1. Lennie,
    Are you speechless? Or are you letting the viewing public figure out what is ongoing at this location in the City on April 1, 2024 with only Ganim3 footage?

    Did two residents meet violent deaths at this location? Is that the headline? Chief Porter stated that a conflict at the location developed out of activity within the building, a business operation, likely illegal. Where are the usual parties to a neighborhood televised event, like City Council persons, especially any person who may have knowledge of how such “operations” function in Bridgeport? Perhaps, a representative from OPED, where taxable growth has been flat recently might share their perspective in addition to Public Health and Public Safety to tell how their efforts can bear fruit for landlords and neighborhoods?
    I happen to be impressed by Public Health Director Dr. Rodriguez statements to and about the community. As others have also counseled, “See something. Say something.” Personal fear is taken into account but the community requires all parts to take part if positive community results are to be enjoyed by many..
    Investigation must precede a providing the public with information, especially in a case where possibly the men who died, brought such action upon themselves because of their own activities while carrying weapons? Or not, pending case closing info from Chief Porter in the near future.

    Not all entertainment activity is guided from City Hall it seems clear. But how the community is entertained, and at what expense are values to be understood and monitored by City oversight, with an assist from local residents as noted. Time will tell..

  2. Bring back the Neighborhood Precincts, this should reorganize our patrol methods to achieve the goal of establishing Neighborhood Policing in every district, citywide,
    If you want the Neighborhood to be proactive start by opening up Neighborhood Precincts.
    Sounds like the onus was on the hood?

  3. Maybe , if they find funds for it but how about shutting all the after hours down for good? They know where they are all at. Enough,remember nothing good happens after 12.


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