Watch Thursday: Facebook Forum On Regulating Marijuana

Commercial marijuana, along with passage of sports betting, will be among the front-burner issues in the upcoming session of the General Assembly that starts in January. Connecticut law currently allows cannabis for medicinal use as well as decriminalization of small amounts, but no commercial regulation.

The Marijuana Policy Project and the Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana will host an informational dialogue on legalization efforts in Connecticut on Facebook live  this Thursday, December 3rd from 6-7:30 pm.

The live forum will provide an opportunity for the public and new legislators to learn more about the many public health and public safety benefits of cannabis legalization in Connecticut. Experts in public safety, medicine, public health, equity, religion and the economy will participate in the dialogue.

Guest panelists will include Professor Fred Carstensen (Director, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis), Captain Lawrence Hunter (Retired, Waterbury Police Department), Rev. Tommie Jackson (Pastor, Rehobeth Fellowship Church in Stamford), Kebra Smith (Registered Nurse, CannaHealth), Dr. David Nathan (Doctors for Cannabis Regulation) and DeVaughn Ward (Senior Legislative Counsel, Marijuana Policy Project).



  1. Anything goes in this COVID related legislative session? Anything for sale for the almighty dollar? Enough is enough already.
    Unless a significant amount of the money the state will grab is significantly set aside to pay for the problems this will bring then plain and simple NO. Thanks but no thanks.
    There are not enough beds and programs to pay for the ills on society that drugs and other addictive behaviors create on society.
    So set aside 100% of every penny that these new revenues create for five years and see what is needed. Then fund them properly.
    Don’t give me any BS about block grants to cities and towns and let them decide how to spend it.
    If the state agrees then at least we have a time table to plan. But if it doesn’t then it shows everyone is in it for quickly the fast revenue and don’t really care about the victims the state is creating.

  2. Bob, marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and did less damage to the body or the brains of those using marijuana. The idea of marijuana as a “gateway drug,” is the most ludicrous things ever written, the majority of people who use marijuana don’t go on to use other “harder” drugs. I know a myriad of older Connecticut residents that want to smoke marijuana, but either can’t afford the $250 for a doctor’s note and a state license, who instead drive up to Massachusetts and pick themselves up so product rather than try to buy street drugs. People that want to smoke are going to smoke and the only thing that Connecticut is missing is the money marijuana train. The states that legalized marijuana here are the figures of money made thus far.
    2014: $3.4 billion
    2015: $4.8 billion
    2016: $6.7 billion
    2017: $9.1 billion
    2018: $10.9 billion
    2019: $14.9 billion
    2020: $19.3 billion

  3. So what the moral to the story.
    There’s plenty of money to go around.
    Just wait your turn.
    Just wait your turn.
    Soon or later there will be money for those who get harmed in the process. Sooner or later you see.

    1. That’s right: just remember -it is ONLY- I repeat only about the money- it’s not about what’s good for anybody it’s about the money. There are tons of politicians both active and retired Congress and Senate who have quite a bit of cash in the agra stocks. I do as well. They’ve already bought up properties that will be distribution warehouses, grow houses etc. etc. etc.
      They are just waiting for the banking industry and the federal legislation to take place so that other entities are not curtailed when they are able to do the research development and funding of this stuff. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look it up. It’s just a matter of time. Then like I said follow the money and look at who all the investors are. Pay particular attention to elected officials past and present.

  4. According to Bob Marley “Herb is the unification of mankind”
    There are a lot of people in this state that would benefit from lighting up & chilling the F out.

  5. No Bob what I’m saying is that marijuana isn’t cocaine or Heroin and never should have been placed in the same Schedule 1 category as those two other drugs. People are smoking weed and will continue to smoke weed whether legal or not and there is a subset of adult Americans where weed was a part of their lives when they were younger and they get together with friends, a glass of wine and a joint. They aren’t hurting no one and they will continue to enjoy its effects so the State should tax its use. C’mon into the 21st Century, I bet you were an advocate of Prohibition when you were a young man, weren’t you?


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