Watch: Tony Barr’s New Movement Party Could Be A Key Election Factor

If John Gomes wins Tuesday’s general election running on the Bridgeport Independent Party line, he becomes mayor-elect and his lawyer Bill Bloss who represented him in court for the successful Democratic primary redo order says the complaint will be withdrawn because there’s no need to move forward with another primary.

If Mayor Joe Ganim prevails on Tuesday and wins the primary do over, Ganim then wins another four-year term.

Now if Ganim wins on Tuesday and then loses the second Democratic primary there’s another general election. That’s where the New Movement Party, controlled by Tony Barr, comes into play.

Tony Barr shows absentee ballots he dropped off at the Town Clark’s Office on behalf of “family” voters.

Ganim petitioned successfully to occupy that ballot spot. Why isn’t Ganim on that line as well on Tuesday? Under the rules that established the New Movement Party, a major party candidate cannot also occupy that line simultaneously, according to a spokesperson for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s Office.

But if Gomes wins the primary redo, he becomes the standard bearer Democrat in the second general election with Ganim receiving a lifeline from the New Movement Party.

Barr has toiled in city politics for a number of years including a stint on the Democratic Town Committee.

He says he’s all in for Ganim, despite having a number of differences in the past. Four years ago he supported Marilyn Moore for mayor.

“We’re on a good course, things are starting to happen in the city of Bridgeport,” he explains in his latest Facebook video.

Barr, always nattily threaded, recently sported two Facebook images holding six absentee ballot envelopes in the Town Clerk’s Office under the kicker: “Get out and vote 🗳 and definitely Nov 7th….all family!!”

Barr knows the Upper East Side 138th District well. He will be out there on Tuesday pushing for Ganim at the Hooker and JFK precincts because it’s something he may very well do again.




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