Weighing A Ganim Challenge–Does Marilyn Want Moore?

Moore and Ganim
Moore, left, and Ganim share a ribbon-cutting in summer 2016.

Mayor Joe Ganim’s raising money, banging phones, crashing festivals, schmoozing voters all across the state in his Runyonesque run for governor while trying to balance the duties of his elected office, something a Ned Lamont supporter who very well could be a Ganim mayoral opponent next year declares is “double-dipping” receiving a salary during his job hunt, then cashing in his unused vacation days. State Senator Marilyn Moore, by design or not, has emerged as the political antithesis activists are encouraging to challenge Ganim. Will she? is a gigantic question.

Ganim’s not looking down the road, he’s fully engaged in trying to defeat Democratic-endorsed Lamont in an August primary. If his underdog effort fails he’ll pivot back to Plan B, his 2019 mayoral reelection campaign for which he’s already banked $200,000 before jumping into the governor’s race.

Right now Moore could best be described as a reluctant mayoral recruit. She’ll not go out of her way to poke Ganim, but if you ask she’ll weigh in as she did with CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart here.

Moore enjoys her independence running outside entrenched party insiders such as Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa. In 2014, she ran as a reformer defeating incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary on her way to a general election victory. Moore deftly leveraged a conflict-of-interest issue Musto had a hand derailing in the state legislature. Both Moore and State House member Jack Hennessy publicly challenged the number of City Council members who were on the public payroll, particularly then-City Council President Tom McCarthy. How can the head of the legislative branch provide a check on the executive branch that controls his paycheck? Musto blocked a legislative fix. It became a key issue for Moore to lance Musto.

Two years later McCarthy himself challenged Moore in a primary and got torched. It sent a message about Moore’s public backing. This year Moore did not face a party primary. She’s seeking a third term challenged by Republican Rich Deecken. Moore has also shown she can juggle a diverse constituency in the city-suburban district that covers about one third of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a piece of Monroe. She’s active in the suburbs to the call of specific issues while sharing that a stronger Bridgeport is good for the entire region. Her Bridgeport piece of the district covers the North End, West Side and Black Rock.

Anti-Ganim operatives are pushing Moore to run. Campaigning for mayor from a legislative seat to topple an incumbent is tricky stuff, especially someone of Ganim’s retail skills. Bill Finch ran successfully for mayor as an incumbent state senator in 2007, but that was a different animal. Finch was recruited by party regulars, after incumbent John Fabrizi did not seek reelection, to defeat maverick State Rep. Chris Caruso in a mayoral primary.

Moore has lent her name in the cause of trying to elect anti-establishment candidates. She’s learning that personal popularity is not always transferable. The candidates she supported in the March Democratic Town Committee races largely lost. Still, the effort helps to build a coalition for a future run.

A lot can change in six months. Moore, for now, must focus on her reelection and then she’ll enter a legislative session that runs from January into June. As spring approaches, if she’s serious about challenging Ganim, she’ll need to assemble campaign pieces and raise money for a grinding citywide run. Not easy to do.

Some of this depends on Ganim’s public standing. He will not raise taxes next year for the third straight year. He’ll campaign with Steelpointe Harbor going vertical, a new Harding High School open, the factory conversion of Cherry Street Lofts in the West End, the amphitheater project next to the Webster Bank Arena, conversion of a dirty coal plant to natural gas in the South End. Some of these projects started under Finch? Doesn’t matter, the incumbent always gets the credit or the blame. What will be the crime situation in the city?

Moore also enjoys a significant leadership position on a bonding subcommittee while screening bills that can send home more dollars to her district. So she may be in a stronger position to help Bridgeport in that role than serving as mayor and the headaches of running Connecticut’s largest city.

So a lot can happen, but the Moore watch is on.



    1. “Some of this depends on Ganim’s public standing. He will not raise taxes next year for the third straight year.”

      Lennie, you are totally wrong. I received my tax bill. I spoke with a couple of homeowners and asked them if their taxes were increased. Yes, they did. City officials have maintained that there hasn’t been a tax increase. It’s bullshit. While the mill rate remained at 54.37, I received a on 3/1/2018 letter from the Tax Assesor’s Office explaining that my account had been penalized 10 percent due to late or non-filing of my Income Expense report.

