honest Hector, and be specific.

          1. Yes Steve, I know him and I know his history. He is not a likeable person. You would know that if you got your head out of your ass.

          2. Andy Andy Andy, you always put a smile on my face with your very visual insults. Thank you.

            First, my question was directed at Hector for a specific reason. Andy, since you chose to respond, please give me the nature of your confrontation. G-d knows Andy, you are such a sweet guy, almost as endearing as Bob Walsh. How could anyone who knows you think anyone could be so cruel to you? Seriously Andy, I am listening.

          3. Steye, I’ve known Adam for over 20 years, on a personal level we have and continue to be quite cordial. Yet with my political involvement with him, I know him to be a liar and gofer for Stafstrom and the like, I believe while he is Bill’s chief of staff, in reality he is more of a CARETAKER/OVERSEER to Bill than an employee and he serves to keep Bill in line with those aforementioned. Steve, we (you and I) may not know each other outside this blog, but anyone who does know me will tell you, it is not in my nature to call people names or speak ill of others. One of the reasons I post in my born name is because anything I say here I would say to a person’s face.

          1. Steve, I have spoken to him on a few occasions and he is an arrogant prick. When he spoke to my wife when she was told she was off the Zoning board he was a bully who made her cry. Someday he will cry.

          2. Andy and Hector,
            Thank you for responding regarding Adam Wood. First Hector, I have to admit when you said you knew Adam for 20 years, I didn’t realize Adam Wood was a local celebrity for that length of time. I make it a habit of withholding judgement on people unless I know them. Especially character assassinations based on individual circumstances.
            Andy, I am sorry he made Pat cry. I can’t imagine anyone making Pat cry.

            This is all I will say. He seems like a gentleman. He seems incredibly astute politically. He works in a political environment and part of his position is the caretaker of the Mayor.
            I would imagine anyone supporting Mayor Finch, whether on this blog or in the general population, you are glad the Mayor has this support system in City Hall. If you are a city worker who doesn’t support Finch well I suppose Mario is your hero.

            I can only judge people on how they treat me. What people say about me is none of my business. Actions speak louder than words.
            Adam Wood may be a powerful political character, however maligning his character does not take votes away from Finch and certainly does not help Foster or Ganim.

            Hector and Andy, I do appreciate your response. I am not in a position to make a judgement call. I have not met anyone other than you two who have had traumatic experiences with Mr. Wood. Everyone else is just being dramatic.

    1. He is just like Jesus. Jesus would open a puppy substation and Reservoir Ave. is available. Just put a sign under Ganim’s name. Unofficial.

    2. That was funny and cute, BptPorter.

      As an animal lover, I am sickened by this disregard for living, breathing lives. Yes they were lives. The puppy’s lives.

      Of course, this is seen through the lens of someone who does not care who dies in the movies, as long as the dog lives. It’s all about the dog.

        1. Lisa, I feel the same way. Unfortunately, animals are exterminated every day in shelters. We kill rats and mice because we feel their lives are worthless yet they are G-d’s creation. So let’s not get sappy over an incident. Slave masters thought their slaves’ lives were worthless for 200 years. So let’s move on.

          1. Steve: No matter who ordered it, no matter why, it’s inhumane and just plain intensely shitty human behavior. These puppies were not at a shelter. They were in a drain pipe and needed help. PUPPIES. Please. JfBR is correct. Whoever ordered that solution should suffer the same fate. What could have been an awesome human interest boon was dealt with in a manner not fit to repeat. Bad choice, bad form, bad advice, just really really bad.

            Don’t make me come over there … 😉

          2. Gabrielle, it was absolutely inhumane. Everyone who knows me is aware I am an animal lover. Not into bestiality for any Ben Carson supporters out there. I love animals and to be honest, like Lisa, I value the lives of all creatures including mice and insects and anything that crawls on this earth. Truth. Bob Miller posting this on Ganim’s Facebook or anywhere else is totally disturbing. I do not give a rat’s ass what city hall smoker or any pro-Ganim individual feels about this. It is disturbing at best. I find any form of animal cruelty abhorrent.

            You can come over here anyway!

          3. Steve, I know that. I wouldn’t hurt a bug, I go crazy trying to get them out of my car or house when they do what comes natural to them. I’m an animal lover and honestly I couldn’t read that article because I tried to avoid a visual of those puppies. I couldn’t, in all honestly, even state an opinion of that incident because I can’t bring myself to read it.

