1. Ron, they both moved into Mike Marella’s old pad on the upper east side (138th).
    The Chief refuses to pick up after himself and the only thing he eats is free food from .Testo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant.
    The Health Director said she sometimes get’s a little sick watching him eat, and he has boxes and boxes of Absentee ballots all over the Flucking place.
    She said that he’s always complaining that his Police car is going get robbed in this Flucking . Neighbourhood and that she’s moving back home!

  2. Bridgeport City Council passes SYMBOLIC choke knee hold ban.
    That was the headline on the Ct Post website yesterday.
    And what did OIB come up with?
    Is it a wonder OIB always sides with the City Council???

    1. Bob, “SYMBOLIC” is what Bridgeport does, no action just being “SYMBOLIC.” Once again Bridgeport is a city up South, the city’s mindset and elected officials mindset is to be “SYMBOLIC” and to do nothing. Bob, why is it New Haven can have rallies with their national, state and local elected officials marching but Bridgeport is to busy with being “SYMBOLIC” and does nothing, there WILL NOT be any real change in Bridgeport, you can’t trust the police and you dam sure can’t trust Mayor Ganim and the City Council is a rubber stamp for the mayor.

      “Hundreds Rally In Dixwell For Racial Justice” | New Haven Independent


  3. Ron: Excellent, timely questions!… As we are reminded on a daily basis, one of the central change-recommendations percolating along with anger and unrest in the streets is that people — in particular, people of color — receive the services of policing, governance/direction by people that live among them, per the absolute necessity of policing and governing in the context of a shared experience/shared effects of application of the law…

    Bridgeport is governed (poorly/exploitatively) from a distance, in a “colonial” fashion, by a mayor and department heads, including the police and fire chiefs, that live exclusively in the suburbs… And what percentage of our police officers and other public servants live in Bridgeport?!… Small wonder that we are exploited and abused by the regional municipalities…

  4. Why is Bridgeport the current VIRUS-INCREASE-OUTLYER in Connecticut? I live in Bridgeport, but I avoid Bridgeport shopping (et al.) venues because of the alarming VIRUS-INCIDENCE/RATE-OF-INCREASE stats of Bridgeport, with our current COVID case numbers approaching 3,700 and rising, with the closest “competitor” being Stamford, with about 3,250, and holding steady, and with Hartford and New Haven at about 2,200 and holding steady…

    Poor performance — by Bridgeport city government in keeping COVID at bay… Bridgeport City Hall/city government truly resembles the current Trump (anti-) federal government in its ineffectual handling of important responsibilities/issues and lack of concern/empathy for its human charges…


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