      The penalty increased the assessment from $118,350 to $130,185. Now, you would think that this property is occupied and fully rented. Due to being ripped-off by the contractor, the house has no siding, roof, windows, walls, plumbing, electricity. Current tax bill $7,078.16

  1. She would be a strong candidate like Mary Jane Foster. She has the same supporters and she is loved and adored in the back community and the strength in Black Rock is amazing. With Donad Day and Ronald Mackey on her side she is the won to beat. Will Governor Ganim endorse her? Politics makes strange bedfellows. Her luke warm support of the MGM and her Luke warm support of Steelepointe alone should help. I always appreciate any candidate willing to run for public office.I wonder what people in Trumbull and Monroe will think of that. How dare she run for office and then start another campaign- How dare she- lololol .

    1. People in Trumbull are use to this. Timmy Herbst was busy running for State Treasurer after he just started his third term and he was busy trying to run for governor all during his last term. Hope he loses the primary this summer. Let him work in private industry and stop feeding from the public trough.

      As for Senator Moore, I’d hate to lose her as our State Senator, she’s done a fine job representing the entire district.

      Real sorry you have come out in support of Deecken for state senate. A Democratic Town Committee member should be supporting Democratic candidates. If you choose not to support one, you should not be publicly endorsing the Republican opponent. In many DTCs the rules forbid such a public endorsement of another party’s candidate…it would get you thrown off the Town Committee.

      1. Good thing in Bridgeport we are able to be independent thinkers unlike the people of Trumbull. You told me they were anti- semetic- I didn’t get that vibe at all from them- Why would you want to be a member of a group that was anti semetic Marshall.- Are you that desparate to be a part of a group. Did I mention Deechen by name? I don’t recall but thaks for reminding me his name. He is a fine teacher in Trumbull and I know he has a lot of support around Bassick.

        Please don’t tell Mario cuz you know he may have to throw me off the committee for being an independent thinker.

        When Moor frst ran, Mr. Chris Caruso had a fundraiser meet and greet for her. I asked her about my favorite project, Steelepointe. She deferred to Ed Gomes whom we all know and love, he said Steelponte would never happen. Obviously, I voted for Anthony Musto that year. But people do change and evolve- Some people anyway.

        Marshall, fear not Marilyn will be your Senator- there is no fear of losing her or Mr. Deechken winning- He is after all a Republican and they don’t ever help their own. 🙂

        By the way it was a glorious day in Norwalk and Westport for Joe Ganim. Didn’t see any Lamont supporters. I did run into Eva in Norwalk, always a nice experience and so many supporters for Joe from New Haven and Hartford. Meanwhile , I guess the Mayor was working Danbury and Hartford. That is a determined individual. As always, best of luck to all of the candidates. If ever there was a day to be out and about- today was the day.

        Reminder for tomorrow the Puerto Rican day Parade. Council Woman Maria Valle, President of the Parade worked very hard and Grand Marshall Nick Ortiz is one hard working man! If the weather is anything like today, it will be amazing.

        1. I did NOT say Trumbull DTC had such a rule, in fact it does not (as rules committee chairman I know). While revising our rules I’ve had a chance to examine DTC rules form assorted municipalities and found that rule more than once. So, don’t make accusations about being not being able to be independent thinkers here in Trumbull. We do not have block voting and our DTC Chairman does not vote or express an opinion in our straw polls prior to convention balloting.

  2. We all know how much Steve Auerbach was hurt when his guy Anthony Musto lost to a black female. Steve couldn’t respect the Moore enjoys her independence running outside entrenched party insiders such as Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa. Steve couldn’t understand what was printed above, “Moore deftly leveraged a conflict-of-interest issue Musto had a hand derailing in the state legislature. Both Moore and State House member Jack Hennessy publicly challenged the number of City Council members who were on the public payroll particularly then City Council President Tom McCarthy.” No, Steve had his Blinders on for Musto same way he does now for Mayor Finch and Mayor Ganim and DTC Chairman Mario Testa. Joe Ganim was given a second chance but he won’t be given a third chance for his failure as the mayor of Bridgeport. Steve it’s obvious that you don’t respect black women.

    1. Ron Mackey- Please do not continue to stoop any lower. Respect my support of a candidate as I accept yours. You and Donald Day just can not accept my support of anyone other than More. As far as support of Black Females, Well Ron at the expense of sounding a bit like a cliche that I have Black Friends- I HAVE MANY BLACK FRIENDS, Many are Black Females and anyone who knows anything about me would know that some of my Best friends are black females and I only associate with people I respect so stop playing the fucking Race Card with me – it is tiresome. I will not respond any further to any commentary about your agenda of Black Black Black . save it for Moore. I will assume her platform for Mayor will be – I will Fire David Dunn and hire only Black People. Ron, out of curiosity, seriously, Do people in your circle that read this blog pat you on the back and say – I love the way you give it to Auerbach? Could they possibly be that ignorant? Because of you – I couldn’t support Moore if she was the last candidate standing- 3 weeks ago I didn’t feel that way- So thank you- Keep up the good work.