  5. Rumors all over the city about DTC members changing votes after getting goodies from the Mayor. Particularly city employees! I can’t be the only one hearing this. Wonder how many folks are in line for raises? Something to keep an eye on. Hope the feds are looming. This is exactly why they have set up shop in Bridgeport.

    1. Phantom, everyone all over the city is talking about Mario and Ganim promising goodies to get support from the DTC. Did you hear that? That rumor was going on a week before the endorsement. Certainly, you have heard that rumor as those who supported Ganim verified it. Now what, Phantom??? You are remembering the good old days? Yeah, good times!

    1. Wingnut, are you totally insane? There are protected creatures at Pleasure Beach and the area is completely fenced off. Pleasure Beach is a nice change of scenery. It is peaceful, playground, concession stands, free water taxi, great, easy free parking. You just can’t beat that and there is so much more the city can do down the road. I agree with Andy, you have no right to make this crap up!

      1. Steve, you and Andy must be smoking the same shit. Just because you post on OIB 100 times a day goes not give you more clout than me. Pleasure Beach may be all those things. Irregardless, deer, foxes and raccoons were euthanized before the park opened. I’m not crazy or a liar. Smoke some more shit, ASSHOLE!

        1. Wingnut, are you crying? I asked if you were insane and I used my name. You called me an asshole and although I believe in freedom of speech, you are posting undercover, if I knew who you were I’d rip your head off and shit down your neck. I say that lovingly of course.

  6. Steve: Do you think practicing free speech and bringing poor judgment–regarding a situation defined by cruelty and inhumanity–to light is stupidity?

  7. Wingnut, that is 100% false. Where do you get the right to make shit up? There is at least one endangered species out there and the city would not kill them. I don’t like Finch or Ganim but you just can’t make shit up.

    1. Andy I’m not talking about the ospreys. But the deer, foxes and raccoons were all trapped and euthanized. That’s a FACT, JACK! I don’t make shit up!

        1. They’ve been spotted in Black Rock of all places. I collected hair samples and compared them with your brother’s DNA. They are your offspring.

  8. Steve. The City appears to be treating this like an employee who committed a crime or violated a work rule. Courts have upheld termination of employees for actions outside the workplace. Larry Osborne is in his position because of his role in the Democrat party. He serves at the pleasure of the mayor who was ‘dissed.’ When you were in city hall, Larry Osborne was scheduling softball games. I hope Brian Lockhart can follow this story and report on it.

    1. Well gee, Tom White, I can remember Larry Osborne from 30 years ago. He serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. Which included Moran, Ganim, Fabrizi and Finch. He must be good at his job as well as being a nice guy. If I remember correctly he lived by Beardsley Park. I cannot speak to his scheduling softball games. The things I had seen made that seem trivial. I am not going to address this matter further other than to say posting this disturbing story is sick at best. It may be legal for him to do it. There are many city hall workers supporting Ganim so that is no surprise. It is just a sick and disturbing visual. Let the city deal with it the way it wants. Anything that keeps Ganim in the news is a good thing. Tom, ask yourself, why is Larry Osborne where he is. Other than politics I am sure he is competent. I do not know Bob Miller so I am not interested in how they handle him.

  9. Steve, you are an uninformed fool. Once again you are commenting on things you know nothing about. It is not a joke when innocent animals are murdered and employees who object are harassed by a corrupt labor relations department.

    1. city hall smoker, you sound like an ass. Take your story to the street and give all the people you talk to a cute little stuffed puppy that says Vote for Joey. I’d like one to put next to my Frisbee.

  10. Finch is an animal lover save-the-trees type so this is why I’ve been asking who gave the flush the puppies order as I find it hard to believe Finch knew anything about it. If Miller were involved that’s a Public Facilities problem.

    1. I agree with you, BPT REBEL–were the puppies already dead when they were flushed? I just can’t fathom anyone in a position of authority, let alone a mayor, ordering that.

      1. No way Finch knew about it, but the brass at Public Facilities had to give the flush order if Bob Miller was involved and refused to flush them himself.
        It seems to be a bad situation made worse with the death of innocent animals, but again NO WAY Finch would kill innocent animals and I’m sure was pissed off to find out what was done.

