New Rules For City Hall Marriages, Appointments For Non-Residents

To reduce lines and limit city employees moonlighting as justices of the peace, Mayor Joe Ganim on Monday issued a new policy including non Bridgeport residents executing marriage license application forms on the city’s website with photo identification.

A few weeks ago justices of the peace, and other city employees moonlighting matrimonial services, were placed on notice to divorce themselves from conducting marriage ceremonies on city time, a service that cashes in some handy supplemental income.

New Chief Administrative Officer Tom Gaudett, who recently segued to that role from serving as Mayor Joe Ganim’s deputy chief of staff, fielded many complaints about the “high volume” of municipal staffers’ marriage services at the entrance of the Morton Government Center Downtown where Vital Records is located.

In Connecticut marriage officiates may charge what they please for the services but it certainly is the way to go for budget conscience bethrothers in need of a quick hitch and marriage of convenience.

News release:

Today, Mayor Ganim announced that after a collaborative effort between the Chief Administrative Office, Health Department, and elected officials, as well input from other municipalities in Connecticut, the Office of Vital Records is instituting the following changes effective Monday, April 15, 2024:

  • Weddings being performed for individuals who are NOT Bridgeport residents must fill out a digital marriage license application form on the City’s website and submit copies of photo IDs for both individuals being married. The online application is already available for people to begin the process of booking their appointment.


  • The Office of Vital Records, upon review and acceptance of the application and supporting documents, will reach out to each couple via email or phone call to set up an appointment. Payment will be due at the time of the appointment.
  • Bridgeport residents will still be allowed same-day marriage license service; however, they are also encouraged to fill out the application online and set up an appointment.
  • The Office of Vital Records will be open from 9 AM through 4 PM. The office will no longer close during lunchtime from 12 PM to 1 PM.

Due to these new policy changes and the digitization of marriage license applications, the Office of Vital Records will be able to process marriage licenses much faster and serve customers requesting birth certificates, filing death certificates, applying for Park City Resident IDs, among other requests much faster.

“My biggest priority is our residents,” stated Mayor Ganim. “While we remain open for service to non-residents, we need to ensure that we are putting the interests of our own residents first and providing them with efficient and effective service. Keeping Vital Records open at lunchtime and taking measures to cut down lines in the office will ensure that we are providing the kind of quality service that the public expects of us.”


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