  3. The balls on Joe Ganim are unbelievable.
    Taking money for unused vacation time and bridging the amount just to rub salt in the wounds.
    This guy has got to go and I don’t mean up to Hartford.

    1. Only In Bridgeport, and this is the business mindset that Joe Ganim wants to run the state budget with, it’s all about what’s good for Joe. Who the hell is this Joe Ganim 2?

  4. Joe has 485 more days in office.What is really concerning to is the 8 weeks or so before the new mayor gets sworn in. We all saw how Finch manipulated things and got himself and his friends massive payouts before leaving, With Joe’s track record of fleecing us, I hope there are things in place to prevent him from doing the same, cause you know he will try.

  5. Ron, what bothers him the most is that his boy was beaten by a Black woman who did it without the benefit of the white power structure known as the DTC and its blessings extended to her as its endorsed candidate. Had she been the endorsed candidate he wouldn’t have made a peep. How dare this Black woman defeat his boy while thumbing her nose at the DTC, who does she think she is? Bridgeport Needs Moore, for Mayor. Where do I send my check?

    1. Don, you got that right, a black woman beat his guy and he can’t deal with it. Steve hasn’t done anything to help advance anyone to a life changing career but he’s a great cheerleader with his pom poms and hear that he’s s good babysitter in school.

  6. Marilyn
    Promise that the first thing you do as mayor is to change the way the job classifications are in the city.
    We need to make all of these jobs unclassified.
    We need to have these individuals realize that the greatest benefit to these jobs will be the part they play in turning the city around.
    We need to have people in these positions committed to help the city and not raising the city treasury.
    Do this and the rest will follow.

  7. Moore’s support for a casino in East Windsor and lack of for Bridgeport speaks for itself. Dynamic duo, when you inject black you inherently inject racism. However that white power structure known as the Bridgeport DCT didn’t endorse Joe either. Does that inherently make Joe for blacks. I do agree with you on how dare the Bridgeport DTC speak for Trumbull and Monroe. Send the check to Stallworth. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mKgnlMNXmo

    1. I just woke up. Please reread my comment on Moore position. A Bridgeport was always an option if Moore wanted it to be. In fact that’s was why her Bridgeport constituents voted for her, maybe not Trumbull’s or Monroe’s constituents. Not lonely was it her job to make a casino an option but a reality. Like she is/was trying to make East Windsor casino a reality. JS

  8. Because I had such a great day I’d like to end my comments with an optimistic upbeat little song in honor of Marilyn Moore to show there are no hard feelings. I am not sure why her friends still attack me for supporting Musto . It isn’t like they stood in fromt of Winthrop School like I did wearing a Red Sweatshirt for Marilyn Moore. It wasn’t like Marilyn Moore was expected to do anything for me- Enough said of the facts .. Enjoy Marilyn– Moore Moore Moore


      1. Robert, Though it most likely was not your intention , But this happens to be one of my all time I have served on many campaigns and met some
        favorite songs.. It is true- the answer my friend is blowing in the the wind..My support of a candidate is not a lifelong commitment. I always support the candidate that I believe will be best for the city- Not my personal gain. I have met so many amazing people and have often joined opposite campaigns. In the end we come together. Then there are those that are territorial and can never see anyone elses position than their own- I have no use for them. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind- The answer is blowing in the wind. What a pathetic existence to only want to be with people that agree with your point of view and no other POV counts.

      1. Ron if my recollection is correct Finch was not a rubber stamp for Mario, yet you were firmly against him. So is this really about Mario?

      2. Let’s see about that statement? He supported Finch, lost his city job under Joe and is the Majority Whip, elected by his peers, in the House???

          1. Aren’t they all one and the same depending on the year. Can you please cite chapter and verse of Rosario being a rubber stamp for Mario? Mario heavily endorsed Joe, Chris didn’t. I also disagree on your interpretation of the Majority Whip and Mario. It’s done by horse trading with the Speaker for votes in concert with the Majority Caucus.