  11. Andy, they got rid of a lot of wildlife on Pleasure Beach. I don’t have the specifics but because that property was neglected for so long, the wildlife had increased and had to be removed and/or eliminated before the park could be open to the public.

      1. Was with a small group shuttled out to see the Island before it opened. It was explained to me how the wildlife was trapped and then euthanized. My source is credible. Very credible. Think Andy should apologize for calling me a liar!

  12. As most of you know, I am supporting Bill Finch. In the past I have vocally supported Chris Caruso and Mary-Jane Foster when they opposed Finch. As some of you may also know, I am a long-time city employee and trust me while I never accused Finch of being a puppy killer, I did on occasion have a negative thing or two to say about him on OIB. Never once during those campaigns did any retribution or threats to my job come down on me.

    Given that, I find it difficult to believe the mayor had anything to do with this fiasco. I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU and I take freedom of speech very seriously. Secondly, the shit storm this is turning into is not helping Finch and that pisses me off too.

    Therefore, I say to whoever made the decision to go after Miller, you not only have a warped view of the First Amendment, you are no friend of Bill Finch. Should we ever meet I will have more to say to you on this topic.

    There, now I feel better.

  13. The entire Labor Relations Dept is a political whorehouse. Larry Osborne is the alleged department head but everyone knows Finch treats McCarthy as the boss.
    McCarthy. The Treasurer (or former treasurer) of the DTC as well as a member or former member of the DTC is the department secretary. The brother-in-law of a city council member is on staff.
    Osborne can’t recuse himself. There would be no one left.

  14. Bill Finch runs City Hall as his own personal fiefdom. Municipal employees are entitled to free speech, same as all of us. This is another example of Slick Billy not taking criticism AT ALL. You got called out, Mr. Mayor. Get over it and get over yourself. This isn’t about Joe Ganim posting photographs of himself and a puppy. It’s about an inept administration that has not accomplished jack shit for the people of the city of Bridgeport.

    All the construction downtown? Took long enough. What were you waiting for, a commandment from heaven?

    Raise taxes lately? The property owners of Bridgeport are due for another bite.

    Now you’re flushing puppies down the drain. What were they guilty of, barking during your afternoon nap?

  15. If you read the article, Mr. Miller posted his comment on July 4th on his own time. Federal Labor laws supersede any city policies and allowed Mr. Miller Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and Freedom of Expression. If you don’t believe, research CT Teamsters Union vs. AMR. They were ordered to pay the lady’s damages, return her to work and bring their policies to federal standards. There are a few people on here running their mouths with empty thoughts without facts but then again that is what free speech is all about.

  16. So my saying Stevie’s being paid to rebut anything pro-Ganim is not only free speech but must be true as no one has such a minimal life they’d be on OIB 24/7 fighting everyone on here against Finch.

        1. Well with all the perks I am getting, 10 cents a word from Lennie and paying 10 cents a word to Ray Fusci, it doesn’t leave much and as you know I do not get out often, but just to share, Sunday evening I will be at the B. B. King Jazz club in Manhattan enjoying a Keiko Matsui concert. I will have my phone so I just may text because I live such a shallow life as you know. Will you be working on Ganim’s campaign? Saturday I will be at Puglio park for lunch and then I will be working on the Finch campaign for a few hours. You know how it goes, BPT REBEL. One day if I am lucky, I will get paid for my time and effort, but currently I am sorry to disappoint you. I can assure you I have not received one cent to piss you off. It gives me pleasure!

          Did I mention I was in the East End today again? I honked at Ernie Newton getting signatures, I stopped for chicken and waffles. The rest you know! I couldn’t help but notice Hollister was beautifully paved as well as many side streets. My friends like Bill Finch and yes Ron Mackey I always feel safe and comfortable. I do not need an entourage! Oh maybe it was because I stopped by the Hells Angels clubhouse. Anyway, one thing is apparent, many on this blog are clueless as to what is happening all over the city.

          One last word, so I was downtown this afternoon and ran into Mary Bruce, three days in a row. Just another Ganim supporter. She recommended I try Leisha’s Bakeria–ladies and gentlemen please check her out. Her wraps are amazing and the cookies, cakes and cupcakes are to die for. Very talented cook, awesome ingredients. Great place for lunch, I hope she succeeds.

          I ran into Mary-Jane Foster and Gage, okay I didn’t exactly run into them, I stopped by for a quick hello and they also agreed, Leisha’s Bakeria is excellent!

