Weldon, Sokolovic School Board Battle Enters Court

Former Board of Education chair John Weldon and current elected member Joe Sokolovic had some crackling exchanges over school policy for years. The latest rift has reach Superior Court where Weldon has filed a lawsuit asserting Sokolovic made false and malicious claims about his handling of school matters.

Weldon and Sokolovic butted heads over a number of issues including disagreement on naming an acting school chief to replace leader Michael Testani who departed for Fairfield’s top job.

Last year Weldon preferred an ex Norwalk official to assume the role while a majority of the board settled on local principal Alysha Perrin for the slot.

The schism set off a number of allegations.

Weldon resigned and in an OIB commentary explained the school Board was “Corrupted In The Interest Of Race Politics.”

Sokolovic has launched a Go Fund Me page to defer legal costs.

See lawsuit here.


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  1. Jesus Christ People. 🙂

    Speaking of People, is “ALL” a coded word? Because Gomes’ campaign slogan is not added up. I mean surely he is not saying he’s going to be the mayor for the people of Stratford or any other town/city?

    So if it’s a coded word what Gomes is really saying is he’s going to be the mayor of a selective group who IDENTIFIES with the “coded ALL” and will exclude those who don’t, as mayor.

    As for Joe, REVIVAL perhaps? IDK



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