          2. 2017-2018 House Democratic Leadership:

            Speaker of the House
            Joe Aresimowicz

            Majority Leader
            Matthew D. Ritter

            Deputy Speaker Pro-Tempore
            Bob Godfrey

            Deputy Speakers – there are 8

            Assistant Deputy Speakers – there are 4

            Deputy Majority Leaders- there are 7
            Charlie Stallworth

            Majority Caucus Chair
            Cristin McCarthy Vahey

            Chief Majority Whip
            Chris Rosario

          3. That’s Bill and Joe are white. 🙂 They are reference to your rubber stamp of Mario.

          4. That’s because Bill and Joe are white. 🙂 They are reference to your rubber stamp of Mario. One was, one wasn’t a rubber stamp of Mario. and you were against both. So what does it matter with regard to Chris being or not being a rubber stamp of Mario? JS

  9. It was my intentions. What’s more pathetic to have a POV or to have someone else’s POV? You may have met many amazing candidates and people on the campaign trail who have a POV, but have they ever met you and your POV? Are you sure you always support the candidate that you believe will be best for the city? I found it I kinda ironic your support for candidates is not for personal gain considering you said you have no use for candidate with stronger POV’s. In the end it the POV ways end in BS. My momma always said you will either stand up for something or lay down for everything. PS the actual answers is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFrFLnQkqp4 🙂

    1. Does Rosario have more or less experience than Aidee Nieves? If Joe wins the governorship she will be come mayor correct? or how would that work? I know if Joe got indicted again she would. That’s how experience Fabrizi became mayor. I believe Finch held a seat in Hartford before becoming mayor.

    2. Actually there are two issues for me. Any casino in Bridgeport and Sports Betting that Marilyn voted against in the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee last session. All I said was Rosario is an up and comer for consideration to be Mayor. Your Urban Liberal Progressive Slip is showing. Such a Trailblazer!

  10. Grin Ripper, Make no mistake if Ganim was not running- Rosario would be the top choice today in Bridgeport. I have always supported Rosario and his plan/platform and hope for the East Main Corridor.
    He , like Ganim is a hard worker. He wouldn’t have to prove to anyone about being a rubber stamp. He and Ezequiel Santiago single handedly brought the Casino in Bridgeport back to life. He is a proven leader. He is loved within his community and doesn’t need a group touting his accomplishments on a blog. He could be Mayor if Ganim became Governor and the city would rally behind him. “Everybody Loves Chris”- That would be a great name for a TV show. Grin Ripper- You are on the money!!!!

    1. Steve, proven leader? You are one those looking for that magic pill that will save Bridgeport and a casino is the golden goose. Not happening because powers to be ate scare that Connecticut will lose the gaming money from the two tribes. Low wage jobs are what are coming to Bridgeport along with a tax increase that’s been put on hold and layoffs of City workers aren’t far behind. So, what are Chris’s leadership ability?

      1. Ron, G-d Bless you. It is not for me to prove Rosario’s outstanding capabilities. He’d win Hands down. You might want to share why he would not be “The ” candidate over Moore – We are listening. You are Moore’s biggest advocate now in a simple way- Please tout her accomplishments that would make here an outstanding candidate over Rosario. As far as money raising and Democratic support I’d believe Rosario would have it hands down. Not to mention the city working their asses off for him out of true respect. Then of course there is the Machine- A group of elected members on the town Committee that love Chris. Thwere there are his constituents. Remember Monroe and Trumbull do not vote. But I’d respectfully appreciate your list of why Marilyn and not Chris.

        1. There it is Bridgeport,Steve has spoken and Chris Rosario will be Bridgeport’s next mayor so we can swear Chris in as soon as governor Ganim takes office. If you believe that then I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Steve still thinks that he’s a substitute teacher reading fairy tales to his students again.

  11. The fact is Black people aren’t going to vote for Chris or any other Puerto Rican in Bridgeport. Black’s account for a little over one third of the population of Bridgeport. White people in Bridgeport love Marilyn Moore so she has a better chance to win.

    1. Don, here is a little about Marilyn Moore that Steven Auerbach has NO knowledge of.

      Marilyn Moore is the Project Director, The Witness Project of Connecticut is a minority operated community-based breast cancer education and advocacy organization for underserved African American women at risk for breast cancer.

      Specifically, its mission is to reduce the incidence of untreated and later-stage breast cancer in African American women in Connecticut by increasing early detection and treatment rates through education and empowerment

      Since 2002, we have conducted culturally appropriate outreach, evidence based education, and managerial services for over 15,000 medically underserved women in Fairfield County. For the most part these women are in need of assistance due to a number of social, cultural, epidemiological, and environmental factors including: poverty, lack of access to or participation in preventive breast health activities, higher mortality rates due to later diagnosis, and more aggressive forms of cancer.

      Our targeted outreach is to women in the faith community, public housing and recovery who have not been screened in the past year in the greater Bridgeport area. We are constantly conducting outreach to educate women about the importance of early detection.


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