          1. You honked at Ernie Newton? Like most Finch supporters who call Ganim a crook, do you support Mr. Newton too?

          2. I think Ernie is a very nice guy on a personal level, BPT REBEL. I certainly do not support Ernie Newton, nor do I want to call him a crook. I believe Ernie believes he served his constituents well. I do not think so. I do not think it is necessary to equate Ernie with Ganim. I think Newton’s crime was minimal compared to Ganim. Ernie is a perfect example of a man who does not learn his lesson. Being a Ganim supporter instead of running in the opposite direction. Ganim was a very smart man, he must have learned if you are going to steal make it worth your while.

            Ernie is a nice guy, the East End could have been infused with more money if the neighborhood put a more aggressive man or woman in office. I feel the community suffered terribly.

            He is loved by many in his community and I do not have any personal disdain for Ernie. I wish him smooth sailing. But personally, I would not suggest he run for public office.

            BPT REBEL, acknowledging Ernie was not a good thing?

    1. I haven’t been pro-Ganim, just anti-Finch. Steven doesn’t take criticism of his “golden boy,” not at all.

      Look at it this way, Steven: Think outside of your own box, or whoever owns it. If I am critical of Bill Finch, it’s justified. I only point out pertinent facts. He (and you, by extension) employ obfuscation to make a point. Obfuscation by any other name is still a lie by omission. Finch claimed to have created thousands of jobs. That may be true but few of them actually went to Bridgeport residents (unemployment has spiked under his tenure, by 41%). There was no plan to open a police substation until a convicted felon endorsed by the patrolman’s benevolent association announced he was going to open one “unofficially.” Bill Finch is on the record saying taxes have not gone up during his time in office and we all know that’s bullshit. Taxes have been raised four times. So don’t keep telling us Bill is such a nice man who has done wonderful things for Bridgeport. Two-thirds of the population would disagree with you.

  17. Plain and simple, they think they can rule by intimidation in City Hall. It’s been that way for so long, people think it is just OK to act that way!

    That’s just the rules established by the Democratic Machine and it is about time somebody is calling them out on it. So many people have gotten hurt, over the decades, believe me.

  18. Some things and/or the statements of people are best left alone. This is one that should have been ignored and swallowed up like grown men or woman by whomever felt violated by such a soft jab. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and watch Miller the Plumber at work. He is one heck of an expert in his field, a hard worker and a very nice human being. This is not the first time Miller has been targeted by the Finch administration. Four years ago, Miller made a financial contribution to Mary-Jane Foster and actively campaigned in her favor. When the dust settled after the campaign, Miller’s overtime was taken away and he was limited to just 40 hours. He was the main plumber for all the city and had tons or work to do. I noticed later the city hired at least two other assistant plumbers and there is usually one who works with Miller. Miller is fully licensed.

    The Animal Shelter was the facility where the greyhound racing dogs were kept. Under Mayor Fabrizi (a Finch supporter) this facility was purchased and alleged renovations were made costing the city about $4.5 million. Sometime before the puppy tragedy, I read a statement Fabrizi made in the Connecticut Post stating in part the Animal Shelter had Stainless Steel drain or plumbing installed as part of the remodeling project. Sometime after that statement, I found newborn kittens in my back yard and one was alive. I went to the Shelter to get help and ended up going inside with a staff member who gave me a mini tour. I checked for stainless steel and there was none. I checked because on the News 12 footage the drains didn’t appear to be made of Stainless Steel. Be careful what you cause others to reveal. In this case re-reveal as I’ve posted this before. Free speech lives.

    1. I had to cut the post short and took the girls to the beach. For the record, no Absentee Ballots or puppies washed ashore while at the beach. The puppies were still alive when flushed. City plumbers knew the exact location where the pup was stuck and they were ready willing and able to cut the cement/floor to save them. For some unexplained reason, the order was given to just flush them despite the high possibility they could still clog the pipe. Could the real reason for not allowing the city employees to dig the ground, cut the pipe, save the puppies, and repair the damage been that someone was concerned that doing so would reveal the pipes are the original ones and no new piping or Stainless Steel were installed?

  19. For over 20 years during the time Donald Day and I were active members of the Bridgeport fire dept., we wrote letters to the editor, made comments to the media and put out press release criticizing every Mayor and fire chief during that time.

  20. Another damned if you do damned if you don’t moment. In our universe, Finch dressed in his gestapo uniform and ordered the helpless puppy gassed by his personal Himmler. In a parallel universe, Finch spent $100K taxpayer dollars (the city does not have) evicting a rabid, unwanted, mongrel mutt from the sewer drain it was living in. Haters keep on hating.

  21. Steve: Manufacturing will make a huge resurgence in Bridgeport before anything that impresses the outside world–or any significant portion of the population of Bridgeport–happens at Steal Point. Steal Point is as big an election-year boondoggle as all of the new “parks” in the city combined.

    In that vein, a new “park” was created, sans public input–and possibly permits–at Park City Magnet School. Where there used to be a dirt playing field next to a sand-and-dirt-bottom play area, there is now (by way of a “Better-every-day” green-sign, re-election promotion opportunity) a large cement slab, with large, electrified metal-and-plastic flowers gracing this slab in a random fashion.

    The aforementioned new “park” (on public school property)–announced by a $300 green sign–consists of the large cement slab (with sharp corners), two electric utility boxes/underground electric cables serving three or four large, electrified, metal-and-plastic flowers, adjacent to a playground/play area where many young children often run and play.

    Until your “green” mayor destroyed this playing field/play area with an electrified cement-steel-plastic mass constructed solely (at taxpayer expense) to get him re-elected, lots of kids from Lake Forest-Trumbull Gardens-Wilbur Cross had a nice, safe play/athletic area. Now they are liable to fall and severely injure themselves on the cement slab or one of the electrified, steel-and-plastic flowers.

    What kind of idiotic administration would destroy such a long-standing play area with a dangerous mass of electrified cement, steel and plastic and then declare the creation of a park?!

    This is not a park–it is multi-million dollar lawsuit waiting to happen. If my child hurt his/herself on that political abomination on public school property, I would sue the city and state blind.

    “Better Every Day!” No! More stupid by the minute!!!

    1. Jeff, are you okay? Do you even know what you are saying? What has happened to you? What are you thinking? Why don’t you share the evolution of Jeff Kohut, the man who wanted to be Mayor, to how he became a staunch Ganim supporter? On every single level Jeff, it is absolutely mind-boggling!

      1. Steve (and others),
        Happy to report circulators in the 130th are organized and working to promote the City Council candidacy of Tyisha Toms and me. We are on our game and are being well received. Knocking on doors is fun and helps a candidate focus on what is really on people’s minds.
        But what Jeff Kohut is indicating about one site in the City that has been “improved” with public funds and without general public input is true of more than 40 sites in the City. What has been the expense? Where is the list of the properties? Who are the contractors who performed the ‘facelifts?’ Were local workers employed? Why is all of this secret? Didn’t Bill Finch say loud and often when he was looking for a new Charter giving him more power, “I am accountable”? Why trust when it is so hard to verify from a Mayor whose team has NOT been OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE or TRANSPARENT in their programs, fiscal reporting, and answers to public questions? Time will tell.

        1. Hello JML. I’m glad to hear you and Toms are being “well received” in the 130th (translation: Black Rock).

          “Happy to report that circulators in the 130th are organized and working to promote the City Council candidacy of Tyisha Toms and me. We are on our game and are being well received. Knocking on doors is fun and helps a candidate focus on what is really on people’s minds.”

          Put aside what Jeff Kohut wrote, he lives in the Lake Forest area. As a regular OIB reader and poster, you are fully aware of what I have suggested and expected from City Council persons representing the 130th. My advice and suggestions applied and were aimed at candidates of both or any party. So far, you, your partner and Finch have one thing in common–failing to be inclusive. If you go to the OIB archive and check on what I had suggested and expected from my district representatives, it simply was to be inclusive by listening and not exclude, ignore and take for granted any parts of the district. The district starts on Howard Avenue and ends on the Fairfield town line. Check the local district map. Check your list and see how many signatures from anyone in this area of the district you’ve gotten so far. I had told Rick Torres to pay attention to this side and had he done so, he would have been our State Representative today. I would have helped him had this part of the district not been disregarded before he needed my support. The same applied to the Democrat. Hector Diaz and his Town Committee slate did very well here as we included this area. We pretty much sat on the special election as we knew it would be fruitless to try and decided not to bother our base here. As everyone may be aware, Danny Roach is managing the Joe Ganim campaign and I’m supporting Joe Ganim. Not only am I giving Danny kudos for making such a bold move, I let him know he no longer has to worry about me giving him any pushback in the district. If he needs help or advice, we can talk. I’m sure he wasn’t impressed with his Hector Diaz replacement giving his TC vote to Finch. Having said this, it looks like I will be moving to the State of Colorado next year. It doesn’t look like I will be challenging Ezequiel Santiago in a Democratic Primary next year either. There could still be a change of plans as I still have time left. Time will tell.

          1. Joel,
            There are 10 districts in the City, aren’t there? Each district must average less than two square miles and have a population of 13-15,000 people. Tyisha and I are very aware our Black Rock is a varied neighborhood and has a wide variance in economic circumstance, work that provides for a quality of life and daily challenge to perform, and cultural respect for diversity.
            Our circulating team members are registered Democrats and people who care about public service of the variety Tyisha and I represent. All of us are volunteers working to see a change in the City and especially on the Council. Joel, you could have called me up and accused me of failing to be inclusive. You did not. Could it be you are supporting Danny Roach who is Joe’s Campaign Chair? Could it be we have not endorsed Joe Ganim and that puts us momentarily in your cross-hairs? Where do you see “inclusive” in the 130th party-endorsed for Council? Wouldn’t supporting Tyisha and me, with our bios full of community experience, have been a “bolder move” for Danny? Perhaps we ask too many questions?

            I will miss you personally if you leave for Colorado, but don’t be so fast on your “trigger finger,” remaining until you see the names we turn in, representative of active Democrats all over the 130th. We have been out for less than a day so far, making great contacts with upset voters.

            We will serve the people of the district in ways not seen in years. We listen. We initiate. We advocate. And we do it publicly. We are rookies in the process, but we are respected for the OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT values we profess and study. What do you have to say about your favorite’s embrace of these three values? Time will tell.

          2. JML, I started my comment with “Hello JML. I’m glad to hear you and Toms are being “well received” in the 130th (translation: Black Rock).

            You responded with “… our Black Rock is a …” You pretty much confirmed my translation, don’t you think?

            Why not look at it as our 130th district? I am delighted you have entered the race and you can count on my vote and advice if you need any. Anyone circulating a petition can count on my signature at least. Of all candidates for city council in the 130th I know you are the most deserving and prepared to serve honorably. The incumbents had almost two years to show their faces around here and address issues in this part of the 130th and they struck out. I wasn’t aware nor did you point out you and Toms just got out of the gate. Knowing that now I’d say the failing to be “inclusive” part was premature in part as it still stands as far as Finch is concerned. Just yesterday I wrote on my Facebook, “Never confuse being schooled with being scorned.” My comment was to school the reader. It is possible the primary will be a close one in the 130th and it is wise to cross every inch of the district. The Black Rock section voting bloc is split. Let me give you one more advice: bilingual/Spanish.

            Is the voting bloc in Black Rock willing to vote for a black candidate? Look at the numbers for the last DTC primary with the most diverse ticket seen in ages there. Three former State Representative, one former City Councilmen, two African Americans, three Hispanics. Time will tell.

    1. I will say one thing: The Bridgeport Animal Shelter is immaculate. Immaculate. It’s also very up to date and always in good repair. The staff are truly animal lovers and advocates. Folks in this City and surrounding towns deliver donated supplies with enthusiasm every time they are asked. And they rarely euthanize. All other options have to prove totally fruitless in order for this shelter to euthanize.

      That said, Fairfield is no-kill. If you find a stray animal take it there if possible.

      1. I have some feral kittens (w/mom) living in my backyard, and asked the Trumbull Animal Shelter if they could take them. I was told they’d be euthanized because the town and Trumbull Animal Group doesn’t have the funds for ferals.
        Fairfield sounds like a better choice.

        1. Sue, Nutmeg clinic has a special deal for spaying and neutering feral cats. They may be able to help you place the kittens in a foster home. I just had three cats fixed, three more to go. I’ve adopted the mother and son and was lucky to find the others homes. Good luck!

  22. At the end of the day the city of Bridgeport cannot discipline or terminate Robert Miller for expressing an opinion. The courts take an extremely dim view of any and all attempts to curtail free speech. It is one of our most sacred rights as Americans.

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